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Read & Download ð The Telzey Toy and Other Stories (Telzey Amberdon, Book 2) 100 » Four great adventures featuring science fiction's most beloved character Telzey AmberdonOved character Telzey Amberdo. The third Schmitz book I've read and the second one about Telzey These books follow a pattern The Telzey character is like a cardboard cut out in that she has no empathy or emotions of any kind And her mental powers keep becoming superhuman each story With the lack of morals as well in terms of prying into other people's minds and restructuring their personality to make them nicer people she comes across as monstrous but it is clear that isn't how the author wants the reader to see herIt is so far away from how a real teenage girl would actreact it suggests that the author lacked empathy with other people The stories set up ingenious situations but lack real drama even in the Witches of Karres which isn't uite so bad there is a wimp out every time some excitement needs to be racked up Things are resolved far too simply by coincidence or in the case of the Telzey books by her general ability to do just about anything

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Four great adventures featuri. DAW Collectors #82Cover Artist Kelly FreasName Schmitz James Henry Birthplace Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg German Empire 15 October 1911 18 April 1981Baen Books put out a collection of four volumes collecting all of Schmitz’s tales of the star spanning human civilization known as the Hub which they called “The Complete Federation of the Hub” The four volumes were Telzey Amberdon T’nT Telzey Trigger Trigger Friends and The Hub Dangerous Territory These volumes which also include some historical essays give us the clearest picture ever assembled of Schmitz’s fascinating civilization of the far future It is a time when Earth is remembered as an abandoned backwater if it is remembered at all Humanity has found a star cluster the Hub where stars orbited by habitable worlds are closely packed allowing easy travel Finding it impossible to exert tight control over such a widespread civilization the Overgovernment of the Hub Federation provides only minimal organization allowing member worlds broad latitude in their internal affairs There is a Space Navy but it is a time of peace and most conflicts appear to be handled by intelligence services or through diplomacyTelzey Amberdon is a sixteen year old student with psi powers She notices something strange a woman who appears human but her mind is wrong She's a Martri puppet an artificial person programmed to act out parts in a play Martri puppets look human but they aren't But this one is acting as if she's human When Telzey investigates further she gets kidnappedHer kidnapper Ti whisks her off to a private island creates a Martri duplicate of her and holds them both prisoner He has created a whole island populated with advanced Martri puppets to do his nefarious bidding but he needs He wants a Martri with psi powers Ti intends to create copies of Telzey then use his powerful computer to program their minds to do his bidding What precisely his bidding is well that's never exploredTelzey and her duplicate take everything in stride In fact Ti is uite put out that he can't faze her none of the horrors he shows her make Telzey lose her composure

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The Telzey Toy and Other Stories Telzey Amberdon Book 2Ng science fiction's most bel. Good old fashioned science fiction with a pretty young heroine who has strong psi powers and can't stay out of trouble