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Y through loss infidelity and heartbreak When each partner is tested and found wanting they are forced to find a way to move on without map or compass guided only by fragile and fleeting glimpses of gra Can you imagine wanting to have a baby so desperately that you risk your marriage and everything else that's important to you in your life to have one? I really can't envision this yet Principles of Navigation is primarily based on this premise This book by Lynn Sloan is told in exuisitely written prose in alternating points of view first Alice's and then Rolly's Alice writes for a small town newspaper in Indiana while Rolly is a prominent artist and professor at the local university All the other characters in the book are drawn with a fine brush Reading about them I understood them all both what they were feeling and where they were coming from Ironically the only character that I had difficulty relating to was Alice Sometimes I had difficulty with her desperation to have a baby and her unrelenting anger Otherwise I would have given the book five stars I recommend that you read it yourself and see what you think about it

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Principles of Navigation In a small town in Indiana on the cusp of the new millennium local reporter Alice Becotte wants what should be simple a baby to fill her heart and complete her family But Alice’s husband Rolly a talen Is loneliness an inevitable part of the human condition? In this compelling novel you will watch shadows chilling the marriage of a couple who have reached the will we or won't we stage Will we and won't we have a child Will we or won't we pursue our passions Will we or won't we settle down and stop thinking about what might have been The writing is beautiful and I found myself standing with one foot on the dock and the other in the canoe As the canoe began to float away from shore I found my center of gravity shift First I rooted for the dock to win with Alice the female protagonist and her life dilemma the ticking clock of deferred maternity When I entered her husband Rolly's canoe and found myself floating from shore I rooted for him to paddle hard and stay true to his passion which was making art and dealing with his underlying suspicion that he was not uite good enough Neither Alice nor Rolly have all the answers Alice's desire for a child blinds her to how dangerous it is to pursue a single minded goal She's a little bit of a perfectionist Seemingly Rolly is a bit of a narcissist but that's only because the author has allowed us access to Alice's feelings and we know that every step forward he takes is in direct contradiction to the journey she is attempting to embark upon Rolly's fear that his life will be stalled in a second tier academic institution seems as valid as Alice's desire for a child This is not just a book about a relationship slowly coming apart It is about how inchoate yearnings and intrinsic loneliness cause us to shift directions sometimes without thought for the long term conseuences This is a novel for readers who ask the big uestions Why are we here? How will we achieve immortality? Will children satisfy that big itch? How will we settle for the shards of our shattered dreams?

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Free Principles of Navigation kindle Ö eBook Æ naturaltreatment Ê In a small town in Indiana on the cusp of the new millennium local reporter Alice Becotte wants what should be simple a baby to fill her heart and complete her family But Alice’s husband Rolly a talented sculptor harbors ambitions thatTed sculptor harbors ambitions that draw him away from a steady teaching gig at a “backwater” college and unravel the couple’s moorings Principles of Navigation explores Alice and Rolly’s journe Alice and Rolly Becotte are young professionals married and living in the Midwest where they'd moved after college for Rolly's job He is an art professor at the local college while working on his sculpture on the side She is a reporter on a small local paper which means she covers farm news local festivals and events and everything else that comes along Rolly is about to break out in his career and is very focused on his work He has a show lined up and his sabbatical will take them to Norway for a year Alice is focused not on her career but on her dream of having a family More than anything she wants to be pregnant with their first baby As the months roll by the difference in focus and motivation starts to create fissures in their relationship Rolly feels that Alice is tying him down and sees a family as the beginning of the end of his artistic vision and work Alice resents Rolly for not wanting what she does and not being willing to commit to a family Soon each is caught up in strategies to get what they want and the anger and resentment start to crack the solidness of their marriage Lynn Sloan has written a hauntingly beautiful tale of what happens to relationships even when both parties are in love but the pair are not focused on the same goals The reader is caught between the two protagonists able to see each's point of view and heartsick at the choices they make as time rolls on This book is recommended for readers of literary fiction as well as women's literature and anyone interested in marriage and what makes it succeed or fail