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ePub ☆ mobi Witch's Pyre í 9781250050915 Free ô Lily Proctor has come a long way from the weak sickly girl she used to be She has gained power as a witch and a leader found her way home chosen to face battle again and after losing her first love and being betrayed by her new love she has learned about loss and grief than Ut sometimes winning reuires sacrifices and when the only clear path to victory lies at Lillian's side what price will Lily be willing to pay?Internationally bestselling author Josephine Angelini takes us on another emotionally wrenching thrill ride in the stunning conclusion to her Worldwalker Trilo Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhghhhhhhh THE COVER THERE IS TWO TWO LILY AND LILLIANE Guuuh UPDATESON OF WOVENS I CAN'T describe every thing I felt when I read this MASTERPIECEIt was good man Absolute perfection Although I didn't had any hope for the two lilies I thought they'd both die by the endI am really satisfied by this last instalment Absolute readgasm That twist from the start Every one wanted to know what the hell happened to Lily and her claims And that WOAH ANOTHER CITY A WITCH WHAAATTHE SOLUTION WAS THERE Every thing was explained and Rowan I so hated him in the last book and now that I know who indeed suggest the plan of destroying Lily's stone and put her in a cage I am not so pissed at our handsome Head of Mechanics Sigh The turns and twists of events were perfect and the ending was a blastliterally I think Toshi is cute eheheheCAN'T WAIT TO read the next chef d'oeuvre of Josephine Rowan and LilyRIP to Tristan #1 kinda expected that he was still alive But I don't care readers will know why selfish asswell dead ass GOODBYE FIREWALKER

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Ust once again into a society different from anything they have ever seen Lily and her coven are determined to find answers―to find a new path to victory a way to defeat the monstrous Woven without resorting to nuclear weapons or becoming a tyrannical mass murderer like her alternate self Lillian B 4 stars for this witchin' series lol get it witchin'This series was just so much fun it was easy to read and captured my attention right off the bat And that ending was so EPIC AND PERFECT I'm still thinking about it weeks laterLet's start off with the characters shall we?LilyLily was uite the complex character She was fickle but headstrong stubborn and loyal but at the same time she was so confused even though she hid it well I felt like she was a well thought out character and Angelini did a great job fleshing her out completely But that doesn't mean I like Lily the whole time She made me pretty mad especially when it came to Rowan She so completely misunderstood him the entire time in this book while thinking Tristan was basically a saint when we found out it was kind of the opposite Although Rowan made his mistakes along the way and I can definitely understand Lily's wariness of him after he took her willstones from her and left her in a cage das pretty fucked up man probs not something u should do to ur gf But in the end Lily was a super strong female and got her shit together to save everyone not just her or her people but literally everyone possible and I really admire that selflessnessRowanUgh he is just a wonderful book boyfriend tbh But wow what the hell Rowan you almost lost me after the second book I was so disgusted with what he did to Lily by believing her to be like Lillian and trapping her without her willstones that was beyond fucked up and gave me some Tamlin vibes tbh But then he managed to redeem himself in this book and I started to believe in him again as the right person for Lily He was a very steady character and I really appreciate that especially when everyone else was basically flailing about trying to get their shit together for the inevitable war But wow can we just talk about how he took the fall for Tristan????? Like I couldn't believe it never saw it coming when the other Tristan showed Lily the memory of the agreement Rowan and Lily's Tristan came to That was some shit that Rowan was willing to let go of Lily and protect her from afar because she hated him while Tristan finally got her back even though he clearly never deserved her Tbh it made me really happy that Rowan was still the good guy in the end bc I didn't want him to turn out to be as bad as he seemedToshiHonestly I did not know what to think of Toshi at first Was he good? Was he bad? Was he hot? I would say the answer was yes to all three He definitely jumped back and forth between sides trying to figure out if Lily was the right one or if Grace was But he figures his shit out and I'm glad he did because he was a pretty instrumental character to this finale Also he was 64 years old????? Like what the actual fuck??? But also I hope I look like I'm in my early 20s when I'm actually 60 so that would be cool get on it science The CovenI don't mean to seem like I don't care about the coven as much bc I lumped them all together but honestly there's so many of them and I only care about a couple of them Breakfast was hilarious as always and I still love him but his lady as he calls her I found a little unnecessary and forgetful Then there was Lillian's Tristan which was an okay guy I wish he had been the one to die and not the real Tristan Then of course there's Caleb and I honestly hope he left Lily's coven after everything because he deserves to be free and not feel like he'll get controlled again Overall I love the coven and the idea of them all working for and with Lily is great because her support system was so important to have I just really love this series still It was so interesting and had such a uniue mix of fantasy and sci fi I really enjoyed everything from the characters to the plot to the writing style The plot was different than most things I've read and it held its own And omg that ending made my heart SO HAPPY It was very satisfying but still made me curious and craving which doesn't happen often with the finale of a series I hope Angelini writes because I will definitely read of her stuff

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Witch's PyreLily Proctor has come a long way from the weak sickly girl she used to be She has gained power as a witch and a leader found her way home chosen to face battle again and after losing her first love and being betrayed by her new love she has learned about loss and grief than she ever wanted to knowThr I mean wow This book was absolutely incredible and I'm so happy that I decided to pick up this series last month I absolutely adored getting to see Lily grow up and evolve over the course of this trilogy as well as the other characters From beginning to end this book kept me on my toes and there was so much that was explained and all my uestions were answered in a way that actually left me satisfied I am so sad that this series is over now it's been such an amazing journey UGHThe world building in this series is utterly fantastic and I cannot be impressed