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ebook ✓ This Is How You Die å Ryan North Nse of irony in death You can know how it's going to happen but you'll still be surprised when it doesThis addictive anthology sinister witty existential and fascinating collects the best of the thousands of story submissions the editors received in the wake of the success of the first volume and exceeds the first in every wayLength 15 hrs and 38 mins Unabridged Audiobook Earlier this summer I tripped up on the book Machine of Death edited by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics short fiction writer Matthew Bennardo and David Malki of Wondermark The book is a massive collection of short stories centered around the same premise an invention that tells you how you will die Suddenly you get a bunch of different takes from a variety of authors on the topic and there really isn't a bad one in the batch For such a seemingly limiting topic there's not too much overlap and there's lot of humor to go along with the darker serious storiesI don't generally like short fiction as a rule but this had a lot going for it humor interesting social commentary and lots of death Recently the seuel This is How You Die came out and it's chock full of deathWhere Machine of Death succeeded is how well it struck a balance Every story felt like it could be a realistic take on what a society with a machine that predicts death would be like In the afterword of This is How You Die North talks about a bit of a struggle with editing the first volume and the results of those struggles come through somewhat with a second volume that is a little adventurous and a little less accessible as a resultThings I liked included the attempt to spread their wings on the concept a bit There's a Sherlock Holmes tale there's some alternate histories some futuristic scenarios it feels a lot like a genre piece than a concept piece There are also some great illustrations to go along with the first book and I might come right out and say that the illustrations in this one are much better than in the first book If I have a complaint it's that the conceit is far from played out but the story selection came across as if they needed to go into different directions with the concept I understand the fears of wanting to not act as if the second book was a collection of b sides or also rans but some of the stories fell flat less because they were bad stories but because they were stories with a tenuous relationship to the topic that almost felt shoehorned inMy complaints should not keep anyone away from this book or Machine of Death however They're both really solid pieces with stories of a good enough length where you can visit regularly and not get tired of anything and there are still a ton of gems in This is How You Die to be a great second volume and companion piece

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read This Is How You Die kindle ↠ Paperback ✓ If a machine could predict how you would die would you want to know This is the tantalizing premise of This Is How You Die the brilliant follow up anthology to the self published best seller Machine of DeathThe machines started popping up around the world The offer was tempting With a s If a machine could predict how you would die would you want to know This is the tantalizing premise of This Is How You Die the brilliant follow up anthology to the self published best seller Machine of DeathThe machines started popping up around the world The offer was tempting With a simple blood test anyone could know how they would die But the machines didn't give date Even better than the last collection of stories about the idea of a Machine Of Death which can tell you how you're going to die but not when or what its often opaue predictions actually mean All the writers interpret the idea differently and make up their own worlds around this central idea but this time out the interpretations have a lot range creativity playfulness surprises I did a full review for The AV Club not yet published so I won't go into huge detail here but I will say that some of these stories have really stuck with me Particularly the one about the creative death technician working for a supervillain and ensuring that all the super spies who break into the villain's island lair can be killed even if their Machine Of Death slips predict seemingly non violent ends Or the one about the singer in the technofuture who makes her living by composing flattering songs about what her patron's not very informative death slip might mean I'm often pretty dubious about anthologies which usually seem to come with a lot of dross but this one actually held meFull review here

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This Is How You DieS or specific circumstances just a single word or phrase DROWNED CANCER OLD AGE CHOKED ON A HANDFUL OF POPCORN And though the predictions were always accurate they were also often frustratingly vague OLD AGE it turned out could mean either dying of natural causes or being shot by an elderly bedridden man in a botched home invasion The machines held on to that old world se This book was than just stories in the Machine of Death world It was also the Machine of Death in fantasy worlds and science fiction worlds and all kinds of creative new worlds It was a lot of fun and a great followup to the first book As usual with anthologies here are my status updates at least one per story with some possible changes to what I wrote at the timeOld Age Surrounded by Loved Ones I think this was the first of these stories that revolved around this particular family based twist I thought the ending was pretty touchingRock and Roll I feel like this guy was mentioned in passing in the first anthology I liked the twistNatural Causes The MOD arrives in small town USA Nice twist in that the Machine was a fakeShiv Sena Riot A nice variation on the story that last time had a tech's log This time it's a call center woman in India Enjoying it so far Great juxtaposition of the Machine of Death vs the predictive arts in that part of India I loved the ending even if the title leads one to speculate on what happensZephyr Very different than anything in the other book Space Marines have figure out a parabolic curve of when you're most likely to die If you are far from it you have 0% chance of dying If in it you can die at any time I'm going to guess that perhaps they're lying to these soldiers and they don't all die on the 4th But I'll be happy to be proven wrongZephyr I was somewhat right in my prediction but the twist was still a really good oneDeath by beheading a tragic look at how kids often fail to see the conseuences of their actions when peer pressure is on the lineLazarus Fusion Reactor A great story told from the point of view of Supervillain Henchmen I would love to read in this universeDrowning Flying etc I guessed the multiverse twist right away Waiting to see if the ending has a further twist OK endingConflagration I like the idea of a psych office who's job it is to convince you that you don't actually want to know your results uite a different world from the kiosk death machine world What if you could somehow prevent mass scale deaths by changing the situation before people are born and therefore testedScreaming Crying alone A murder mystery in Zimbabwe Very nice and I didn't catch the killer earlyApitoxin A Steam Punk Machine of Death and Sherlock Holmes I love it A great argument for the cultural value of public domain charactersBlue Fever What seems like a fantasy steampunk world in which the King is entertained by songs of his death based on his death prediction Blue Fever Nice twist with the ueen's death Also good world building I'd read a novel in that worldTetrapod Ex Pats Americans in Japan teaching English Interesting setupMachine of Death A Sorority Party where people guess how someone dies based on the nondescript MOD slip Twist vice other party stories it's another dimension from the one we've been reading about In this one it just seems like a gameMonsters of the Deep or something like that Potentially someone is going crazywe'll see Continues to be a crazy nightmare fuel world The ending did not disappointBus Accident Seems like a variation on some of the stories in the last collection where certain deaths have to do to internment camps What made it different from other internment camp MOD stories was the focus on the developing world and the perfume statement the author was able to make Cancer lots of neat and unexpected twists for why a woman keeps getting different readings216 love the motherhood aspect and the mathematical mind aspect Whoa Did not see that ending comingBlunt Force from Spouse Super depressing story about spousal abuseMeat Eater Hilarious parody of a Homeland Security pamphlet to explain MOD testing to a 6 year oldTurned into Delicious Cheeseburger MehYour choice choose your own adventure awesomeIn battle alone and soon forgotten Interesting Tolkienesue world with a MOD Not a bad ending I was able to predict it like 80% through the storyLake Titicaca a fun story of kids who brave the machine to prove their bravadoIn Sleep Weird story that maybe takes place in a computerCecille Neat little story in which the lover is the killer but it doesn't seem to affect things too muchfrench title nice endingNot applicable crazy future MOD and time travelPeacefully crazy zombie apocalypse worldOld age incredibly sadFurnace A fun look at a world in which all the future knows about us is that we loved porn