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Hunter a high school senior finds himself with no place to go and ends up sharing a bed with the friend and classmate he once had abandoned Brandon who has been in love with Hunter since ninth grade finds having Hunter in his bed every night leads to some surprises A 25 starsMIGHT BE SPOILERISH READ AT YOUR OWN RISKAfter reading Atom Heart and Nathan's Story I was so looking forward to reading this bookI liked how the author incorporated angst done right with flawed characters and still made them redeemable Unfortunately this book was a let down for me The way I read this book it seemed to be divided into three parts The first part was awesome slow building romance geeky guy falls for the jock who is straight they start experimenting and then things go southThe 2nd third of the book to me belonged to another book after many years out of the blue Hunter calls Brandon who up to this date has not moved on at all from Hunter and still pinning for him and tells him that a his bisexual b he is in love with him and che wants Brandon to move in with him and pursue a relationship I don't know but does that sound like a conversation that someone will have with anyone after not talking to them for many many years right off the bat Of course since Brandon has no life he has no problem uprooting and moving in with Hunter to start a personal porn collection of the two of them having sex with multiple partners In the third installment of the book Hunter becomes the bad guy for basically doing what these two having been doing for the 2nd third of the book Enter Scott who they BOTH sort of force themselves upon And lo and behold Brandon leaves Hunter but this newly introduced to the story character without much forewarning From there on the story of these two is mostly 'told' rather than 'shown' so I surely didn't buy itAnother thing is that after basically raising Ben Brandon totally washes his hands off him once he separates from Hunter I guess he didn't care much for him to begin with I did not connect with any of the characters The book was nothing like the blurbIn short this book was a miss for me

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Locomotives in WinterFriends Case Jorge and Scott as well Readers also come to know Hunter’s son Ben and Case’s son Taylor who are best friends With chapter titles like “Scott’s Navel Revisited” Hartwell’s new novel provides fifty six engaging chapters of love sex and intrigu I love each of Hartwell's books for different reasons but the writing style is always a reason I like them and this book is no exception The story is told mostly through dialogue like some of Hemingway's books Among the cast of characters I really enjoyed the chapters on Taylor the kid who grows up to be a famous athlete Hartwell really does some brave things with that character and I loved every sweet but controversial line One thing I've noticed about Hartwell is he almost never portrays any character as totally good which mirrors my own experience of people Instead he shows us their interior in such a way that anyone with a generous spirit and loving heart can see the good in them and see what makes them tick the same way we have to be forgiving of our friends if we want to have any friends Hartwell always impresses me with the way he uses sex to reveal insights into the human soul As always very graphic and very thought provoking There's also something literary going on with that Whitman poem from which the book gets its title I really love this author and can't wait for the next book

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Download Book ´ Locomotives in Winter Í 292 pages ↠ Hunter a high school senior finds himself with no place to go and ends up sharing a bed with the friend and classmate he once had abandoned Brandon who has been in love with Hunter since ninth grade finds having Hunter in his bed every night leads to some surprises AfFter graduating the two boys part Years later Brandon receives an unexpected call from Hunter who has been married twice and has a son Now he's come to realize Brandon was always the love of his life Hartwell charts the lives of not only Brandon and Hunter but their I enjoy Luke Hartwell's books because they are usually different insightful and thought provoking So I was a bit disappointed with this story in that regard There was a ton of sex in this book and it reminded me a bit of The Back Passage where everyone's ass was up for grabs The sex was hot I can't lie but it was also disturbingI wish the author had used contractions It was very difficult and stilted reading the dialogue when contractions weren't used consistentlyI don't know if I ever liked Hunter I felt like he was a bad influence on Brandon at times The threesome between Hunter Brandon and Jorge was weirdly hot and reminded me of Hiring Pedro which I loveWhen Scott was first introduced I thought what they did to him bordered on rape I was so shocked that Hunter would do that It was interesting to see Hunter's reaction to his son's flamboyant ways Not sure what to make of Taylor Was he just conceited or was there I wished part three gave us an update on Hunter The story here wasn't as uniue and insightful as I was expecting from a Luke Hartwell novel but the sex was hot so I gotta give it 3 stars LOL