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Ordinary Magic Book Ç 277 pages Download ✓ Naturaltreatment ☆ In Abby’s world magic isn’t anything special it’s a part of everyday life So when Abby learns that she has zero magical abilities she’s branded an “Ord”—ordinary bad luck and uite possibly a danger to societyThe outlook for kids lIn Abby’s world magic isn’t anything special it’s a part of everyday life So when Abby learns that she has zero magical abilities she’s branded an “Ord” ordinary bad luck and uite possibly a danger to societyThe outlook for kids li Originally reviewed on The Book SmugglersAbby Hale leads a happy and normal life for a twelve year old she goes to school every day and she's lucky enough to have a large loving family and plenty of friends And just like anyone else her age Abby cannot wait to be Judged because Judgement means she will finally be an Adult and that she'll FINALLY be able to use magic just like everyone else in the world On the day of her Judgement Abby is an excited mess of nerves and she wonders what rating she'll receive most kids get a Judgement of 5 or so although Abby's eldest sister Alexa got a nearly unheard of 9 rating But Abby doesn't even pass her first test and she is Judged as having absolutely zero magical potential In other words Abby is an Ord that is she's Ordinary therefore impervious to magic and anathema to societyYou see in Abby's world everything relies on magic from the rooms in her family's house to the shortcake that Abby's mother conjures in her bakery Ords are a danger because they can see through any spells and cannot be affected by magic and reviled they are treated as though their Ord ness is a contagious disease it's not and their basic human rights are stripped away For instance Ords especially Ord children are often sold as slaves to traveling Adventurers who find it useful to have someone impervious to magic on hand to walk through magical booby traps in the pursuit of treasure Abby soon learns all of this as she's kicked out of school her supposed friends keep their distance and a pair of brutal Adventurers show up at her family's doorstep looking to purchase Abby for their next adventure At least Abby has her family who stand by her and love her just as much as if she had been proclaimed an immensely powerful young mage And just when all seems lost Abby learns that her life is not without hope and opportunity her eldest sister Alexa works a top secret job in Education for the kingdom and it turns out she and newly coronated King Stephen has been a champion for Ords for years protecting a school for Ordinary children in the heart of the kingdom's capitol city Soon enough Abby is whisked away to Margaret Green School in Rothmere where she learns that she is one of many Ords where she makes new friends and learns how to protect herself and use her Ordinariness to her advantage Of course danger abounds what with redcaps and desperate Adventurers about but with the help of her family and her friends Abby may just be able to make it through her first year of school aliveWell thank you Stephanie Burgis Ordinary Magic is EVERY bit as wonderful as promised there's nothing ordinary about it The core premise of the book is simple but brilliant in its simplicity; Abby's world is like a reverse Harry Potter in which the entire universe is magical except for a very small subset of folks that are despised for their non magical ness Instead of going to a school for the gifted Abby goes to a school where she can be safe and where she can learn how to live life in a world built for others really upon reflection Ords and Oridnary seems a misnomer because Abby and her fellow Ords are not average or typical in the slightest in fact they are very OUT of the ordinary The revulsion that other characters feel for Abby and her new friends is a searing believable examination of xenophobia of racism of the despicable fear of those who are different I love the careful considered examination of these issues in the book in a way that never feels didactic or exploitative and is seamlessly integral to the story I also love the consideration of the world itself too While I wonder where the fear and hatred for Ords came from fodder for future books right? I love the distinction between ords being impervious to magic but NOT impervious to normal things that would kill anyone As one of Abby's teachers points out ords are impervious to magical fire but they will burn just like anyone else if a spell is cast that creates a non magical regular fire We also get to see just how ingrained magic is in this world as when Abby volunteers for kitchen duty she for the very first time in her life has to wash a dish dirty dishes in the Hale household are magicked away and back into existence clean as ever But you know what I loved most of all about this book? The characters and the relationships between the characters I adored the family dynamic between Abby her sisters Olivia and Alexa and her protective brothers Gil and Jeremy and especially her parents Instead of absentee parents or cruel siblings the Hale family is a tight knit bunch that unconditionally loves its youngest member Abby I even love the realistic tension that emerges at Abby's school because unlike other Ords Abby is incredibly lucky to have a supportive family so many other family's turn their children out or sell them when they are Judged to be Ords to the resentment of other characters And then there's our heroine Abby herself Like Stephanie Burgis' Kat Stephenson books I love that the novel follows Abby and not her older siblings let's face it the story of Alexa who is a level 9 mage that's 9 out of a possible or rather impossible 10 and selflessly devoted to improving the law and living conditions for Ords even before her sister was claimed one is an easy shoe in for heroine of a YA or older fantasy series That said how predictable would that have been? I LOVE the perspective we get from Abby who is NOT powerful or particularly ingenius but who has guts and the love of her family and friends to guide her She's brave and resourceful but the thing that is so awesome about Abby is her belief and trust in those she cares for And that's just Abby The other characters in this book are brilliantly detailed and fleshed out from the curmudgeonly Peter there's a sweet beginning of a romance here handled beautifully to the passionate ord self defense teacher BeckyWhat else can I say about Ordinary Magic? This is a fantastic book in a richly imagined and fascinating world I loved Ordinary Magic very very much and I sincerely hope there will be adventures of Abby and her fellow Ords in the very near future

