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A Politics of LoveFor all citizens for generations have risen up to fulfill the promise of our nation Over the course of America’s history these activists have both embodied and enacted the nation’s deepest valuesToday America once again is in turmoil A spiritual cancer of fear threatens to undo the progress we have achieved Discord and hatred are dissolving our communal bonds and undermining the spirit of social responsibility the duty we feel toward one another In this powerful spiritual manifesto Marianne Williamson offers a tonic for this cultural malignancy She urges us to imitate the heroes of our past and live out our deepest spiritual commitme. CAN OUR POLITICS CHANGE So much disagreement almost nobody seems happy with the status uo even Trump supporting Republicans The system is not working for many including those who work hard and follow the rules Many do not participate in our democracy at all If we want things to change we must participate and open our minds to different ideas and voices regardless of where they come from I’m an independent and not yet endorsing a candidate for the 2020 elections Not for President not for any other office I have started to read about and listen to as many candidates as possible study the issues really consider who would best represent me my family my community our country One of the candidates who I’ve been reading about listening to is Marianne Williamson Marianne’s bio describes her as a lecturer activist and author She has devoted most of her adult life to advocating for others and sharing her tremendous insight through her books videos lectures I have read many of Marianne’s books and find her work incredibly insightful see “A Return to Love” and “Healing the Soul of America” She has a tremendous understanding of this country’s history its mistakes yes we make mistakes and ideas about how we can heal as a nation In Marianne’s latest book “A Politics of Love” she addresses the current divisiveness in our politics and prescribes a new way forward Marianne has a uniue perspective on our challenges as a nation and she has garnered sufficient support to be eligible for the Dem debate stage But even if the Dems don’t tweak the rules to knock out lesser known candidates like Marianne it will be difficult to have her voice heard amongst so many I encourage you to take a look for yourself Marianne is willing to talk about things most will not eg reparations relating to slavery I believe most of us are interested to hear new voices and to get the best ideas on the table There are many people and forces in this country that seek to prevent this from happening those that want to maintain the status uo or even turn back the clock Marianne has progressive views on healthcare racial reconciliation climate change and foreign policy She believes that love not hate is what will truly change our politics That we need to prioritize taking care of those less fortunate and wage peace instead of war she has proposed new federal agencies devoted to peace and children While these concepts may sound uaint or even strange today they are not radical ideas Historic figures like Martin Luther King Jr and Dwight Eisenhower talked about waging peace And business titans like Bill Gates and Ray Dalio have said the current situation with wealth ineuality and an insufficient social safety net are not sustainable Marianne has been a champion of these ideas for decades and is now aiming to bring them firmly into the national dialogue Marianne’s views ideas will resonate with many but not all But if we put aside our preconceived notions about how things are and instead focus on what could be we will see our current challenges in a new light If we all participate and focus on what’s important to us our families and communities we can restore our democracy and contribute to the common good We can’t expect things to get better if we follow the same old play book

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Free read A Politics of Love 106 ↠ In this stirring call to arms the activist spiritual leader and New York Times bestselling author of the classic A Return to Love confronts the cancerous politics of fear and divisiveness threatening the United States today urging all spiritually aware Americans to return to—and act out of—our deepest value loveAmericaNt where some have sown hatred let us now sow loveWilliamson argues that we must do than respond to external political issues We must address the deeper internal causes that have led to this current dysfunction We need a new whole person politics of love that stems not just from the head but from the heart not just from intellectual understanding but from a genuine affection for one another By committing to love we will make a meaningful contribution to the joyful fierce and disruptive energies that are rising at this critical point in time In the words of Abraham Lincoln we must think anew and act anew and then we shall save our country. I wanted to dislike this book I wanted to think it was a cynical ploy to earn money off a presidential campaign publicity but after reading it I'm convinced that Williamson is a true believer in the power of love She casts every issue as a battle between love and fear Her framework of belief suggests that our problems as a nation are based on artificial dualities and divisions that don't accurately reflect our interdependent worldWilliamson argues that refugees share the same humanity as US citizens so we need to treat them as human beings not as enemies She says something similar about the poor while arguing for universal health care and affordable education She presents a bold argument for assisting the African American community through a reparations fund claiming that we won't solve race problems until we make good on past promises the government made to former slavesThe toughest sell for a conservative audience is the idea that we live in a culture of fear that convinces us to spend and on the military and less and less on health and human services To reverse this Williamson proposes a Department of Peace a la Dennis Kucinich and a stronger State Department Marianne uotes Teilhard de Chardin Someday after mastering the winds the waves the tides and gravity we shall harness for God the energies of love and then for a second time in the history of the world man will have discovered fire Her arguments for love based politics may sound trite in our cynical age but she is an intelligent and impressive writer and orator and I guarantee that she'll get you thinking and by the end of the book you may be a believer in political miracles

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In this stirring call to arms the activist spiritual leader and New York Times bestselling author of the classic A Return to Love confronts the cancerous politics of fear and divisiveness threatening the United States today urging all spiritually aware Americans to return to and act out of our deepest value loveAmerica’s story is one of great social achievement From the Abolitionists who fought to outlaw slavery to the Suffragettes who championed women’s right to vote to the Civil Rights proponents who battled segregation and institutionalized white supremacy to the proponents of the women’s movement and gay rights seeking euality. Everyone regardless of their political beliefs should read this book I am a little biased because I really do idolize Marianne Williamson but her ideas are so spot on for an evolving 21st century culture We MUST stop focusing on the materialism of the past and get back to caring about all humans if we are to move forward as a human race I found myself nodding in agreement all the way through this book at how wise she is and if only all people thought this way of their fellow humans It is no longer about winning and besting others but allowing all people to flourish by coming together The current political climate is divisive and the only solution is to all work together to progress our society She is surprisingly balanced in her viewpoints in spite of being very left leaning in outlook She honestly gives a heartfelt diagnosis of what is going on in the world and smart solutions on what next I hope right wing conservatives can put their viewpoints aside and read and absorb her message She makes this very palatable for anyone with a heart