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The Next AlwaysOf the old inn wanting to take a closer look at the building and the man behind itWith the grand opening inching closer Beckett’s happy to give Clare a private tour one room at a time It’s no first date but these stolen moments are the beginning of something new and open the door to the extraordinary adventure of what comes nex. Ah it was nice to drop back into a world created by Nora Roberts She has a gift with character creation and storytelling and this book was no exception Usually in Romance we find that it’s the heroine that has had a secret crush on the hero for uite a while The author decided to flip the standard here and cast the hero as the one with the secret crush Beckett has been in love with Clare since high school He’s a self assured guy who has never had a problem with the ladies—unless that lady is Clare He is absolutely hopeless at being smooth with her He hid his crush and never acted on it because she never really saw him They weren’t even close friends They were friendly sure but she was friendly with all of his brothers Unfortunately for him Clare was in love with someone else in high school and went on to marry him and move away Fast forward uite a few years and a widowed Clare with three kids has moved back to her home town and opened a business Beckett still never acts on his crush but he hasn’t forgotten it He has to remind himself daily that it doesn’t matterI found it absolutely adorable that Beckett was the one with the crush He was such a sweetie His brothers loved to razz him about it but he took it in the good natured spirit it was meant and never became too sensitive about it I felt a little sorry for him since everyone could see it but Clare but he was able to eventually get it together enough to make a move Beckett was uite a likable hero I can’t say that he’s one of my favorite NR heroes—boy can she write some delicious ones—but he certainly wasn’t hard to read about ; I really liked his friendly attitude toward Clare and her kids Who can resist a guy that falls for the kids as well as the mom I thought it was very clever of Roberts to write a book centered on the construction of her real life business One there’s no need to spend extra time researching—she’s already an expert Two it is a great way to stir interest in the Inn I for one couldn’t resist googling for information when Beckett called a family meeting in the “Eve and Roarke” room FYI there really is one Each room is modeled after a romantic couple in literature who got their HEA How fitting that Eve and Roarke are in there At times the time spent on the rehab slowed the book down but I enjoyed the details for the most part Plus it provided a realistic way of Beckett’s family being able to hang around so much And I wouldn’t have traded Beckett’s scenes with his brothers for the world They were so funny Told you not to tell herThat's not how I work things That's not how you build a relationshipBuild a relationship Ryder snorted as he sent the drill whirling again You've been reading againBlow meAt times Clare could be a little frustrating but I was able to understand and sympathize with her for the most part I especially empathized with her difficulty leaning on Beckett after spending so much time running things in her marriage I don’t know how well that reasoning will be received by someone who hasn’t spent any time close up with the military but it struck a chord with me I’ve known a lot of wives who have been changed in that exact way by the freuent deployments their husbands had to go on I’m not usually a fan of kids in my Romance but Clare’s kids won me over Maybe it’s because I saw so much of my own kids in them The fighting the superhero plates the singing while they peeit all hit close to home I liked that they weren’t perfect little kids who existed in the story only to be precocious or wise beyond their years They didn’t conveniently exit the stage when they weren’t being cute either Clare was a mom through and through and they were an integral part of the story and her burgeoning relationship with Beckett A Semi Brief Moment of RamblingI know that some people complain about Nora Roberts being formulaic but that has never bothered me I guess if the formula sucked it would be different but it doesn’t so I don’t mind Sure I felt things were a little fresher with her older books but I’ve been reading her since high school so that’s to be expected The fact that I still always look forward to seeing what uniue spin Roberts will put on the characters and situations in the current book tells me that this author hasn’t gone stale for meWith that said I have struggled for years to figure out what felt different about Roberts’s present style I still enjoy her books but there has been some subtle change to it that has kept me from loving them the way I used to Some people say it’s the formula but I disagree I think I’ve finally figured it out after reading this book The characters and the way they think and act are still as awesome as ever the dialogue is still dead on for the contemporary world and funny to boot the setting is detailed and rich like usual and the writing style is still the same So what is it Well I think that things have gotten a little too close to real life The characters have become and reasonable and adult If there’s a fight it’s usually uickly resolved through well reasoned inner contemplation The drama is close to nil because the characters are logical and they’re willing to try to work things out And that’s great—to a point Somehow it has become so lifelike that it has edged out the magic and the intensity