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FREE PDF Ç BOOK Rawblood ´ For generations they have died youngNow Iris and her father are the last of the Villarca lineTheir disease confines them to their lonely mansion on Dartmoor; their disease means they must die aloneBut Iris breaks her promise to hide from the world She dares to fall in loveAnd only then do they discover the true horror of the VallFor generations they have died youngNow Iris and her father are the last of the Villarca lineTheir disease confin She comes in the night Sometimes in mist or fog A woman or once a woman White starvedHave you not felt her? Waiting in the shadowed places outside the lamplight at the bottom of wells Behind you in long dark corridors I just explained this book from start to finish in full spoiler ridden glory to my fiancé He looked at me afterward slightly aghast and said The hell did you just read? Then he started laughing How the hell do you review that? I'm still struggling to answer both This book is a gloriously gothic horror story reminiscent at times of the great masters who birthed the genre The fact that this is the author's debut is slightly mind blowing This reads like something you'd expect from a person in their mid 60s who has been writing for thirty plus years honing their craft building their vocabulary perfecting their prose The story itself is unlike anything I've ever read Set in the early 20th century on the moors of southwest England it opens with a young girl named Iris and her friend Tom Her only friend The rest of the locals fear and revile her and her father who is her sole surviving relative for they are descendants of not one but two cursed bloodlines the Hopewells and the Villarcas and hail from an ancestral home with an ominous name Rawblood Rawblood Home It sounds like a battle like grief but it's a gentle name Raw from scraw which means flowing for the Dart River that runs nearby Blood from bont a bridge Old words The house by the bridge with the flowing waterIt's a struggle in the beginning to understand the superstitious locals for Iris is but a child and sees the world through a child's eyes It's only as she begins to grow that she notices that sometimes the shadows in her house don't move the way you expect them to That she begins to realize there is to her father's frenzied protectiveness At first she thinks it's protectiveness of her but as she blossoms into a teenager she begins to fear that in reality he's protecting everyone else from themI mentioned above that she's the heir apparent to two cursed bloodlines Most of her ancestors died young and tragically Those who survived into old age died alone in their beds with only their cold shriveled hearts for company for you see the killing curse is triggered by romantic love The moment one begins to fall she appears out of the darkness And she takes them Iris' father tells her the tales the day he begins to fear that her friendship with Tom is blossoming into something He tells her of all those in their family who have succumbed to the curse Some see her and go mad and kill their loved ones before she can Others simply die of fright Still claw their own eyes out to rid themselves of the sight of herIris in a fit of supreme arrogance thinks that he is manipulating her That he's afraid that she'll leave him and that's why he's been so overprotective If he cages her in she can never fly away If only that were the case She learns the error of her arrogance the hard way Violently and tragically But this is only the beginning of her story and to understand how it all ends we must first go backward through time to how it all began This book is told in alternating timelines It's not often that this brand of storytelling works for me but Ward pulls it off beautifully weaving together the past and present in such a way as to keep you fully engaged with every narrator Of which there are many A bit of advice don't get frustrated when you switch from one storyline to the next Slow down Don't rush Pay attention to each For every single chapter in here is important Every character and every scene playing a pivotal role in the tragedy of this family This book is a slow burn a longer read so I suggest saving it for a time when you feel you have plenty of attention and patience to devote to it I do want to say that this is so much than a ghost story It's a tale of life and love and heartache and grief and death and survival Every chapter builds upon the one that came before it every character feels raw and realI'm not sure if everyone will love it as much as I did because it's just so different that I almost hesitate to suggest it I guess I'll say that if passages like the following give you a prosegasm Sometimes I walk through it in my dreams the interior of my heart It is like a black land where black flags hang in tatters and venomous plants grow in sickly clumps and serpents writheA deadly night garden my heart Or if you ever thought Hey wouldn't it be neat if The Historian The Thirteenth Tale Dracula and Bleak House got together and had a love child? then this book is for you Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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Es them to their lonely mansion on Dartmoor; their disease means they must die aloneBut Iris breaks her promise t Rawblood is a gothic horror love story that falls into the annals of literary classics Indeed the undercurrents of the novel whisper of Wuthering Heights The Turn of the Screw Rebecca the Woman in White and othersAt the beginning we are introduced to the family trees of the Villarca family and that of the Gils and the Coulsons Time unravels in a non linear orientation and we encounter the people major and minor in the family tree in what appears to be a random fashion and their lives and events are related in the same way lending them an episodic dream like impressionistic uality The opening line by Iris “This is how I come to kill my father” sets the ominous portentous tone which leads to the spine chilling ending that speaks of such intense suffering and traumaLocated on the Devon moors with its mists downpours and bogs Rawblood is a house steeped in blood haunted by a malevolent spirit which seeks the death of all its inhabitants and the Villarcas in particular Iris lives there with her father as the last remaining Villarcas Shunned by the locals Iris is further isolated by her father’s desire to protect her by banning her from leaving the house and in mixing with the locals His attempts are doomed to failure as Iris develops deep emotional ties with local boy TomSuspense is built up as we slowly start to understand the nature of the ghostspirit and why it inhabits Rawblood and seeks the demise of the Villarcas There is much blurring of boundaries epitomised by the living and the dead and the supernatural and science experimental medical research such as vivisection The most malignant aspect of the novel is the depiction of the asylum and the practices that flourished in such institutions at that time The horrors of it cannot be overemphasised nor the grievous actions of those who ran such establishments and had the nerve to call themselves doctors whilst in reality operating as unrestrained butchers An evocative and epic resolution of some kind does come at the end which is hinted at throughout the novel I won’t spoil it for others by going into detail other than to say read it I suggest that this is a novel which is destined to be on bookclubs “must read” lists and in time will join the illustrious lists of classic literature I cannot thank Orion enough for giving me a free copy of this book via the goodreads giveaways

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RawbloodO hide from the world She dares to fall in loveAnd only then do they discover the true horror of the Vallarca cur Set in 1910 in Dartmoorthis ghost story as a uniue feel to it gothic and creepy I loved it The author did a fantastic job with the characterswith a awesome setting you felt as if you were thereliving and feeling what irises pest was going through Brilliant back story which jumps to the present and back which the author did effectively and seemingly with appropriate ease we learn of the curse I won't give anything away as I believe everyone would enjoy this novel highly recommended it amazing