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FREE DOWNLOAD ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Iain Banks Frank no ordinary sixteen year old lives with his father outside a remote Scottish village Their life is to say the least unconventional Frank's mother abandoned them years ago his elder brother Eric is confined to a psychiatric hospital; and his father measures out his eccentricities on an imperial scale Frank ha. ”Of course I know how small a piece of land my island is; I’m not a fool I know the size of the planet and just how minuscule is that part of it I know I’ve watched too much television and seen too many nature and travel programmes not to appreciate how limited my own knowledge is in terms of first hand experience of other places; but I don’t want to go farther afield I don’t need to travel or see foreign climes or know different people I know who I am and I know my limitation I restrict my horizons for my own good reasons; fear oh yes I admit it and a need for reassurance and safety in a world which just so happened to treat me very cruelly at an age before I had any real chance of affecting it” Frank is sixteen years old and lives with his father on an island near a small village in Scotland His father is eccentric but Frank is something uite different Before I go any further I should mention that you should start thinking of Frank as uite mad You can even think of him as a psychopathsociopath or whatever term you like to use I prefer bat shit crazy It is not a technical term but it tends to raise the proper red flags in people’s minds I don’t know how to put this in any kind of delicate fashion You might take a sip of your coffee or tea that you hopefully have at your elbow because you might feel a sudden dryness of the mouthFrank has done something that most people never do in their lifetimes In fact he has done it three times He has killed people Let me ualify that he has killed children He has not killed them for the standard reasons like he needed to keep them uiet because he abused them or that he was jealous of them or that he hated them passionately He didn’t really need a reason Don’t worry you’d probably be perfectly safe uaffing down a beer with Frank or hanging out and watching TV with him becausein his own words”It was just a stage I was going through”Frank is king of his island He has put in his own defense perimeter against encroachment He wages war on rabbits and wasps He has created his own religion He has one friend a dwarf named Jamie who sits on his shoulders when he is drinking beer in the local pub He has an older brother whom he misses and worries about I know this is going to come as a shock but his brother is incarcerated with the mentally ill Yep it runs in the family His father in his hippy anarchist days never registered Frank with the government so he can’t even prove he is alive If there were a crack in the earth he’d be in it If there were a hole in a tree he’d be in it If there were a place in anyone’s heart for him he’d be in it If he keeps his world small enough he becomes a GodThis is Iain Banks’ first novel and some refer to this as a minor masterpiece I’m not sure about the designation of major or minor masterpiece when describing a novel A book is either a masterpiece or not Maybe it is a hedge because this is a fine piece of Gothic Horror Genre fiction always makes reviewers suirm a little bit when it comes to using such expansive language as masterpiece This novel creates an unease in the reader but at the same time the writing compels you to go onward and forward until you hit the tangled web of the first twist only to extract yourself just in time to get gobsmacked by the second twist I purchased this book at Armchair Books in Edinburgh Scotland The store was jammed to the rafters with books It was not surprising that they had a good shelf and a half of Iain Banks’ novels as they should After all he is Scottish born and bred My friend Tiffany McDaniel who recently released her brilliantly compelling first novel The Summer that Melted Everything suggested that if I needed something to read while in Scotland to pick up The Wasp Factory She knows how much I love Poe and Stevenson and all those Gothic macabre elements of novels where nothing is uite as it seems and the reveals are like silent screams that curl my toes and put a shiver up my spineBanks knows how to set the atmosphere of a novel ”The house was dark I stood looking at it in the darkness just aware of its bulk in the feeble light of a broken moon and I thought it looked even bigger than it really was like a stone giant’s head a huge moonlit skull full of shapes and memories staring out to sea and attached to a vast powerful body buried in the rock and sand beneath ready to shrug itself free and disinter itself on some unknowable command or cueThe house stared out to sea out to the night and I went into it”Unfortunately Iain Banks died too young at age 59 but his books will be read for generations and maybe this one will be read even 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REVIEW The