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eBook Û Heute wär ich mir lieber nicht begegnet ä Herta Müller Aul her lover her one source of trust despite his constant drunkenness In her distraction she misses her stop to find herself on an unfamiliar street And what she discovers there makes her fear of the appointment pale by comparison Herta Müller pitilessly renders the humiliating terrors of a crushing regime Bone spare and intense The Appointment confirms her standing as one of Europe's greatest write This is certainly autobiographical at least in regard to the interrogations part Herta was in fact interrogated while living in Romania under Ceausescu This is the daily grim and perceptive description of a woman’s life; her apprehension facing the interrogations She’s a factory worker During her first marriage while husband was at the military service she recalls she escaped home and went to the mountains Carpatos mountains with conservatory finalists; she saw a frozen lake and crosses of the dead; her peers picked up stones for healing but she picked a stone in the form of child’s foot; she still keeps it She’s been summoned to an interrogation at 1000 am sharp”interrogations are a torment””they are so long””one feels lost” “Today I may be conducted to a prison cell escorted by Albu major” Albu's head stinks French perfume “Avril”In her dark bedroom she wonders how to kill time; she cannot sleep; “it’s easier to think about something luminous snow” She names her blouses Her second husband Paul is a drunken man”I drink because it tastes good” She wonders you think with your tongue People at that time drank a lot The factory worker dedicates some analysis to the drinking habit lots of people drinking “Two Plums” brand There are so many plum trees Herta Müller belonged to the German minority living in Romania where she was born 1953 She had a bad experience under the dictator of Romania she was under constant interrogation by the Securitate the Romanian secret services Her own father didn’t speak about once belonging to the German SS; that was a taboo theme Her mother went to a labor camp in the Soviet Union The writer remembers that people “starved to death”and she got “physically disgusted”Herta studied German literatureIn another book of Herta ”Nadirs” she depicts the dreadful life of a small village back in Romania And then freedom in 1987 she moved to West Berlin; she was amazed even shocked everything colorful; she wrote “Travel in one leg” the novel approaching this transition At 56 years of age she received the Nobel Prize of literature Her own terrible experience made her one sharp political analyst; see her article on Liao Yiwu httpwwwsignandsightcomfeatures

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Heute wär ich mir lieber nicht begegnet doc ✓ 230 pages Download ¿ naturaltreatment â From the winner of the IMPAC Award and the Nobel Prize a fierce novel about a young Romanian woman's discovery of betrayal in the most intimate reaches of her life I've been summoned Thursday ten From the winner of the IMPAC Award and the Nobel Prize a fierce novel about a young Romanian woman's discovery of betrayal in the most intimate reaches of her life I've been summoned Thursday ten sharp Thus begins one day in the life of a young clothing factory worker during Ceaucescu's totalitarian regime She has been uestioned before; this time she believes will be worse Her crime Sewing notes into When I finally finished this remarkable work my mind flashed back for some obscure reason to my early twenties such exciting years when I loved a man a cat and a book Life of course has to develop and move on; I lost the man our lives were taking different directions Sylvie died in uarantine but my magnificent book was and still remains with me the “Alexandria uartet” by Lawrence Durrell I’ve tried many times to write an account on why this book has had and still continues to have such a dramatic effect on me and I’ve always failed That is a twentieth century masterpiece I’ve now come across the same problem with “The Appointment” I have so much to say but I’m having distinct difficulties in trying to achieve this I also wish to succeed because I want everyone possible to become aware of this book and read itBut I digress and so back to Herta Müller This is such an incredible woman and I really don’t know where to start which rather confuses me I’ve certainly never been lost for words before and in fact I’ve been criticized for being too verbose but then that’s my personality and I’m certainly not going to change nowWhat really did surprise me is that I stumbled across a writing style that I’m only recently beginning to appreciate the stream of consciousness monologue that James Joyce Virginia Woolf and Marcel Proust were early exponents ofThe story is actually rather banal and there’s not a plot as such as it is set on a single tram ride to our narrator’s increasing appointments actually interrogations with Major Albu She had made a simple mistake of wanting to escape from Nicolae Ceaușescu’s totalitarian regime in communist Romania Our unnamed narrator’s crime a seamstress working in a clothing factory had been Putting handwritten notes in the back pockets of ten white linen suits being shipped to Italy that said Marry me and signed with her name and addressVarious other notes had been planted which our