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Really guilty? And if he isn’t why won’t he talk?Told from a kaleidoscope of viewpoints Wade’s mother Jackie his younger brother Connor Aimee En and Pearl Maze a young police officer with a tragic past If I Die Tonight is a story of family ties and dark secrets and the lengths we’ll go to protect ourselv ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 5 rounded up First of all many thanks to William Morrow and Company for providing me with an advance review copy of this book via Edelweiss All opinions are my ownThis book has been on my list for AGES and I had actually just preordered it from when I found out that I had been lucky enough to get approved for an ARC on Edelweiss So glad I was This book lived up to the hype for me which I am very thankful for in a time where books don't always do that If I Die Tonight by Alison Gaylin is set in a small fictional town named Havenkill in the Hudson Valley and focuses on what happens after a high school senior is put in the hospital after being run over during a car theft Or was it a car theft? The viewpoints hop around a bit but the majority of the book is told from the perspectives of Pearl a local police officer with a complicated past and Jackie the mother of 2 boys Connor and Wade Wade being a high school senior along with Liam the boy who gets run over and put into intensive care If I Die Tonight was a bit of a police procedural at times but I would say only about 25% of the total novel was like this if not less math isn't my strong suit The book also played with some different formats like chapters that are comments and posts taken from Facebook and Instagram It added something extra to the story and I really enjoyed the deviation from the norm I've actually been seeing this in recent books and I love itI did think it could be a little slow at times especially in the beginning middle but not to the point where I was ready to abandon it There is a lot going on in this book and definitely some heavy subject matters It touches on cyber bullying bullying in general and how in a small town where everyone knows everyone rumors and speculations can have a huge effect on how people treat you The use of social media is also a very prominent theme in this novel Luckily Gaylin added some humor into the book which ended up being a nice respite from some of the heavier parts Now the characters; I wouldn't say that I really connected to any of them but I definitely felt for Connor Wade and Jackie And also Pearl as we get to know her story All of the characters in this book felt very real and human to me Final Thought The ending gave me chills and I had no idea what was going to happen overall There were a few revelations that I definitely wasn't expecting and one thing I kinda saw coming I cannot BELIEVE this was my first novel by Gaylin and now I want to read her backlog ASAP to see what else I have been missing She definitely has an instant fan in me If I Die Tonight in 3 words Engrossing Touching and SurprisingThis title is expected to be published on 06 Mar 2018

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If I Die TonightLate one night in the uiet Hudson Valley town of Havenkill a distraught woman stumbles into the police station and lives are changed foreverAimee En once a darling of the ’80s pop music scene claims that a teenage boy stole her car then ran over another young man who’d rushed to helpAs Liam Miller’s life h 35 Stars rounded downAimee En knows she isn’t a reliable witness She is a has been washed up musician who just came from a late night gig but swears she is telling the truth A boy in a black hoodie hijacked her car and then boom he hit another teenage boy with it And Aimee En witnessed the whole thing The problem? The police think she may have done it herself Wade is a teenager that no one likes In fact he is pretty much despised by everyone in school He bullies everyone around him via social media including Liam the teenager who got hit by the car putting Wade into the spotlight Even his younger brother Connor starts to look at Wade in a different way suspecting him of wrongdoing Wade is clearly keeping secrets and soon Connor starts keeping them too Soon everyone in the town of Havenkill suspects Wade except for his mother “If I Die Tonight” is a slow burning mystery that is of a character driven novel All of the characters are well written There are several side stories which were successfully integrated into the main storyline The novel itself holds your interest and keeps it This was a Traveling Sister Read with Brenda and Kaceey We had a great time reading it together Thanks sisters Thank you to Edelweiss Harper Collins William Morrow and Alison Gaylin for an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest reviewPublished on Edelweiss and Goodreads on 122817Will be published on on 3618

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If I Die Tonight kindle ½ Paperback ë alison gaylin ë Late one night in the uiet Hudson Valley town of Havenkill a distraught woman stumbles into the police station—and lives are changed foreverAimee En once a darling of the ’80s pop music scene claims that a teenage boy stole her car then ran over another young mAngs in the balance the events of that fateful night begin to come into focus But is everything as it seems?The case uickly consumes social media transforming Liam a local high school football star into a folk hero and the suspect a high school outcast named Wade Reed into a depraved would be killer But is Wade I was lost in the deep slopes of the craggy coulee with two of my Traveling Sisters reading I Die Tonight and we settled in amongst the rocky edges with each of our reading pillows that soon had us on our toes guessing and discussing the path of this clever and engaging mystery I Die Tonight is stand alone by Alison Gaylin and was our first book that we have read by her and won’t be our last I Die Tonight is a tightly plotted multi layered character driven mystery that explores secrets family ties and the length we go to protect ourselves and the ones we love The story started off a little slow for us in the beginning as we get to know these well developed characters and start to piece together the layers of this mystery that had us guessing and discussing right to the end Alison Gaylin does a good job creating flawed characters with something to hide or secrets that they want to keep hidden We grew to love complicated Pearl with her personal demons and secrets she would like to keep buried and protective mother Jackie who fights to protect her son from the gossip around a tragic event that has exploded into small town gossip and the damage of social media Jackie’s strength and faith in her son is tested and along with her we started to uestion her loyalty to her son Both characters are very strong and different female characters connected to that tragic night and seeking the truth to this layered and well plotted story I found the social media part of the story to be fascinating and really like how Alison Gaylin showed us a realistic look at how uickly gossip can become the truth in a small town that left me feeling chilled and a little unsettled I now have What Remains of Me on my radar for a future Sister Read and look forward to from Alison Gaylin I highly recommend for readers who like a well written character driven mysteryThank you Edelweiss William Morrow and Alison Gaylin for a copy of this title to read and reviewAll of our Traveling Sisters Review can be found on our sister blog