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The Place of Dead Roads kindle Ï eBook 9780312278656 Free · William S. Burroughs ß A good old fashioned shoot out in the American West of the frontier days serves as the springboard for this hyperkinetic adventure in which gunslingers led by Kim Carson fight for galactic freedom The PlacCe of Dead Roads is the second novel in the trilogy with Cities of the Red Night and The Western Lands This book is real These are real characters and their abilities to cope with the real world Some of the best language I've read from Burroughs This book has everything I ever wanted in a novel Masterpiece

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A good old fashioned shoot out in the American West of the frontier days serves as the springboard for In The Place of Dead Roads Burroughs takes a detour through the American Old West beginning with the 1899 death of writergunslinger Kim Carsons in a Colorado shootout From there the story unfolds in a nonlinear telling of Kim’s past experience across vast swaths of time and space under various forms and guises as professional assassin and prominent member of “The Johnson Family” incidentally the novel’s original title The Johnsons are a brotherhood of honorable thieves and other itinerants who play Robin Hood to the rapacious Sherif of Nottingham represented by the Immortality Control Board of Venus and their unwitting minions in government religion and other organizations of Earthly control As might be expected the goal of the Venusian conspiracy is to prevent our souls from ever reaching the Western Lands and the genuine immortality that awaits therein keeping us forever trapped in a scheme of systematic vampirism that like the serfdoms of medieval times and the wage slavery common to most modern states is far from symbiotic in nature In Kim’s wordsWe’re not fighting for a scrap of sharecropper immortality with the strings hanging off it like Mafioso spaghetti We want the whole tamale The Johnsons are taking over the Western Lands We built it with our brains and our hands We paid for it with our blood and our lives It’s ours and we’re going to take it And we are not applying in triplicate to the Immortality Control Board Anybody gets in our way we will get our communal back against a rock or a tree and fight the way a raccoon will fight a fucking dogThe ancient Egyptians pioneered the preservation of the physical body and protection of the immortal soul through a marriage of science and the arcane but compared to what Kim has in mind their methods were crude and uncivilized at best To begin with mummification was something that only the obscenely rich could ever hope to afford thus putting this route to immortality in direct conflict with Kim’s own aims But even if this privilege were eually available to all members of society the logistics involved in shielding each and every mummy from the elements vandals and inevitable nuclear war were far too staggering to even consider Besides where on Earth would they even find the space to store them allUnlike the pharaohs and their obsession with securing impregnable tombs underground or the astronauts and their insistence on having their entire “awkward life process encapsulated and transported with them into Space” Kim searches for a way that we might ditch our flawed form altogether on our way through the cosmos and the six cities between us and the Western Lands He considers the human body to be the prison that keeps us stuck in our inescapable cycle of sex and death one which only furthers the aims of those feeding off our vital life energies Therefore justas a prisoner serving a life sentence can think only of escape so Kim takes for granted that the only purpose of his life is space travel The alien medium we glimpse beyond Time is Space And that is where we are going Kim considers that immortality is the only goal worth striving for He knows that it isn’t something you just automatically get for believing some nonsense or other like Christianity or Islam It is something you have to work and fight for like everything else in this life or anotherThough vanished from this Earth now for over one hundred thousand years already the cities may yet exist on other planes and planets after all And if a soul is able to project itself through space as well as time no longer encumbered by its physical vessel then its odds of locating the first station on the pilgrimage Tamaghis go from infinitesimal to infinite For now anyway the rest of us remain permanently earthbound and stranded wandering through countless lives forever somewhere along the dead roads‘‘And what is a dead road Well señor somebody you used to meet uno amigo tal vez” Remember a red brick house on Jane Street Your breath uickens as you mount the worn red carpeted stairs The road to 4 calle Larachi Tangier or 24 Arundle Terrace in London So many dead roads you will never use again a flickering gray haze of old photos pools of darkness in the street like spilled ink a dim movie maruee with smoky yellow bulbs red haired boy with a dead white face The guide points to a map of South America “Here señor is the Place of Dead Roads”On to The Western Lands

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The Place of Dead RoadsThis hyperkinetic adventure in which gunslingers led by Kim Carson fight for galactic freedom The Pla A totally awesome novel the best I have read so far in 2014 Burroughs is one of my favourite writers and I feel he actually improved as he got older His later books have all the outrageous flights of fancy of his experimental work but they are expressed in much tightly controlled prose The Place of Dead Roads is an ironic psychedelic Western but it's also a prime example of lateral science fiction; and the ideas and conceits it shoots off have enough potential energy and promise to fuel dozens of ordinary SF and fantasy novels Burroughs is a writer with an extremely generous mind who can afford to scatter dozens or hundreds of amazing and uniue ideas throughout a text any single one of which would form the basis for an entire novel by an ordinary writerThe core of a Burroughs text is the 'routine' when a casual word or image or idea triggers an extended tall tale or skit usually comic and grotesue and very odd that goes off at tangents to the main story which itself is an interlocking mesh composed entirely of tangents The Burroughs style 'routine' has been a big influence on me I find it a funny enthralling and satisfying techniue Burroughs is the absolute master at its deployment