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PDF ´ Honor's Splendour À Julie Garwood ?er Zamanla her ikisi de birbirlerine karşı koyamazlar ancak Madelyne lordu gibi cesur ve bir kurt kadar güçlü bir şekilde onuru için mücadelesini sürdürmeye devam eder Tek kelimeyle büyüleyici Romantic Tim Note This review and all my reviews comes from my blog Romantic Rose's Bookshelf Chest beating primates mysterious wolves and swooning bi polar PMSing tigerkitten mixes oh myI should warn you the following is a REALLY long rant review with only one positive paragraph at the end Feel free at any time to skip to the 'bottom line' portion of the review to get the gist of itThis book was my first Julie Garwood ever and I am happy to say it will be my last Never again will I disgrace my mind with such folly The book started out well interesting I actually enjoyed the first two or three chapters Our heroine Madelyne starts us off by freeing her brother’s captive Duncan Wexton and saving him from death by freezing She warms his feet for him and it is apparently that act of kindness not the risking her life by freeing him of course that prompts him to declare her ‘his’ His men rush over the wall kill all of her brother Louddon’s men and whisk her away as a captive Keep in mind that our 'ever compassionate' soon to be paragone of a heroine saves a servant from death during the battle by standing in front of him and proclaiming that she will die before the servants No one kills her or moves her out of the way and the servants go free owing their lives to the wonderful MadelyneDuncan burns Louddon’s home to the ground and begins the journey with his men and Madelyne and this is where the trouble starts as we begin to discover how absolutely PERFECT he is He’s the bestest He’s the greatest warrior and since he trained his men they’re invincible as in not a single man of his dies in the attack on Louddon’s fortress despite taking on an entire army just like him Madelyne mentions at some point she believes him the most handsome man in England He’s so kind too and sweet and protective and fierce and strong and handsome and masculine and he’s just so great cause he’s always thinking of her and he’s sensitive but manly and aloof and he’s really hot cause he doesn’t die or act cold even when he’s freezing to death and he’s able to control his body’s natural reaction to shiver because he’s just so amazing and wonderful and fantastical – you get the picture He’s perfection and it’s really annoying By the middle of the book I was ready to throttle him – though no than I was ready to throttle MadelyneMadelyne had the issue that she was never the same character twice She was totally unpredictable in as much that she had no solid base There was no common thread to her character She was all over the place Here are some examples first Garwood shows us how weak Madelyne is by having her struggle against Duncan even punch him in the face and not hurt him or make any headway Later she walks through a battlefield injured and swings a mace hard enough to kill a man She also hip checks Edmond the giant causing him to stumble and when she punches HIM in the face it gives him uite the colorful bruise Inconsistent? I think so Another example Garwood gives us several examples of Madelyne’s innocence in regard to men In fact it’s kind of humorous how little she knows and the fun conversations that ensue that I loved Yet the first time they kiss SHE kisses HIM And Garwood tells us how wild and passionate and uninhibited she is This makes no sense When its Duncan and Madelyne’s first time she’s all shy again – about her nudity and everything They’ll make wild uninhibited ‘tigress’ love which by the way is a terrible mental image because it literally makes me think of a tiger in bed with Duncan and then she’ll go back to being horribly shy And then once again just to confuse us she’ll suddenly decide not to be shy any More examples? She faints erratically She glares then is meek is emotionally aloof then warm and pliant is defiant then tame Her behavior is nonsensical It seems Garwood is trying to make Madelyne confusing – we see that in how the men say they can’t figure out or understand Madelyne But while its okay for the other characters not to understand Madelyne the reader should always be able to understand her and her motives and that we could not do Lastly Madelyne becomes a paragon in the book – a little clumsy but she never lies and is virtuous and beautiful and humble and loved by animals and children alike Ugh Give me a breakI will also make a case of Madelyne’s stupidity She’s far too trusting on certain occasions – like with Edmond Duncan’s oaf of a brother When she first meets him despite his roaring yelling shouting etc she looks up at him ‘with eyes so trusting it made him pause’ Yeah Gag me She