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read Saving Grace epub ó Nook ð norah wilson Ý After wrecking her car and waking with amnesia reporter Grace Morgan is shocked to hear she'd left the husband she loves Police Detective Ray Morganfor another man It can't be true Can it? She s determined to remember even if it kills her And it just might When bullets start to After wrecking her car and waking with amnesia reporter Grace Morgan is shocked to hear she'd left the husband she loves Police Saving Grace is book 2 in the To Serve and Protect series by Norah Wilson If you have already read book 1 ie Guarding Suzannah you would have already met both Ray and Grace Morgan who were a couple even then At first I was surprised to know that book 2 would focus on Grace and Ray a couple who already seemed to have everything going for them Little did I know that there was indeed a story worth telling and a lot of hurdles to be crossed before they both could embrace their love for each other in the truest formSaving Grace starts at a point that we rarely come across in romance novels Ray who is reeling from the bombshell that Grace his wife of 4 years has left him for another man gets the news that Grace has been involved in an accident Helpless to do anything else Ray makes his way towards the hospital reluctant as he is to put his already bruised and battered emotions on the line There he finds out that Grace has no recollection whatsoever of leaving him nor that of her association with any other man apart from her husbandNursing Grace back to health as she struggles to deal with her memory loss seems to be the cruelest form of torture for Ray who can't help but feel protective towards his wife even though his heart practically bleeds every time he lays eyes on her Grace who has no idea of what she has done to earn that cold and distant aloofness that she finds in Ray's eyes is determined that she wouldn't lose the man she loves in this world above everything elseWhen Ray comes face to face with the fact that both their lives are in danger and that there is no way of identifying the threat as long as Grace's memory keeps eluding her both of them are forced to go into hiding to figure out what to do and to evade those who are hellbent on seeing them buried six feet under It is this period of forced intimacy that proves to be the pivotal point in the healing process of their relationship a journey that just left a permanent lump in my throat as I read alongI loved the way how Norah managed to completely surprise me with this one I was prepared for of the same as Guarding Suzannah when I picked this one up But boy was I proven wrong right from the first page itself when emotions seeped right through my e reader and made me impatient to find out every little bit I could about both Ray and Grace In the end I couldn't have asked for a better story nor a better or fitting ending for a couple who literally goes through emtional hell and back to finally reach their very well deserved happily ever after And for someone who rarely cries over books or movies Norah definitely managed to do just that to me todayThe one thing that totally made the book for me was Ray's character From the first page itself oh wait let me backtrack ever since I encountered his character in Guarding Suzannah I have been dying to know what would make the overly polished and controlled Raymond Morgan tick And Norah certainly delivered on all counts with his character as he totally and irrevocably laid seige on every single emotion I had left to spare and then some He is tender generous kind and on top of all that the way he takes care of Grace even when his heart is being torn into pieces just makes him one of the best heroes ever And when he does finally let go of his legendary control in the bedroom all my senses joined up and chanted Oh yes Ray baby you should let go oftenGrace's character is not one to be left behind as I gush on about the things that worked for me When I started reading I was totally prepared to hate Grace's guts cos in my world there is nothing worse than hurting a delcious hero for whom my heart just bleeds But then again I should have known better and from the moment Grace finds comfort in Ray's arms whilst at the hospital I knew absolutely that there was no way that this woman could hurt the man she loves intentionally I found myself in awe of the way Grace shaped up to a totally new and better version one with a backbone of steel that earned my wholehearted approval as she sets out to right what she has done wrong and of course make Ray give ALL of himself to herRecommended for fans of delicious heroes fans of romantic suspense and of course fans of the series and Norah Wilson This is a series that I have a feeling will just continue to get better with each bookMy uotes included below the review Rating455 Original review posted on MBR's Realm of Romance

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When bullets start to fly Ray is forced to take the wife he thinks faithless on the lam while he figures out who wants her dead Where to start where to start I have come to the conclusion that I shouldn't even start reading a Norah Wilson book without having the time to sit down and read it with no interruptions My husband found that I can become very snippy if he interrupts my reading of her books I really enjoy romantic suspense novels and this definitely falls into my top five in that category It probably has something to do with the fact that the guys are cops and being that my ball in chain is one I tend to love these types of stories Well enough about how great I find Norah's books let's get into some reviewing shall we?We are introduced to Ray and Grace Morgan from Guarding Suzannah They seem like the perfect couple At the beginning of this book we are thrown for a loop when Grace tells Ray that she is leaving him for someone else So while getting nice and drunk not thinking it could get any worse Ray gets a call from his boss uigg who we met in the first book Grace has been in a car accident and is asking for him After uigg convinces him to go see Grace he realizes uick that she can't remember what has happened the past couple days Not knowing what else to do Ray brings Grace home to help her heal in the hopes that she will remember her lost memories It becomes perfectly clear how important it is that she remembers when bullets start flying and his and Grace's lives are on the lineGrace has no clue why Ray is being so distant She can freeze ice cubes on his shoulder with how cold his is being towards her When she tries to make a pass at him Ray finally tells her the last thing she would think would come out of his mouth She had an affair with someone else and was leaving him when she got her accident Tired of being stepped on and treated with kid gloves she decides to put her big girl panties on and deal with her situation The she finds out the their lives are put in danger What is she not able to remember that is putting their lives in stake and can she protect her and Ray's heart from getting hurt again in the process?I love when I get to that pivotal point in Norah's books where my heart is racing from the action that is going on Oh and I'm pretty sure at one point I was talking to myself while reading I was so into the book At least my husband wasn't around to give me weird looks or point out that I am a weirdo ; Thanks Norah for such a great series so far

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Saving GraceDetective Ray Morganfor another man It can't be true Can it? She s determined to remember even if it kills her And it just might 35 starsVery emotional and angsty read about a wife who abandons her husband because of another man But on her way out of town she has an accident gets knocked in the head and forgets why she was leaving The husband is crushed thinking that his wife could have betrayed him but nurses back to health anyway Then they find some weird stuff that doesn't add up and they have to uncover the mystery as to why she left the man she loved deeplyThere's a lot of angst on both sides She cannot believe she could have been unfaithful and the husband cannot help but keep asking what he did wrong This back and forth was the best part of the book because you saw genuine feelings of hurt betrayal anger guilt you name itThe weakest part of the book was the romantic suspense plot I couldn't believe Grace as an investigative journalist she didn't seem too brightthat plan of hers didn't make much sense a worldly woman wouldn't trust the word of a crime boss and I didn't like how easy said crime boss came down specially when Ray had been saying he had been so carefulI really liked the setting in Canada and wished we'd had detail about the town for a while it was difficult to figure out how big or small it wasI enjoyed it though and will probably check out the rest of the series I read it without reading the first in the series and didn't feel like I missed anything so it can be read as a standalone