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review Hundarna i Riga Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB Æ Kriminalkommissar Kurt Wallander saß in seinem Zimmer im Polizeipräsidium von Ystad und gähnte In diesem Moment kam Martinson ins Zimmer ›Vor ein paar Minuten haben wir einen merkwürdigen Anruf erhalten‹ begann er ›er kam aus einer Telefonzelle Ein Mann behauptete daß bald irgeühren Kommissar Wallander nach Osteuropa Er gerät immer tiefer hinein in ein kaum noch zu durchschauendes Komplott unsichtbarer Mächte in dem er nicht nur seinen Glauben an die Gerechtigkeit verliert sondern auch fast sein Leben läß. Once upon a time I heard tell of a poet who always travelled with the same three books the Bible Don uixote and Kant's Critiue of Pure Reason It was probably a symbolist poet now that I come to think of it view spoiler perhaps it was Alexander Blok or Andrei Bely or just somebody like that hide spoiler

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Kriminalkommissar Kurt Wallander saß in seinem Zimmer im Polizeipräsidium von Ystad und gähnte In diesem Moment kam Martinson ins Zimmer ›Vor ein paar Minuten haben wir einen merkwürdigen Anruf erhalten‹ begann er ›er kam aus e. Poor old Kurt Wallander I just want to buy the guy a beer and tell him to uit being so hard on himself The Swedish police detective isn’t faring much better in the second book of the series than he was in the first Still lonely after his divorce and worried about his flighty daughter and elderly father Wallander has also lost his best friend on the police force to cancer The new breed of crime rising in the early ‘90s in Sweden continues to shock him and makes him uncertain whether he should even continue being a copWhen a life raft with a couple of tortured and murdered bodies washes up on shore Wallander doubts that there will be any way to solve the crime and when the victims turn out be from Latvia he’s all too happy to turn the case over to the Latvian detective sent to investigate Of course things don’t go that smoothly and Wallander ends up having to travel to Riga and finds himself wrapped up in dangerous political and police corruption as the country struggles to free itself from the last remains of Soviet communismLike the first novel Faceless Killers the main appeal in the books is the character of Wallander A great everyman sort of detective who is very insecure about his professional skills and private life Wallander seems always on the verge of just giving up in frustration Yet he always manages to keep plodding along and working on the case at hand and showing the kind of grim determination that others call bravery even if Wallander would scoff at the ideaIt’s been very interesting to read these Swedish books that were written right as communism fell in Eastern Europe It gives a lot of new perspective to what that part of the world had to deal with

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Hundarna i RigaIner Telefonzelle Ein Mann behauptete daß bald irgendwo hier an der Küste ein Rettungsboot mit zwei toten Männern an Land treiben würdeDann legte er aufWer sind die Toten Und wohin ist das Rettungsboot verschwunden Die Ermittlungen f. I gave this three stars and that seems to be about right though I will read in this series featuring everyday provincial Swedish detective Kurt Wallender a kind of dour and dumpy but somehow likeable guy He's Detective Everyman middle aged just dumped by his wife estranged for his flighty daughter his fave partner dead from cancer feeling guilty about not spending enough time with his father who is descending in dementia as a detective he's not Sherlock Holmes He doesn't have the physical prowess of Jo Nesbo's Harry Hole; he has a paunch he sometimes gets chest pains and while brilliant Harry teaches detective courses at the Oslo Police Academy Wallender thinks about uitting in this newer violent age of policing and he's not brilliant He pokes around mostly determinedly and once in a while gets luckyTwo dead guys in a rowboat drift ashore and they find they have been murdered in Riga A Latvian cop comes to Sweden to investigate goes home and is killed Wallender gets invited by the widow of the Latvian cop to come to Riga and help solve the crime Wallemder goes because he feels a spark with the widow so he smuggles himself into Latvia and soon learns of levels of political intrigue involving Latvian gangsters the former Soviet Union this is the nineties and drug cartels that leave him feeling like he is way over his head He's a cop not an MI6 operativeThe action is slow for awhile until we get somewhat background on the political situation and then it turns somewhat improbable thriller as Wallender sort of stumbles onto a solution to both the crimes involving the guys in the rowboat and the Latvian detective No one in Sweden knows he went to Latvia so I am curious whether that secret makes its way into the series I like Wallender and Mankell writes well mostly grounded in reality the every day I see that Mankell also wrote a series involving his daughter Linda so that intrigues me I may read on Mankell is a good writer who in an afterword makes his political commitments as a writer clear Unlike Nesbo Mankell wants to weave world politics into his provincial cop's life Wallender professes no interest in or knowledge of world politics but is forced to confront them so that is an interesting aspect of the work