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Two for Texas Free read ☆ 100 ✓ This early James Lee Burke classic is available again—featuring Son Holland the great grandfather of beloved hero Billy Bob Holland as he flees a Louisiana prison camp with a Native American woman and a fellow prisoner in towJames Lee Burke steps back three generations to reveal the lightning paced tale of westernThis early James Lee Burke classic is available again featuring Son Holland the great grandfather of beloved hero Billy Bob Holland as he flees a Louisiana prison camp with a Native American woman and a fellow prisoner in towJames Lee Burke steps back three generations. Two for Texas takes us back to the days of the battle for the Alamo and the Texas revolution This is a period of history I've always been interested in and James Lee Burke tells a gritty powerful tale that certainly covers a lot of ground The story follows Son Holland and Hugh Allison as they escape prison in Louisianna Killing one of the French guards in the process Wanted and chased by the French their adventures embody deals with the Indians stealing horses from the Mexicans and evading capture culminating in the only chance of safety Joining the Texas Rangers of Sam Houston and the Texas revolution Son and Hugh's personnel battles were well told in James Lee Burkes expressive style and the second half of the story jumps in leaps and bounds past the Alamo right up to the decisive battle of San Jacinto and the capture of the Mexican general Santa Anna I enjoyed the history and the mention of key figures of the time such as Jim Bowie Davy Crockett and Sam Houston both the characters and the atmosphere were spot on but it deserved to be a longer piece The battle cry of 'remember the Alamo' and Sam Houston inspiring his men was also convincingly told The narration was by Tom Stechschulte who was absolutely perfect for this tale as he was for the first two of the Hackberry Holland trilogy In conclusion really enjoyed this and it deserved to be a much bigger pieceAlso posted at

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To reveal the lightning paced tale of western lawman Billy Bob Holland’s great grandfather a fugitive swept up in the proud fight for Texan independence Son Holland escaped a Louisiana chain gang but never intended to kill a prison guard during the breakaway Terrified. For a relatively short book Two for Texas covers a lot of ground It starts with an account of the grim reality of life in the Louisiana penal system in the early 1800’s and goes on to tell much of the history of the Texas Revolution As a huge fan of the author I have to say that this early piece does not have the raging power of his later books The first part of the story is though very well told as we follow Son Holland’s life in the penitentiary and his ultimate escape with a fellow prisoner through the assisted murder of a prison guard As the pair are chased into Texas they set out to track down General Houston’s Texas Rangers and enlist At this point the story evolves into a history of the key events and characters of the time Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett are both featured but here the characterisation is somewhat lost and the big events take over We follow Son as he witnesses the battle of the Alamo and takes part in the final battle of San Jacinto where Santa Anna’s forces are finally defeated All good stuff but I think I’d rather have followed Son’s personal journey through this second half of the bookIf like me you are not aware of the historical significance of the Revolution and where legendary events like the battle of the Alamo fit in then this will fill in some gaps But if you’re seeking out Burke’s best work then give this a miss and read anything he wrote from 1986 onwards; in fact start with Neon Rain and you’ll see what this brilliant author really has to offer

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Two for TexasFor his life on the run through the bayou with fellow escapee Hugh Allison and a beautiful Indian suaw Son flees across the river to Texas where the only chance the travelers have for survival awaits in a violent storm of revolution led by General Houston and James Bow. My Take I really wanted to like this book I really did but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't I didn't find any of the characters in the least bit likable and even though I didn't want to I kept comparing this book to Lonesome Dove by Larry MacMurtry which I loved The story is about two escaped convicts that get caught up in the fight with Santa Anna for the freedom on Texas The Alamo is mentioned although the two main characters didn't have anything to do with it Son Holland is the main character and seems to have alittle redeeming character than his fellow escapee Hugh He does seem to actually care about people whereas I got the feeling that Hugh sees people as a means to an end These two do have alot of adventures from the escaping prison to living with the Indians to fighting in the Texas Army against the Mexicans The Element that kept me listening to this book was Will Patton as the narrator He did an excellent job bringing these characters to life and I enjoyed listening to his various voices for the different characters I would definitely listen to another book that is narrated by Will Patton If you like westerns and don't mind the brutality that came often times with that life you may like this bookI received a review copy of this book from Simon and Schuster in exchange for my honest opinion