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Once Burned Free download ½ 104 ç She's a mortal with dark powersAfter a tragic accident scarred her body and destroyed her dreams Leila never imagined that the worst was still to come terrifying powers that let her channel electricity and learn a person's darkest secrets through a single touch Leila is doomed to a life of solitudeuntil creatures ofTures of the night kidnap her forcing her to reach out with a telepathic distress call to the world's most infamous vampireHe's the Prince of NightVlad Tepesh inspired the greatest vampire legend of all but whatever you do don't call him Dracula Vlad's ability to control fire makes him one of the most feared. 5 stars – VampireParanormalUrban Fantasy RomanceThoughts Before ReadingI am practically panting and salivating for Vlad’s bookThoughts After ReadingI am practically panting and salivating for Vlad’s next bookLike I said in my status updateBones might be the reigning king of chapter 32 but Vlad is the Night Prince of chapter 23 Yowza Inferno hotnessBut in all seriousnessBones is one of my all time favorite Romancelandia husbands and even though Vlad made a powerful showing Bones still rules my loins supremeAlthough I wouldn’t be opposed to a BonesShawnaVlad ménagejust sayin’ I’m totally game for that Ms Frost should you ever need a new character to shake and kink things up a bit in the Night Huntress WorldVlad is enigmatic blazing hot darkly possessive and compellingly cruel and I enjoyed his relationship with spunky Leila Other than my disappointment with the ending I loved being Once Burned and can’t wait to be Twice TemptedMy favorite uotes “Two Leilas seemed to be battling it out inside me The first was outraged that he still considered it a fait accompli that I’d give in to him and the secondthat slutty bitch was wondering what Vlad looked like naked”“If I didn’t want you so much” he said in a deadly purr “I’d let you keep fucking me with your gaze but you make me impatient”

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She's a mortal with dark powersAfter a tragic accident scarred her body and destroyed her dreams Leila never imagined that the worst was still to come terrifying powers that let her channel electricity and learn a person's darkest secrets through a single touch Leila is doomed to a life of solitudeuntil crea. 5 Electrifying StarsSpoilersFirst read 322014 Reread 1222015 Re reread 11282019I'll ask a second time his deep slightly accented voice said Who are you and how the hell are you inside my head Vlad What made you choose the name Vlad I asked unable to resist adding It's not the most original vampire name you could have picked after all Instead of being offended that little smirk was back I'm the only authentic Vlad Everyone else is merely an envious imitation Leila and VladOnce Burned the first book in the Night Prince series was WOW Dayum Vlad is so yummy I have loved Vlad since the first time I read about him in the night huntress series I can't tell you how happy I was when I found out that my favorite fire starter was getting his own series I will say there was a ton of embarrassing dancing I might be scarred but I'm still tasty looking aren't I Too bad you're not getting any of this no matter what that vision showed His lips twitched but he held out my chair without comment It wasn't until after I sat down that he responded to my mental gauntlet If your goal is to dissuade me from seducing you taunting me with promises of failure won't work He settled himself into his chair with an easy arrogant elegance I enjoy challenges but I don't think it will be long until you're in my bed Leila and Vlad No I do my torturing in the dungeon like any other respectable castle owner he said amusement clear in his voice And the fourth floor isn't merely mine My most trusted staff members have their rooms there too Vlad What this book is about When Leila was young she touched a downed power line it didn't kill her but it left her with some life changing side effects She electrocutes anyone she touches and if she touches anyone or thing with her right hand she can see their past sins and sometimes the future She is kidnapped by four crazy vampires that plan to use her powers to find another vampireVlad that they want dead and then they plan on killing her Not wanting to die and having no one to turn to she contacts through a mental link the vampire they want her to find But she tells him that some vampires are looking to kill him and have kidnapped her and she ask for his help But will this vampire really help her or is she trading one prison for anotherThis is our true tie he whispered his breath falling hotly onto my lips You're meant for me and I will have you Vlad I never set a standard