READ & DOWNLOAD é The Flipside of Feminism

READ & DOWNLOAD The Flipside of Feminism

READ & DOWNLOAD é The Flipside of Feminism Ú What if everything you've been told about women in America is wrong What if what your college professors taught you along with television movies books magazine articles and even news reports have all been lies or distortionsSince the 1960s American feminists have set themselves up as the arbiteWhat if everything you've been told about women in America is wrong What if what your college professors taught you along with television movies books magazine articles and even news reports have all been lies or distortionsSince the 1960s American feminists have set themselves up as the arbiters of all things female Their policies have dominated the social and political landscape The spin sisters in the media aptly named by Myrna Blyth in her book of the same name and their cohorts in academia are committed feminists Conseuently everything Americans know — or think they know — about marriage kids sex education politics gender roles and workfamily balance has been filtered through a left wing lensBut what if conserv. This book inspired me to create a new bookshelf syphilis of literature I guess it was good for somethingI haven't read it and I never will But as I scrolled down the book page in horrified disbelief I came upon a review that provided enough uotes for me to form a judgment on this thing Women should be thanking ‘the men who came before us’ — not feminists Actually can we just thank everyone Would that be so bad Women in previous generations simply didn’t have the time or the inclination to focus so obsessively on their identities They also weren’t encouraged to sleep around get divorced put their children in day care turn to Uncle Sam as provider or belittle men That is strictly leftist territory—and it’s been the worst thing that ever happened to this nation They also weren't encouraged to vote own property report abuse say 'no' handle money open credit without husband's permission or get higher educationBut let's just make sure we scare people enough by bringing the dreaded leftist or as another uote states Marxist word here just to hammer into 'good American' brains that feminism is EEEEEEEVILLLLL Feminists do a lot of talking about wanting women’s independence and empowerment but their policies simply transfer women’s dependence on men to dependence on Uncle Sam Because every woman who is not properly attached to the man who by the way should be able to support her and children on a single income as another uote states is on welfare No other options exist Because 'women's dependence' is a fact and the real uestion is only who she depends on Independent women clearly do not exist Or at least that's what I gather from the uotes from this book and the happy reviews of it I propose an alternative way of looking at things and the one that all sane people already use women and men should be treated eually; some women will chose to pursue careers and other will choose to focus on motherhood and homemaking; and others will do both And women and men will be free to choose for themselves which path they want without someone telling them what to do while living in the world where being a feminist does not automatically earn you a label of a man hater and we will stop writing idiotic books Now I guess it's time for me to shut up about this vitriolic bit of nonsense also known as a book and go back to my goal in life that is Kinder Küche Kirche children kitchen church Because I should not want any other options


Ogress is not the result of feminismWomen's progress has been a natural evolution due in large part to men's contributions American men are not a patriarchal bunch as feminists claim They have in fact aided women's progress And like women they have been just as harmed by the feminist movementIn The Flipside of Feminism Venker and Schlafly provide readers with a new view of women in America — one that runs counter to what Americans have been besieged with for decades Their book demonstrates that conservative women are in fact the most liberated women in America and the folks to whom young people should be turning for advice Their confident and rational approach to the battle of the sexes is precisely what America need. I'm glad I read this book for several reasons1 It is nonfiction which is not my thing so I tried something new2 It made some valid points and pointed me toward some other sources that I am interested in reading3 It was very biased and thus reminded me how dangerous bias in writing can be especially if the reader is not aware or chooses to overlook said biasI struggle with feminism and the claim that everyone's lives are 1000% better because of it I think there are great opportunities that have come of femininsm and that it has given women options sort of Perhaps the playing field has been levelled a bit However I also think we have paid a price for forging ahead and I think that it is our children who paid the price I truly believe that children should be at home with one parent I think that should be the mother but dads at home work too I also don't believe that men and women are eual I think they are different and different can never be eual I don't understand why this is badThese thoughts given my college background are difficult to come to terms with I absolutely do not agree with the author's idea that the only solution is that men marry conservative women and thus create conservative families which caused me to laugh out loud But I don't think what we have now is working in a positive manner for a large number of familiesI do like the author's idea of stages of life for a woman education stage working stage family stage etc It