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Ke Abby isn’t bright Many are cast out by their families while others are sold to treasure hunters ordinary kids are impervious to spells and enchantments Luckily for Abby her family enrolls her in a school that teaches ordinary kids how to Ordinary Magic extraordinarily dreamed up and written by Caitlen Rubino Bradway introduces readers to a world where magic is the norm everyone has it uses it lives with it Except Ords Ords are for those of us who are Harry Potter fans Suibs non magical people born from magic folk However unlike in the world of JK Rowling ords become its less than human looked at by people as expendable the shame of one's family nameless things to be bought and sold into servitude even though King Steve made ord slavery illegal or simply forgottenHowever having no magic also means that ords are IMMUNE to magic making them valuable to adventurers men and women in search of treasures or relics or monsters to kill Ords can bypass magical traps spells whatever but are unable to benefit from magical healing and being saved if they fall off a cliff BummerOn page one we meet Abby Hale the youngest of five children born to a magical baker or bake ess if you will and flying carpet maker that's how they travel awesome Abby is on her way to the Judging a ceremony for 12 year olds to have their magic level evaluated for school I think you see where this is goingAbby it turns out is completely devoid of any magic and one hundred percent ordinary At this point society expects Abby's family to cast her out sell her to the local Guild or auction her to traveling adventurers Instead the Hales are a loving tight knit family who will do everything in their power to protect their daughter Fortunately Abby's eldest sister Alexa a bada witch runs a private school for ords in the city of Rothermere where she can be educated on self defense survival history math literature and how to wash dishes She meets friends along the way runs into a couple sketchy adventurers and has to learn a new way of lifeOrdinary Magic has a well paced story with dimensional characters and heart warming relationships creating a world to which I'm excited to return It's for anyone who loves fantasy YA novels a great story and especially Harry Potter fans who are always on the hunt for another book to read after finishing that series While the story centers around these ordinary children the magical world is charming and open for even further development in future booksI absolutely loved this book Abby is a wonderful witty girl with spunk honesty and a big heart; she's not perfect though I found myself appropriately frustrated at her naivety and handling of certain situations but she's 12 Not only do I love and relate to Abby but I also connected to the community surrounding our main character The teachers especially Becky have mysterious backstories I'm still waiting to discover and I'm interested to see how her friends Fran Peter and Fred develop Oh and I love King Steve He's just awesomeRich themes and an engaging story and characters left me wanting MORE I was sad to leave Abby's world wanting so much to continue my ordinary journey

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Ordinary MagicGet around in a magical world But with treasure hunting kidnappers and carnivorous goblins lurking around every corner Abby’s biggest problem may not be learning how to be ordinary it’s whether or not she’s going to survive the school ye There are so many reasons why Rubino Bradway's Ordinary Magic is now one of my favorite middle grade books to recommend Rubino Bradway created a world that while built entirely upon magical inventions and a thriving absolute monarchy is still recognizable as a contemporary society I really enjoyed having the world slowly revealed to me always feeling familiar but with interesting magical uirks Rubino Bradway turned the typical plot of a middle grade fantasy on its head here is a world full of magic and rather than being exceptionally gifted or special our heroine turns out to be completely ordinary She then goes on to show that one can be completely ordinary and still be smart brave and strong; that you don't have to have special gifts to be the heroine of your story Rubino Bradway's characters are all interesting in their own ways I think it is sometimes hard to write a large family not to mention a full cast of characters in a boarding school and have each member maintain believable and distinct personalities by she does it with aplomb Abby's family was just wonderful I love that they are supportive loving and present I am so tired of absent parent syndrome I also appreciated the way Rubino Bradway handled the parents for each of the ordinary children a little differently Naturally not everyone would be supportive if they discovered their child was a social pariah but there are varying degrees of how supportive or un supportive they could be I like that though some parents did completely abandon their children some parents still tried to support their children financially or made sure a kindly neighbor took them in I also liked how though some parents were eually supportive on a personal level Rubino Bradway shows that the family's power and relative position in society can vastly change how helpful that support can be It was a very frank look at bigotry for a middle grade novelRubino Bradway also handled the friendships between the ordinary children beautifully The varying degrees of intimacy based on both personality and interactions felt very authentic And can I just say I am getting a very Anne Gilbert vibe from Abby and Peter? Most importantly though Ordinary Magic was a fun engaging read Rubino Bradway writes with such charm that I was not only caught up in the story immediately but felt at home and was sad to have it end It was scary and exciting and funny This is a book that I will own and I can't wait for her next