also trusts Duncan though he turned and took her as his captive in order to get vengeance on her brother And what of this captive business? Madelyne despite how we are told she’s such a defiant free spirit never makes an actual escape attempt Its like she has courage to yell about the awful eating habits of the men but not over her captivity When one doesn't try to escape captivity it makes us feel like you want to be there hon Also I despise Madelyne’s treatment of Adela – Duncan’s sister Adela has been raped and is a filthy mean mess because of it Now it is in my experience that rape victim’s usually take care to be extra extra clean because they feel dirty and they do not become loud and belligerent but uiet and withdrawn But of course rather than mold her to reality Garwood molds her to suit her purposes Madelyne’s treatment of Adela to me is horrible She adopts a tough love philosophy which is fine But forcing her to take a bath and forcing her head underwater – and calling her filthy even if only in the literal sense? It shows a lack of compassion for what the other woman went through A total lack of empathy or sympathy and it made me angry at Garwood for putting Adela through thatNow enough about my hatred for Madelyne’s consistently annoying unbelievable character What is with the men? In totally inappropriate situations Gilard Edmond and Gerald shout in anger when there has been little to no provocation In fact it’s not just the ‘loud anger’ that is overblown in this book Characters will laugh at lines that aren’t funny or cry at things that don’t warrant an emotional outburst It gives me the feeling Garwood was trying to make her characters seem merry than they were or make the events seem devastating or emotional then they were It was all very false feelingSome other key problems? Madelyne is forced to marry Duncan – by Duncan That’s just not the stuff romance books are made of They also make love in a freezing cold lake as if there’s no chill at all Be real night time river fun is only endearing for the reader if you haven’t made such a huge point about how cold the river is before hand Otherwise as I’m reading all the romantic lines I’m thinking about the two of them shivering against one another Finally there’s too much sub drama or mini plots Madelyne with Duncan got lost amidst Madelyne with Gilard Adela Silenus Edmond Loddoun the non priest and Madelyne with the wolf plus the conflicts between the King and his brother Adela and Gerald Gerald and Morcar and the whole Madelyne finding out she’s a bastard child thing There were too many other dramas going on for the author to focus on the main conflict and truly build it up – or to build up any of the smaller conflicts Thus the main conflict felt a bit like a mini conflict to me The entire book was dull and lack luster because it was just a mini revelation followed by another mini revelation with no suspense to make us care about the revelations at all Many of those characters could and should have been eliminated They served little purpose and were actually uite ridiculous the wolf for instance That was just stupid and sillyThis book was saved in my eyes by the suspenseful beginning Chapters 1 and 2 and the end There are admittedly some great lines between Madelyne and Lady Eleanor and Madelyne is much less annoying by the end The ending was satisfactory most ends are tied – though I can’t help wondering if there was ever going to be books written about Edmond or Gilard because their stories are left unsatisfied The author does write beautifully I will say that in her defense Her sentences were fluid and elouent and I think my favorite parts were when she was talking about nature – because the characters weren’t making a mess of things with their terrible inconsistent inhuman personalities So the language was good The book was competently written but that won’t encourage me to pick up another Garwood anytime soon But by all means if you feel there’s a Garwood I should try comment or send me an email at romanticrosemayyahoocom and I’ll try again“Sexy”ness rating Hot TraditionalOverall Rating DBottom Line If you like well if you like Julie Garwood you’ll like this book If you like chest beating hunks and wilting fainting women this is probably a book for you If you like characters with uniue personalities this book is NOT for you Also there’s little humor throughout this book only some at the beginning so if you like comedy this is a no no