seems like it provides the ability to have it all just not all at the same time Her thoughts that young women don't necessarily need an education and job before marrying so that they experience independence which could then poison their minds for children was outrageous to say the least Women all women need a higher education and the ability to be independant I don't care if they never use it at least they have itI think I was drawn to this book not only because of conflicting feelings regarding feminism but also because of what I see in pop culture I hate that little girls clothes are made to look like teen age or adult clothes Why can't little girls be little girls I hate that the songs on the radio have lines like I'll follow you until you love me or whatever disgusting lines are in Rihanna songs I hate that I go to the mall and all I see are teenagers pushing strollers and being terrible parents Is this what feminism got us How do I keep my children from embracing this lifestyleThis book provided a great deal of discussion between Michael and I and it also led me to the absolute conclusion that when it comes to many family aspects I am gasp rather conservative

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The Flipside of FeminismAtive women are in the best position to empower American women Forty years have passed since the so called women's movement claimed to liberate women from preconceived notions of what it means to be female — and the results are in The latest statistics from the National Bureau of Economic Research show that as women have gained freedom education and power they have become less happyEnough say Suzanne Venker an emerging young author and veteran warrior Phyllis Schlafly It's time to liberate America from feminism's dead end road Cast off the ideology that preaches faux empowerment and liberation from men and marriage While modern women enjoy unprecedented freedom and opportunities Venker and Schlafly argue that this pr. So many women whether they know it or not have bought feminism's lie that since the dawn of time women have been victims of the family institution and that in the 1960s heroes like Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem came along to free women from this oppression by unlocking the doors to career independence from men and family and supposed self fulfillment Suzanne Venker makes a good case against this lie albeit a case separated from Christian belief Her thrust is Feminism has told you that forgetting about motherhood and marriage or at least delaying it and pursuing a career will make you happy But I'm here to tell you that this is a bald faced lie and that you will actually be happier planning for motherhood rather than planning for a career and here are the statistics to prove it I wholeheartedly embrace this message but I would recommend to Christian women reading this book that they take it with a grain of salt the end goal is not to be a happy woman just to be happy but to be happy in God who ordained the family and men’s and women’s roles thereinWhile it seems that Suzanne's message to women—plan for motherhood than you plan for a career marry a hard working man who can support you and the children on one income do not demand the toys that two income households have the resources to purchase etc—may have been very easy to apply a generation or two ago when young women who weren’t pursuing a career could still be respected by their peers and young men who failed to grow up and take responsibility were not Suzanne somewhat succeeds at pointing out that the situation isn’t as dire as some would or would like to believe—most women when pressed would prefer to stay at home and respect other women who make this choice and most men contrary to modern feminist notions are not complete idiotsUOTESON MODERN WOMEN Many modern women influenced by feminism than they know are guiltridden stressed out and saddled with a psychological need to prove their importance in the world Yup you know the typeON WOMEN'S MAGAZINES “Women’s magazines a nearly 7 billion a year business are based on telling women their lives are too tough for them to handle and they should feel very sorry for themselves This distorted vision of your life is absolutely crazy”ON MARXISM AND FEMINISM Many people don’t realize that the entire women’s movement was predicated on a Marxist view of the world Feminism is a branch of socialism or collectivism which draws on a sociopolitical movement that attempts to create a stateless society in which policy decisions are pursued in the supposed best interest of society Feminism like communism depends on hypothesizing an oppressed classON BETTY FRIEDAN AND OTHER FIGURES OF SECOND WAVE FEMINISM Betty Friedan wasafflicted with family problems She wrote in her autobiography Life so Far that no matter what she did her mother made her feel “messy clumsy inadeuate bad naughty ugly” Friedan spent years in psychoanalysis “talking endlessly about how I hated my mother and how she had killed my father” “All mothers should be drowned at birth” she used to sayIt is very sad that these women had painful upbringings and were haunted by them throughout their lives—we do not mean to minimize it But that doesn’t mean—it can’t mean—that society should be turned upside down to accommodate their painON FEMINISM’S FALSE CLAIM OF OPENING UP THE LABOR FORCE TO WOMEN “Even conservative women believe the mass exodus of mothers from the home has been the ‘conseuence of the great feminist revolution that stormed the barricades of the patriarchy and won a glorious victory’ This never happened The most important factor that influenced the significant shift of American women into the workplace is the invention of laborsaving devices The