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The Trespasser Doc ò ✓ Jennifer spredemann ✓ Single mother Kayla Johnson embarks on a journey to Pennsylvania in search of her daughter's biological family But when a storm forces them to turn in to an abandoned home in a small Amish community Kayla must come to terms with her past disappointments and her distrust inNds shelter in the Yoders' house Silas allows her to stay temporarily Then Silas learns a secret that will not only rock his world but challenge life as he knows it Will he listen to God's still small voice even if he's asked to give up his dream This was an excellent example of God's love for His people regardless of their past He loves and watches for themThe characters Kayla and Bailey Johnson are mother and little daughter who find themselves in a raging storm in Indiana as they travel to Pennsylvania Looking for a place to stop and rest from the elements brings them to an empty Amish house The door is unlocked and in their desperation they enter and decide to spend the night All is well until Amish caretaker Silas comes to check on the property during the storm The storyline was really engaging I absolutely loved it I wanted the book to go on and on yet at the same time I wanted to find out what happens so wasn't able to stop till I had finished reading itThe Christian values that are written into the book are heartwarming and shared real life experiences that could happen to anyone This story of second chances was a great example of growth repentance and moving on past sorrows and trials I received an ebook copy of this book from the author All thoughts are my own

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Single mother Kayla Johnson embarks on a journey to Pennsylvania in search of her daughter's biological family But when a storm forces them to turn in to an abandoned home in a small Amish community Kayla must come to terms with her past disappoi “She didn’t understand that Der Herr was the one who healed broken hearts not the one who broke them”The Trespasser is a heartrending story of God’s amazing love for each one despite their view of Him before they accept His forgiveness and love Kayla and Bailey were lost in a storm with no intentions of remaining when they found shelter in an empty Amish home The shock Silas received when he checked on Minister Yoder’s property may be directed by God than coincidental as he sought God for guidance This story is filled with love pain devotion heartache faith and strong determination to follow God’s leading even when challenges were presented to Silas Kayla and Silas had a connection once Kayla shared her secret but could she find peace and love when God seemed to have abandoned her with no family left except her fun loving daughter Bailey? Spredemann intertwined different Amish communities Ordnung and practices along with the Gospel message into this spellbinding story I was drawn in from the beginning and didn’t stop reading till the end I would like to see a continuation of these characters in future books as there was an unexpected turn of events I received an ARC e book from the author and was under no obligation to post a positive review I have expressed my own thoughts for this captivating story

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The TrespasserNtments and her distrust in God Amish widower Silas Miller has always dreamed of owning his own property So when Minister Yoder vacates his home and moves out of state Silas is thrilled to be caretaker for the Yoder homestead When a trespasser fi The Trespasser is a truly inspiring story written by Jennifer Spredemann in her new series Amish Country Brides With this being the lead off story to open the series the author has done an amazing job not only developing just the right collection of characters but also writing a story that will leave the reader wanting The storyline moves along at a great pace and will keep your interest until the end of the story The characters are warm loving and devoted to GodKayla Johnson and her daughter Bailey are on a road trip to Pennsylvania when a torrential downpour starts making driving difficult Seeking directions and shelter from the storm Kayla finds herself at an unoccupied house When caretaker of the house Silas Miller arrives he discovers that someone is in the house Which one was shocked remains to be seen This starts a truly endearing story as Kayla reveals who she is Silas is absolutely certain that Der Herr is leading him on his chosen path but it is not one without difficulties This amazing story is full of forgiveness love and faith as well as a plot twist toward the end I enjoyed all the references to scripture throughout the story The author has written another intriguing and inspirational storyI did accept an arc ebook from this author to read in advance of the release I was not approached by anyone to post a favorable response just an honest one I have rated this story with five stars for meeting my expectations an amazing story that I can highly recommend to othersCongratulations to Jennifer Spredemann on writing a truly inspirational book involving the Amish for all readers enjoyment This book is a positive start to another enjoyable series