narrator denied but Major Albu was determined to extract the truth from her come what mayI cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like living under such conditions and in a way I can see why Ms Müller decided to leave the narrator unnamed Indirectly and in a contradictory way she is divorcing herself from the situation by living in anonymity Although the tram ride takes ninety minutes her various observations and the internal monologue they spark cover the breadth of her life We learn about her past her friends Lilli in particular and family daily life and Romanian expropriation and other government officials to name a few All this appears in the landscape of her thoughts and memories Although her stream of consciousness takes us to various places in time and space there is a fairly diffuse sense of ennui and antipathyThis book is so powerfully written It is a veritable tour de force It can be depressing at times but then bounces back with black humour and comedy; interwoven with beautiful descriptions Betrayal and lies are also imbedded within the text but it was the attention to detail which particularly impressed me; for example the two wicker baskets to be found outside the bus her father drives Our narrator had realized that she has left her bag there and goes to look for it My eyes widened and I laughed at this mesmerizing descriptionI kept on rereading pages and thought how did the author manage such exuisite prose when she lived under a totalitarian regimeColours such as red and black are other powerful motifs symbolising death and showing how little life was valued in Romania at the time Under their muzzles Lilli lay red as a bed of poppiesAnd Our nameless narrator fumbled in her bag and found a small package there It was “a finger with a bluish black nailHer second husband Paul’s red Java motorbike It was such a shame that he was a drunkard but he did give our narrator happiness for the first couple of yearsAmusing incidents stud the book for example with melons but the part that really enthralled me was the New Year’s Eve paraputch extended family according to her father in law when our narrator recalls the celebration in her father in law’s house by her first marriage ”I’ll never know exactly what paraputch means For me it sounds like a gang because the family was so large and each member was shady in his own way”But when the celebrations get underway it’s sheer bedlam and I revelled in it especially Anastasia and the lascivious widower and gardener Martin who fancied his chances with the guestsThe incident that had me on tenterhooks was when our narrator cannot get off the tram at the bus station because of an incident and because she knows that she’s going to be late for her “appointment” When she finally gets off at the next stop she starts running and finds herself in a road where I had to reread this section not only one but three times There were various interpretations here well for me anyway and the jury is still out on thisAnother odd thing though was that there were no uotation marks or uestion marks throughout the book I wonder why our author did thatI was also taken with the fact that Paul and our narrator lived in a “leaning tower” This is a very powerful dark and moving novel I can only describe it as depressing brilliance and I cannot recommend it highly enough Ms Müller justifiably deserves being a Nobel laureate Bravo and bravo

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Heute wär ich mir lieber nicht begegnetThe linings of men's suits bound for Italy Marry me the notes say with her name and address Anything to get out of the country As she rides the tram to her interrogation her thoughts stray to her friend Lilli shot trying to flee to Hungary to her grandparents deported after her first husband informed on them to Major Albu her interrogator who begins each session with a wet kiss on her fingers and to P The heroine of this novel lives her life waiting She is a seamstress in a Romanian factory making fine men's overcoats for export to Italy She is so desperate for escape from her pointless life that she inserts notes saying Marry Me with her name and address into the linings of the coats She has a live in male friend who spends all of his time and most of her money drinking the day away There is no future here it's like maintaining a big dog and having the expense that goes with itThis is Eastern Europe before the fall of the Berlin Wall So our heroine is in trouble again for those notes It's happened before Now she could lose her job or even be imprisoned She's been summoned once to the inspector's office thus the book's title The inspector is now taking a personal interest in her case; that is he is taking a personal interest in her Like other novels of Eastern Europe under Communism the work is filled with angst and anomie Waiting Waiting for somethingWe are treated to some great prose I developed a yearning for being alone unkempt untended later this disappeared and then showed up again in my mother The tap water tasted of chlorine and the chlorine tasted of the sleep I wasn't getting His face froze up Then his eyeballs glistened and turned into little suares Out shot his arm and he slapped me He was better at that then he was at making coffee tying shoelaces or sharpening pencils Herta Muller won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2009