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Horizontal Analysis Reader ↠ 346 pages Ñ E.m. leya Ñ When Zachary is sent to London to audit a very high profile company the last thing he expected was to meet the man of his dreams on the flight thereKillian's life has been hell for the last few years but meeting Zach is the breath of fresh air he needed even if hWhen Zachary is sent to London to audit a very high profile company the last thing he expected was to meet the man of his dreams on the flight thereKillian's life has been hell for the last few years but meeting Zach is the breath of fresh air he needed even if he is half his age He didn't expect thin I love these two authors This begins the two part Sinful Temptation set and starts with a super sexy kaboom Younger 21 blonde green eyed Idaho guy stunning ZacharyZ is headed to London for a new job auditing a big company KillianK 40 is a dark and beautifully handsome CEO on his way home to London Killian notices Zachary at the airport When the two meet on the flight to Gatwick Killian is already attracted to Z and Zachary thinks Killian is way out of his reach Both are surprised by the immediate emotions and needs because it's overpowering and yet feels SO right Many readers do not like love at first sight books but I do This is fun entertaining and so sexy Throughout they burn up every surface they are near When they reach London they decide to give themselves one night before Z begins his job and K must resume his position and set his company to rights Their incendiary passionate night is NOT ENOUGH for either man They get to their jobs where Z starts auditing the company finding things are not correct K finds a company crackdown on spending is in order K's ex is Max an evil creep who causes only mayhem and we see his evil has no bounds toward the end After a week Z needs to talk to the CEO about the discrepancies in the audit and they discover the same company connection Surprise Then the sex and emotions are re ignited and the two become everything to each other; than just sexy times it's MORE I loved this amazing set of characters from family friends and employees and especially the two men Wow We get plot twists a shocking event near the end and the aftermath plus a terrific ending Do we get every answer we want? No We still get to use our imagination and of course this is book one so I'm looking forward to book two Absolution I also look forward to seeing from K and Z Some readers complained about bad editing etc but I found none of that IMO The language phrasing for Killian and his Mam and Da was Irish Brogue so it's different I found it charming I did not find mistakes in the writing I just enjoyed the super sexy tale and got wrapped up in their hearts I guess I get caught up in the emotions and that's awesome I think I highly recommend this wonderful sexy story ENJOY I know the blurb says we can read book two as a stand alone but I think the book one relationships are important for book two Both books are free on Kindle Unlimited

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G apart isn't an optionWith an attraction like neither has experienced they are willing to risk it all fighting the world around them that wants to keep them apart Challenged in ways the two couldn't imagine possible they must figure out how to hold on to something they know they might never find agai I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads35 reviewI enjoyed this read and the underlying premise behind the story although I did have a few issues Crazily the biggest issue for me was probably totally silly in anyone else's eyes but as an accountant I felt that the repeated mention that Zach struggled with the foreign currency was a bit ridiculous We are talking pounds sterling which are divided into one hundred pennies not some weird hexadecimal currency And even the dollar to pound exchange rate varies between 15 2 £1 Millions of tourists manage this each year but not a highly intelligent man? sorry but that annoyed me a lot It was also somewhat crazy to send a 21 year old half way around the world to do an audit but hey I could choose to suspend belief to an extentThe story itself is uite clever and although the depth of their feelings was somewhat hasty I could accept that as neither of them were of that nature it really must have really bowled them over I was with Zach though uestioning Kilian's previously terrible choice Overall I enjoyed the series and would read by this team of authors who's works I have admired and read avidly in the past

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Horizontal Analysis Sinful Temptation #1 Gs between the two of them to escalate as fast as they doOne night of passion isn't enough but there is danger in pursuing especially when fate throws them a curveball they never expected and with Killian's ex ready for the attack they could lose everything still with the chemistry between them stayin Holy hot sex Wow there is a lot of sex in this book I mean A LOT It's like they can't be anywhere near each other without someone reaching for the other's bits Most of the story was a lot on the mushy side and I hate the endearment darling which was used a whole lot Who says that? Anyways it was an entertaining read and there really was a bit of a story line in between all the smexing I'd probably have given it 3 stars but upped it due to the deliciousness of many of those scenes I need a fan