Wasp Factory · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Frank no ordinary sixteen year old lives with his father outside a remote Scottish village Their life is to say the least unconventional Frank's mother abandoned them years ago his elder brother Eric is confined to a psychiatric hospital; and his father measures out his eccentriciti S turned to strange acts of violence to vent his frustrations In the bizarre daily rituals there is some solace But when news comes of Eric's escape from the hospital Frank has to prepare the ground for his brother's inevitable return an event that explodes the mysteries of the past and changes Frank utterly The W. What if what if Holden Caulfield was born on a remote Scottish Island into a disfunctional family with a former anarchist for a father and a flower power mother who ran away soon after he was born Banks envisioned his angsty teenager character as a sort of alien living on a deserted planet a translation of one of his science fiction ideas The object of the study is sanity and ethics when the individual is removed from the ordinary social interactions most of us take for granted I was never registered I have no birth certificate no National Insurance number nothing to say I'm alive or have ever existed Francis Cauldhame is a monster a sort of teenage Hannibal Lecter He is also the narrator of this deranged fairytale casually mentioning to the reader that he became a serial killer before his tenth anniversary but he is better now he only kills rabbits rats gulls and other unfortunate small critters that visit his windblown island on the East coast of Scotland He has a hobby for making totems decorated with the skulls of his kills for building dams out of sand and then blowing them to create floods and for burning dead wasps on altars build from dead dog skulls His favorite toys are catapults with steel balls improvised flamethrowers air guns and pipe bombs that he builds in his toolshed from fertilizer and acids I had a hard time finding redeeming ualities in our boy Frank I can't even call him an unreliable narrator because he is unrepentant and actually proud of his past deeds His callousness and lack of remorse made me feel unclean reading about his actions and tainted other aspects of the story like Frank's obvious intelligence and his dark sense of humour The fact that I kept reading at all is due to the talent of Mr Banks who sneakily introduces several mysteries into what at first glance is a clear cut case of psychopatic behaviour genetic disorder everybody in the Cauldhame family seems to have some sort of psychological baggage father a recluse with a sick sense of humour and a cellar filled with army grade plastic explosive mother a runaway 'free love' relic of the sixties uncles and aunts suicidal in bizarre circumstances older brother interned in mental hospital after setting dogs on fire and feeding worms to strange children view spoiler three other siblings and childhood friends killed in horrendous circumstances by Frank hide spoiler

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The Wasp FactoryAsp Factory is a work of horrifying compulsion horrifying because it enters a mind whose realities are not our own whose values of life and death are alien to our society; compulsive because the humour and compassion of that mind reach out to us all A novel of extraordinary originality imagination and comic feroci. 3 I completely get if you rated it 1 2 3 4 or even 5 stars For the first time ever in the history of my reading life I would understand completely any rating for this book I thought long and hard and for me it was a strong three star that could have been a four star but wasn't for a number of factors First of all the writing is terrific Vivid and robust and hyper masculine prose with dialogue and thought patterns that zing and sing I was able to see in my mind's eye what was occurring in the exterior landscape as well as in the protagonist's consciousness The material was fairly original and very clever The protagonist has been described as a teenage psychopath which I think is too simplistic and I think this is a very accurate portrayal of teenager who because of trauma isolation and benign neglect has developed a very complex schizotypal personality disorder whereas his brother has a very severe case of paranoid schizophrenia Whoa Jaidee you make this sound like a four star read at least Why the three Well for a number of reasons 1 there is just too much animal crueltyat times it appears gratuitous rather than allegorical2 the last ten percent was a complete and ridiculous sell out to me with a dumb and I mean dumb shocker as well as the last few pages were a very limp psychological explanation of why the protagonist behaved as he did3 I cannot believe reason two happenedreally I can't and in some ways makes me want to give the book 2 stars butI know this would be completely unfair and so I am going to stick to 3 strong starsI am very glad I read this book for the vivid brilliance but also am very sore at the author for the ending which was just oh so lame