The Warriors ueen (Border #6) review ↠ 9

review The Warriors Queen (Border, #6)

The Warriors Queen (Border, #6) review ↠ 9 Ú A stolen kiss A forced marriage Can a Scottish chief and English lady learn to love each other The WarriorAfter two rejected proposals Graeme de Sowlis has no interest in marriage The Scottish clan chief would much rather preserve his heart and focus on promoting peace along the increasingly Cepts an invitation to a May Day celebration at Kenshire Castle in England When he’s caught in a stolen kiss with the May Day ueen his integrity reuires that he marry her The ueenGillian Bowman is so eager to please her father she’s agreed to marry the ancient Earl of Covington to save the family manor Though she has every intention of doing j. This series just keeps getting better and I am SO hooked on it Graeme and Gillian's story was everything I like in a Scottish romance I loved how respectful Graeme was of Gillian despite their circumstances This felt a bit like an old fashioned romance but with some steamy stuff as an added bonus and I loved every single page of itI'm already excited for the next story in the Border Series It can't come out soon enoughI received a complimentary ARC of this story in order to read and provide a voluntary unbiased and honest review should I choose to do so

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A stolen kiss A forced marriage Can a Scottish chief and English lady learn to love each other The WarriorAfter two rejected proposals Graeme de Sowlis has no interest in marriage The Scottish clan chief would much rather preserve his heart and focus on promoting peace along the increasingly contentious border His best laid plans change when he ac. The Warrior's ueen is the 6th book in the Border series by Cecelia Mecca Although there is mention of characters from the other books in this series you can still easily read this as a standalone book Personally I am glad that I had read the previous books because it was lovely to catch up with how the other couplescharacters have been getting onGraeme de Sowlis is a Scottish clan chief He isn't interested in marriage after wanting to marry two women who ended up choosing to marry somebody else He puts all his focus into keeping the peace between the English and Scottish living either side of the border Recently there has been a lot of raids performed by the English including one where a woman died Graeme is determined to put a stop to them but has to find a way to do it where he doesn't end up breaking the fragile truce between the countriesGillian Bowman an English woman is being forced into a marriage by her father who needs her to marry in order to gain the money he needs to pay off his debts and keep the family estate He doesn't want to use her as such but he has no choice Gillian being a dutiful daughter will go along with his plan but isn't at all happy about it Graeme meets Gillian when he attends a May Day celebration at Kenshire Castle in England where Gillian lives Her first sight of him is a shock because she catches him pleasuring a woman in the gardens She can't look away and he catches her watching She can't keep what she saw out of her mind and while walking in the garden later on remembering what happened she meets Graeme This time on his own There is an instant attraction between them and it isn't long until they are sharing a passionate kiss Unfortunately they are caught and Graeme being a gentleman offers to marry her Gillian's father is fuming because his plans to marry her off to the old yet rich Earl have fallen by the wayside Gillian although not wanting to marry anybody without being in love at least acknowledges that she will be much happier with Graeme so doesn't resist his proposal at allWhat follows is the trials and tribulations the couple face in their new marriage They definitely have a healthy lust for each other but Gillian wants could she find love with her husband What of the truce between the Scottish and the English can it be kept when it seems some are determined to bring the truce down What of her father and the family home will he end up losing it and if so how will he cope with the loss There was definitely a lot going on with this story and every part of it was both exciting and in parts worrying There was also a time when I just wanted to jump into the book and knock Gillian and Graeme's heads together to knock sense into them They have such strong feelings for each other but won't even admit it to themselves let alone to each other Do they get their happy ever after will peace reign along the borders You will have to read the book to find out I promise you won't be disappointed I enjoyed every moment of this story as I have every book in the seriesI voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers' copy of this book

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The Warriors Queen Border #6Ust that curiosity drives her into the arms of a handsome Scottish chief When they’re caught and forced to marry she’s horrified The Earl of Covington has the ability to ruin her family and her new husband seems reluctant to open up to her outside of the bedroom Can love bloom from such humble beginningsRead an extended excerpt cmeccalinkinsid. Cecelia Mecca continues to set the bar high on historical romance with her vivid character and historical descriptions Be still my heart Readers of this series have been waiting for the story of Graeme de Sowlis who in previous stories has been disappointed by two ladies who chose other men With his confidence level low he is determined not to fall in love and get hurt again He has focused on being a worthy laid for his clan and promoting peace in the borders between Scotland and England While visiting Kenshire Castle in England for the May Day celebration he spies Gillian Bowman who has been made ueen of the day One thing leads to another and he is caught kissing Gillian in an unexpected encounter Being the honorable person he is he is determined to marry her A handsome Scottish warrior and a beautiful young woman What could be so badGillian has agreed to marry the Earl of Covington a rich elderly man to please her father and help save their home When she is caught with Graeme she is mortified but has no choice but to marry him This is were the story begins to tug at your heart Can Graeme let go of past hurts and give his heart to Gillian Can she trust him to be honest and help with her family while not breaking her heart There were so many emotions and wonderful secondary characters that played important parts in this tale I loved watching the story unfold as Graeme fought to stay distant from Gillian and not fall in love with her They were so right for each other and passionate in their desires With each story I have read in this series I think it is the best one But I loved this story and could not put it down Yes I stayed up until 300 in the morning This entire series is on my to be read again shelf and I cannot wait for the next installment