that I won't keep myself and if you ever want out you need only say the word But mean it Leila because once I leave I'm gone forever Vlad's eyes bled back to deep copper as he spoke and though they were no longer glowing in that inhuman way somehow they were compelling Right back at you I said matching his unyielding stare Is that all His lips twisted No I can give you honesty monogamy and passion than you can stand but not love That emotion died in me long ago as I suspect you already know Good I replied in a steady voice I was worried that you'd turn into one of those obsessed emo movie vampires and that would be embarrassing for both of us Vlad and LeilaVlad was a damageddangerous complex and sexy character There are so many sides to Vlad one book would never be able to do him justice Vlad is dark has lived through things that would have broke most people but he is a fighter He is loyal to his people and protects whats his with the utmost ruthlessness This book only made me fall in love with Vlad Leila is perfect for Vlad She is brave strong but after living everyone elses worse sins and pain she has a darkness in her too She stands up to Vlad which no one else would dare and she doesn't play games she just tells it like it is I loved Leila almost as much as I did VladWhat after you finish shish kebobbing Maximus for no good reason I snapped He actually had the nerve to look at me as if I were the one overreacting No good reason I ordered him to protect you Instead his actions resulted in you nearly burning to death Did you think I'd let him off with a tongue lashing I didn't think you'd go pole happy on him Leila and VladVlad and Leila are smokin' hot together OMG I loved that Vlad was Leila's first and that he treated her like it was a gift and not a burden I hate when H act like a virgin H is a burden Not Vlad he told her how special it was Then the shower sex fans self yummy Jeaniene Frost is a talented writer who has made me fall madly in love with so many of her characters This book was an amazing read the plot the MC everything I loved it and can't wait to read the next one Such a reckless foolish risk he muttered but when he brushed my hair his touch was gentle despite his hardened tone I smiled holding up my hand Reckless maybe Foolish no You were right This is a formidable weapon He clasped it absorbing the current it contained without a flicker in his expression Yes but you are still only human I laughed the sound of it drowned out by the crunch of rocks as the mountain continued to shudder as though in the throes of birth pangs So was Van Helsing yet in every movie he beat the vampire in the end Never underestimate the power of humanity Vlad and Leila

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Once BurnedVampires in existence but his enemies have found a new weapon against him a beautiful mortal with powers to match his own When Vlad and Leila meet however passion ignites between them threatening to consume them both It will take everything that they are to stop an enemy intent on bringing them down in flam. Having met Vlad before in the Night Huntress Series I was really excited that he would be getting his very own bookOnce Burned the 1st book in the Night Prince Series begins when Vlad rescues Leila whose gifts may be a way that vampires could take him downHe takes her to his castle in Romania where he promises to protect her and also to give her the real story of Vlad aka Dracula The story is told by Leila’s POV – transformed instead of being killed when she touched a power line she’s left with a gift of her right hand sending bolts of electricity to anyone she touches And guess what Not only does she meet someone who is not “zapped” by her lighting right handbut he’s damn gorgeous and hot Sparks fly when they are near each other – Leila is totally besotted she’s so totally into Vlad Vlad is totally obsessed with Leilafor the first time in thousands of years he has found someone that touched something in him that he thought he had lostbut still he holds back He’s faced with so many demons from his past and enemies who want nothing else but to destroy him He can’t let himself be distracted by someone like LeilaI really liked this story and finding out Vlad’s history and learning about the person he isLeila was an interesting character A lot of issues in her life and liked seeing her facing them and coming through a stronger person I actually liked her a lotLoved the interaction between Vlad Leila and the secondary charactersmost of allCat BonesswoonnnnnnnnnnnThe story ended pretty suddenly and I suppose one could say that the epilogue leaves us with a somewhat cliffhangerbut knowing that we are going to get of Vlad and Leilathat was enough for meCan’t wait for book #2My favourite uote