of the romance That’s honestly the biggest complaint I have about this book and most of her other recent offerings The spark is gone and it’s because everything has become too reasonable and well balanced The characters are steeped in their families and their work and the romance is no longer focused on as in depth as I prefer It may be realistic—and kudos to the author for managing to do that—but it has lost some of the punch that I depended upon PS I almost forgot to mention that there’s a ghost in here If you’ve read a lot of NR then you’re probably not surprised by this but if you haven’t heads up Favorite uoteRyder sent Beckett a slow smile “So you’re hitting on Clare the Fair”“I’m not hitting on her I’m exploring the possibility of seeing her on social terms”“He’s hitting on her” Owen said around a mouthful of chips “You’ve still got that thing you had for her back in high school Are you still writing bad song lyrics about heartbreak”“Suck me And they weren’t that bad”“Yeah they were” Ryder disagreed “But at least now we don’t have to listen to you playing your keyboard and howling them down the hall” Review originally posted on Fiction VixenFor a sneak peek check out my Tempting Teaser on Fiction Vixen

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T his eye on the girl he’s been waiting to kiss since he was fifteenAfter losing her husband and returning to her hometown Clare Brewster soon settles into her life as the mother of three young sons while running the town’s bookstore Busy with little time for romance Clare is drawn across the street by Beckett’s transformation. Either I don't know how to pick them or my friends have grossly exaggerated about how awesome Nora Roberts is This entire book was meh The characters were boring and one dimensional; The writing was so so Does anyone want to suggest me some decent books by this author before I write her off I'd be extremely grateful

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READ & DOWNLOAD ´ The Next Always Ç The historic hotel in Boonsboro has endured war and peace changing hands even rud hauntings Now it’s getting a major facelift from the Montgomery brothers and their eccentric mother Beckett is the architect of the family and his social life consists mostly of talking shop over pizza and beer But there’s anotThe historic hotel in Boonsboro has endured war and peace changing hands even rud hauntings Now it’s getting a major facelift from the Montgomery brothers and their eccentric mother Beckett is the architect of the family and his social life consists mostly of talking shop over pizza and beer But there’s another project he’s go. I might as well just admit that I have become a Nora Roberts junkie I can't seem to make myself stop It's like crack or in my case chocolateI guess there are worse addictions Look at how stupid the bird guy looksTo like this book you have to really really like remodelingrenovation shows And be willing to read all about it instead of seeing it It takes vision to read all about the furniture flooring fixtures and paint colors of a room that is being built And maybe a little patience Luckily for me I enjoy all things home improvementyI don't recommend this drinking game with this book Your liver thanks me for helping you dodge that bulletBut even with me enjoying that kind of thing I admit that there were some slow parts because of the endless descriptions of the building process which is why I only gave it three starsThe guy in this book is Beckett an architect and all around handy guy He and his family have purchased an old hotel that they are renovating to be the coolest inn ever Each room is named after a famous couple like Elizabeth and Darcy Rochester and Jane etc and even cooler for Nora Roberts fans there is an Eve and Roarke room Sure it may seem gratuitous but for those of us who read her books it is the best thing everSuper Ovaries ActivateDammit I just ovulated I need to read some Kristen Ashley alpha holes now to shrivel them back upThe girl in our book is named Clare and she is a widowed mother of three boys under the age of 10 Now Clare is nice Beckett is awesome but these boys freaking steal the show They are the most adorable things ever It had me remembering my own adventures in raising little boys with their super hero costumes and craziness Everyone is always telling me how chill of a person I am maybe not so much here this is my venting place and I think it's from raising boys After a while there is literally NOTHING that can shock you NothingI knew the price I would pay for trying to use the bathroom without an audienceOne of the funniest and best parts of the story is where Beckett is reaching out to Clare's boys and he goes back to tell his own two brothers grown men about how one of them said that he wanted little coffins to bury his dead action figures in after the superhero battlewar The brothers get so into the idea that he ends up bringing them personalized coffins with headstones that he hand made out of wood Of course he's now a hero in their eyes And I have to say that would have been a huge winner with my boys too The hubs was always making them fake wooden swords but they would have loved little coffinsAlthough they would have probably buried stuff in them that wasn't meant to be buried like the car keys my driver's license the hamsterIt was probably for the bestStill the interaction between a man and children always get us ladies in the feelsOh my gosh the baby That is so freaking cuteBy the end of this book the inn is still not completely completed so we will see if they finish it in the next one where I guess another brother will fall in love