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FREE PDF ↠ BOOK Honor's Splendour ☆ New York Times çok satanlar yazarı Julie Garwood'dan sürükleyici bir hikâye kalbinizi ısıtacak karakterler Leydi Madelyne acımasız ağabeyi Baron Louddon'ın zalimce planlarının cezasını çekmektedir Kurt olarak bilinen Baron Duncan intikam ateşiyle Louddon'ın arazisine adamlarını saldığın New York Times çok satanlar yazarı Julie Garwood'dan sürükleyici bir hikâye kalbinizi ısıtacak karakterler Leydi Madelyne acımasız ağabeyi Baron Louddon'ın zalimce planlarının cezasını çekmektedir Kurt 45 starsThis is my fourth Julia Garwood’s book and so far all of her books kind of have the same plot? But still I’m finding them so addictive to read? I guess I’m just enjoying their simplistic form so much to care Madelyn saves Duncan who has been held captive by her brother After setting him free and helping him escape she discovers that he intentionally gotten himself into that position because he has a bigger plan which includes kidnapping herThis book won me over with that first chapter I don’t know why but I just thought that it was funny and cute I loved Madelyn so much and her uncontrolled honesty Duncan was a traditional HR hero He was such an arrogant alpha male but with honour and a soft side The banter was so freakin enjoyable and hilarious There were many sweet moments between the characters that I enjoyed Overall this was such a fun time from the very first chapter

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Honor's SplendourOlarak bilinen Baron Duncan intikam ateşiyle Louddon'ın arazisine adamlarını saldığında genç kızı esiri olarak kaçırır Fakat bu mağrur güzeli tanıdıkça onu hayatı pahasına koruyacağına dair and i? Yay another great book by Julie Garwood The story opens with Baron Duncan of Wexton stripped of his clothing tied to a post and left to freeze to death by Baron Louddon's men But as soon as he's alone Louddon's sister Lady Madelyne comes to his rescue and frees him Ducan can't believe his luck not that he's in any real danger and in need of her help because his capture was all part of a bigger plan but fate is just giving him what he came for Duncan's sister Adela was raped by Louddon about a month ago so he decided to kidnap Madelyn and force a confrontation with her brother seeking revenge for what he's done Having Madelyne unselfishly help him is beyond anything Duncan expected and he falls hard and fast for her Obviously it takes some time until he realizes thatAs soon as Duncan is freed he and his men attack Louddon's men and destroy his fortress When the battle is over Duncan is disappointed to find that Louddon is absent since the coward Baron escaped to London soon after Duncan was captured thinking of establishing an alibi for Duncan's death Knowing that Louddon will go after them Duncan takes Madelyne as his captive to his home And so it begins a most romantic storyThis book hooked me from the start with one of the most beautiful opening scenes I've ever read Oh I've heard about the whole feet warming and such beforehand as it's often mentioned as a memorable scene by many readers but it didn't lessen the impact of it It was exciting to actually read the whole scene and not only a snippet of it and I was smiling and sighing like a ninny the whole time Like Duncan I fell in love with Madelyn there and thenAs I'm beginning to expect from Garwood's heroines Madelyne was a bit ditzy and clumsy but her kindness and courage won me over Her inability to tell a lie was charming sometimes funny and in the end saved the day See it pays to always tell the truth especially if you tell it in a way that gets people a little confused Duncan was also what I've come to expect from a Garwood's hero an arrogant but honorable warrior protective patient and completely devoted to Madelyne He did force her to marry him but it was for her protection among other reasons like his yet unprofessed love for her and his desire do bed her ; and he never meant to hurt or harm her in any wayHonor's Splendour was all about Duncan and Madelyne realizing they were made for each other and as a bonus making Louddon pay for his sins I loved the way Ducan explained to himself why he felt compelled to sneak into Madelyne's bedroom to sleep with her when she was still his captive I smiled with his listing the reasons for marrying her I sighed every time he sighed just for show of course with one of her antics I laughed with her attempts at learning self defense To sum things up I adored Duncan and MadelyneThe only thing that bothered me a bit in this book was I felt it dragged a little after Duncan and Madelyne said ILY to each other Things got too calm and uiet after that and I couldn't wait to see how Duncan was going to finish Louddon for good I trusted Duncan but I didn't trust King William and his special friendship with Louddon could be a problem In the end everything worked out and Duncan and Madelyne got their true HEA after all this is Romancelandia This was only my fourth book by Garwood and based on what I've read so far I can't wait to read of her Working my way through her backlist will keep me entertained for a long time and I couldn't be happier