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Download Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal mobi ´ ¼ naturaltreatment õ In 1985 Jeanette Winterson's first novel Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit was published It was Jeanette's version of the story of a terraced house in Accrington an adopted child and the thwarted giantess Mrs Winterson It was Thwarted giantess Mrs Winterson It was a cover story a painful past written over and repainted It was a story of survivalThis book is that story's silent twin It is full of hurt and hu Resolute and unsentimental Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal reckons with the legacy of childhood neglect In the memoir’s first part Jeanette Winterson reflects on her experience of growing up gay in Accrington England inside the household of her adoptive mother a Pentecostal fanatic prone to abusive tendencies In matter of fact prose with great wit the author confronts the harrowing conditions of her childhood; narrates the social history of her working class hometown; and recounts how her local library helped inspire her to seek a better life The memoir’s second part by contrast follows the author in the present as she searches for her biological mother with the help of her partner Compared to the first it understandably feels less polished and enmeshed in uncertainty Both sections are characterized by fragmented nonlinear narratives a choice explained at length toward the book’s end and both paint a surprisingly sympathetic portrait of the woman the author only can call “Mrs Winterson” not “Mum” Winterson’s resilience is remarkable her craft exceptional and Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal easily is one of the most moving memoirs I’ve read

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In 1985 Jeanette Winterson's first novel Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit was published It was Jeanette's version of the story of a terraced house in Accrington an adopted child and the If you read Oranges are Not the Only Fruit then this just reads like an early version before the editor said to the author You can't write that no one will believe you The cliché goes that truth is stranger than fiction and this book is definitely stranger than Oranges It is hard for instance to believe that the author as an adult never addressed her mother as anything but Mrs WintersonSmall personal anecdote that has nothing whatsoever to do with the book other than it's a bit about Winterson's famous girlfriend who was much celebrated and made a lot of money from her book on fat and feminism but there you go when did my reviews ever stick to the pointYears ago having uite a lot of money and not much sense of what to spend it on I decided physical perfection was all and took myself off to a health farm or 'spa' in Malta to lose some weight and tone up It was a sleazy dump with hardly any facilities and was in fact a money laundering operation for a body building company in the UK that mostly sold steroids There weren't many clients and all of us were there to lose weight which bewildered the few staff who didn't seem to know what to do with us other than to feed us very little and tell us to swim in the algae green pool In other words a perfect place to hide out The author of Fat Is a Feminist Issue was there the girlfriend of Jeanette Winterson Not such a feminist issue ehCan you trust any author to be who they say they are or is it all just for effect I guess so long as the money keeps rolling in its all 'true' and when the money stops maybe that's time for a tell all autobiography with tv interviews revealing all the psychological problems that stopped the author from telling the truth in the first place I'm thinking now of Orbach but it applies to any author maybe even Winterson If a tell all doesn't bring the cash in and the fame back then there's always reality tv Edited because I was apparently very insulting with two words so I took them out What a laugh to complain about that though

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Why Be Happy When You Could Be NormalMour and a fierce love of life It is about the pursuit of happiness about lessons in love the search for a mother and a journey into madness and out again It is generous honest and tru This book came in the mail today I opened the package opened the book and looked at a few pages randomly started reading and about half an hour later turned back to the beginning so I could start reading it properly That's as good a star ranking as anything I think This book isn't really a memoir but then again if you expect linear storytelling from Jeanette Winterson it skips twenty five years of her life in an Intermission and the end is so open ended a great breeze might come through there's a lot about doors and thresholds being locked out and being let in in this book What made it amazing for me is the power the fire of Winterson's descriptions of reading her personal visceral attachment to books I imagine this is being sold as the dark side of the moon companion to Oranges Winterson's first most realistic and most openly autobiographical novel; indeed my British edition of the book has a little round orange sticker declaring it to be BY THE AUTHOR OF ORANGES ARE NOT THE ONLY FRUIT Clever clever marketing department But this book is the story of what didn't get into the story of Oranges raggedy stitched together with great gaping absences spurts of language and then painful silences aporia lacunae Winterson called it the backstory of Oranges on her blog which fits it's the backstage story the back of the tapestry the story of how she got dragged back to what she describes as the central wound of her life being given up for adoption Oranges was a self made origin myth; this goes back further to the origin of that origin myth and while the tale is still self made one of its larger points is how made we are by what happens to us who brings us up who nurtures us Our background which she brings to the fore of her storyThis book is much angry than Oranges which had a kind of deliberately willed commanded courage and optimism which is part of Winterson's own defiant makeup; she charmingly explains the difference between her and her adopted mother in their choice of favourite hymns hers is Cheer Up Ye Saints of God Mrs Winterson's is God Has Blotted Them Out Winterson writes about the blighting of the industrial North of England her description of Manchester as the country's engine is stunning and Thatcherism the tutor who said to her at Oxford You are the working class experiment her best friend got You are the black experiment and there's a striking paragraph long explosion at cultural critics who called her arrogant after her books were published who didn't understand that for a working class girl daring to dream of being an author that wasn't arrogance it was politics Again from her blog Shelagh Delaney writer of A Taste of Honey was so good and she didn’t get the support she needed to develop She was a working class girl before feminism living in Salford and she had incredible talent She should have been up there in the theatre along with Osborne and Pinter But although she got her break she didn’t get the crucial follow up She was born in 1939 and wrote A Taste of Honey as her first play when she was about 20 She co wrote the movie with Tony Richardson and it won everything at CannesHer second play faltered and she went into film work There was so much she could have done and how amazing to see a woman at the centre of the Kitchen Sink Realism as well as all those male heroesWe have to look after people Space time encouragement there is no such thing as the lone genius or the lone talentAt the