folks to whom women are truly indebted are inventors Thomas Edison electric lights Elias Howe the sewing machine Clarence Birdseye the process for frozen foods and Henry Ford the automobile Technology and the mechanization of housework—such as the washing machine dryer dishwasher and vacuum cleaner—allowed women to turn their attention away from household dutiesIt was the contributions of men that gave women the time to work outside the home in record numbers Women should be thanking ‘the men who came before us’—not feminists”ON FEMINISTS’ CLAIM OF THE VICTIMIZATION OF WOMEN “‘It would be hard to find a single example in history in which a group that casts than 50 percent of the vote got away with calling itself the victim’Women in previous generations simply didn’t have the time or the inclination to focus so obsessively on their identities They also weren’t encouraged to sleep around get divorced put their children in day care turn to Uncle Sam as provider or belittle men That is strictly leftist territory—and it’s been the worst thing that ever happened to this nation”ON EAT PRAY LOVE “the most successful of all divorce memoirs is the very popular book and movie Eat Pray Love in which the author Elizabeth Gilbert recounts her painful divorce and personal discovery during a year long romp around the globe All these books shed light on an extraordinary modern phenomenon a deep seated suspicion of marriage as a viable social institution”ON MARRIAGE “The irony of the ‘finding oneself’ argument is that it is marriage—not the single life—that allows people to discover who they are By being accountable to another person a spouse learns what he or she is capable of Only by making sacrifices can we grow as individuals”ON THE EXPERTS ON MOTHERHOOD “American women have been getting an earful about motherhood from those who know the least about it”ON DUAL INCOME FAMILIES “Today the average home has 38 percent suare footage; kids have their own rooms; each member of the family owns his own cell phone and iPod; televisions are in many rooms; toys abound; and a trip to Disney World is considered a rite of passage How did this happen Employed mothers caused a dramatic change in lifestyle Families can afford posh lifestyles because both parents are producing an income ‘The mass affluence has been driven in large part by women’s incomes’Therefore to say dual income families are a necessity is misleading Parents are working to support the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed”ON THE FEMINIST NOTION THAT HUSBANDS ARE LAZY GOOD FOR NOTHINGS “The notion that most women work the euivalent of two full time jobs while men work only one job is a feminist fairy tale The average woman works only twenty six hours per week outside the home while the average man works forty eight hours In other words women have fewer obligations outside the home Both spouses are working eually hard—just in different locales A study in the Journal of Economic Literature reports that while women perform roughly seventeen hours of work inside the home men perform roughly twenty two hours outside the home When comparing the total amount of work men and women each do inside and outside the home women average fifty six hours and men average sixty one hours”ON OBAMA AND DAYCARE “If like President Obama you believe America should ‘invest in early childhood education by dramatically expanding programs to ensure all of our young children are ready to enter kindergarten’ that means you believe that the exposure children have to day care and preschool the smarter and better socialized they will be”ON FEMINISM AND WELFARE “The biggest chasm between feminists and conservatives is that feminists are pro government and conservatives are not Feminists do a lot of talking about wanting women’s independence and empowerment but their policies simply transfer women’s dependence on men to dependence on Uncle Sam”ON THE FEMINIST DOUBLE STANDARD “Indeed the feminist elite include Democrats and Republicans These women claim they want to compete with men; but when push comes to shove their victimhood mentality gets in the way”ON THE FEMINIZATION OF THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM “Despite such overwhelming evidence of sex differences American boys are subjected to the feminization process as early as kindergarten Surrounded mostly by women and often feminists both curriculum and activities revolve around the needs of girls and girls’ interests Assigned stories are in subjects girls like such as fairy tales rather than subjects boys like such as adventure and battlesMany schools have also eliminated recess which does not bode well for boys They are active by nature and need to run around and when they can’t sit still teachers and administrators often wrongly attribute this to ADD or ADHD Many elementary school teachers raised to believe in a false concept of gender euality are reluctant to admit any gender differences between males and females Some think little boys are just unruly girls ‘Boys learn to subdue their spirited intrepid behavior in school their male instincts of competition and individualism uashed in the interest of what’s best for girls as they walk like lemmings over the edge of the radical feminist cliff by the time they reach high school’ wrote schoolteacher and op ed contributor Jane Gilvary for the Bulletin Philadelphia in “Skinny Jeans John Wayne and the Feminization of America August 24 2010”ON FEMINISM’S SOCIETY DISMANTLING LIES “Most important we must begin by telling our sons and daughters the truth about what feminism has done After all no society can thrive—or survive—when half its members believe they’re oppressed and the other half are told there’s no reason for them to exist”