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UnbelievableFour pretty little liars' charmed lives have turned into living nightmaresEmily's been shipped off to Iowa to live with her uberconservative. The end of this cycle of Pretty Little Liars although sadly the series is somehow continuedWe commence with a preuel rehashing absolutely every dull thing that happened before the disappearance of the infamous and appalling Alison and reminding us of Shepard’s obsession with Bratz dolls Then we’re back where we left off as all the characters gather in a hospital waiting room to hear whether Hanna has survived her cliff hanger car accident Emily is not present however as she has somehow managed to get onto a plane to Iowa whilst everyone else was distracted with this whole accident business Aria has attended but is less concerned with her friend’s potential death than with telling the police that another friend Spencer for ‘reasons’ mentioned in the previous book is probably the mystery killer Luckily Officer Wilden the only local policeman is fully aware of the details of every teenage girl in Rosewood’s love life from 3½ years ago and is also slightly less stupid than Aria so he is able to point out that none of the previous book made sense and Aria is wrong Clumsily forced prime suspect this book is Melissa Spencer’s sister We know this because Shepard suddenly starts inserting jarring references to people suspecting her although there is no particular reason to do so at this stage or indeed at allMeanwhile Hanna has some sort of near death experience vision thing that makes no sense and basically consists of the whole prologue written out again presumably for padding Aria’s teacher boyfriend loses his job due to his inappropriate sexual behaviour but thanks to the typically lacklustre Rosewood Police Department there are no legal ramifications and he is free to continue to molest young girls as he wishes He then immediately moves away in order to draw the storyline to a close leaving Aria with the romantic parting gift of a William Shakespeare bobblehead Three paragraphs later she has forgotten all about him and decided to take a course on “Mindless Art” for which she is obviously well fitted Elsewhere Emily’s trip to Iowa turns out to be a disappointment; although the phrase ‘American Gothic’ is used a few times in lieu of Shepard actually evoking it not a possibility with her limited skills it almost immediately turns out that Iowa is exactly the same as Rosewood but with less money and a backdrop the author admits to lifting from the lazy American remake of the Ring Ring 1 film Emily’s cousins all turn out to be obsessed with parties and sex and she immediately meets a sexy lesbian who fancies her Directly after this it turns out that Emily’s cousin is a bitch just like every other female in these books and Emily is sent straight back to Rosewood She has the misfortune of having to briefly come into contact with poor people on the way but mercifully makes it through the horror unscathed and returns to her parents who have forgotten that they are racist and homophobic This leaves her with no problems but she swiftly corrects that by deciding that she’s in love with Trista from Iowa instead of her girlfriend even though she only met Trista once and all they talked about was chocolateSpencer meanwhile is rewarded for trying to kill her sister with a luxury beach holiday She spends her time reminiscing with her sister about their childhood torture of ponies and planning a candlelit vigil glamorous social event for Hanna Aria’s brother

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Unbelievable Download Û 9 è Four pretty little liars' charmed lives have turned into living nightmaresEmily's been shipped off to Iowa to live with her uberconservative cousins Aria's boyfriend is behind bars because of her Spencer's afraid she was involved in Ali's murder But Hanna's fate is far worse She's clinging to life in the hospital because she knCousins Aria's boyfriend is behind bars because of her Spencer's afraid she was involved in Ali's murder But Hanna's fate is far worse She's. Actual rating 355 starsThis book was much better than the last two it was thrilling and kept me wondering what was going to happen next even though I basically knew because of the TV show The plot that this particular instalment is entered around was one of my favourite episodes so that was really enjoyable I also feel like towards the end of this book the characters started to become less annoying Hallelujah hahaGoing to take a break from this series now and start back up again later

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Clinging to life in the hospital because she knew too muchIf these girls don't start listening to me Hanna's going to look like the lucky one. There's a lot you can't tell about people looking in from the outsideAfter the explosive events of the last book a LOT is happening Emily has a one way ticket to Iowa Aria is still homeless waiting in the hospital with her ex friend Hanna as Hanna struggles in a coma And Spencer is shaken by what she did to her sister The girls just wait; will Hanna remember who A is Will they ever be free of A's gripI came roaring into this one straight off Book 3 I just had to find out what happened next after the events of Book 3 left me dangling And Book 4 did not disappoint; the end to this story arc is edge of your seat madnessThis review however is probably going to be extremely boring I don't want to give away TOO many spoilers so I can't go into much detail about what happens As for the conclusion for the big reveal of A and Ali's killerwell that DEFINITELY can't be revealedAlso a lot of the compliments I had for the previous book remain Characters are great writing is great pacing is great the story is interesting in that soap opera y over dramatic way and so on and so forth So instead of breaking down each and blathering on and on about them I'll just bring out the highlights of the final book to the story arcEach girl continues to be uniue to have her own problems and come to her own sometimes false conclusions Aria Spencer Hanna and Emily start to learn that maybe they need to try to work together and find out who A is The little tendrils of friendship from Aria in the waiting room of the hospital worried for her friend Hanna to Spencer helping Mona plan Hanna's vigil begin to show how these girls aren't so different how they could really be friends again if they tried It is when they work together that the mystery is revealed It is when they stop hiding things that their lives begin to go back to normalWhat I adored most was how each girl had some sort of satisfying resolution to her story From home life to new friendships to breaking down the walls between family each girl doesn't end the story as messed up as they beganHowever that doesn't mean they are 100% cured After the events of this book I want to know what happens to EmilyMaya after of course smacking Emily around for how she treated Maya I also am not sure if Hanna will be back together with the adorkable Lucas And there is the hint that a new A will be popping up thus why this series is longer than 4 booksI definitely have plans to continue this seriesonly I need a break Reading the first four Pretty Little Liars books nearly straight through is threatening to make me PLL'ed out So I'll take a break with a few other books before continuing my PLL marathonDialogueSexual SituationsViolenceThese books are surprisingly clean when it comes to language I've read some teen books where they drop the f bomb than adult books but no so with PLL There are a few b ches but that is as strong as they getHanna and Lucas make out; Emily goes to a party where the teenagers do a lot of exploring and grinding Mona hires hot males to carry Hanna to her party and to do all the servingThere is a scuffle at the end of the book with A that ends up in a death Also Ali's killer is revealedAs with the other books in the PLL series I would recommend this to mature teens 16