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The Storm Keeper's Island Epub ´ 304 pages ☆ Catherine doyle ☆ When Fionn Boyle sets foot on Arran Island it begins to stir beneath his feet Once in a generation Arran Island chooses a new Storm Keeper to wield its power and keep its magic safe from enemies The time has come for Fionn's grandfather a secreRound someone has been waiting for Fionn As the battle to become the island's next champion rages a sinister magic is waking up intent on rekindling an ancient war I was so moved with the wonder and magic of the relationship that 11 yr old Fionn has with the Grandfather he has never met Having been sent to live on Arran with his older teenage sister Fionn misses his mother back in Dublin even though she isn't always really there Nearing the anniversary of the death of his father his mother has had to go away to be made better The Island seems to speak to Fionn and what follows is a lot of information he thinks his sister surely should have told him Like the flowers and birds being there then not there oh and the island is magic His grandfather on his father's side seems to have a grand sense of humour but behind his eyes the sea seems to dance How does he make the candles that seem to swirl containing the memory of storms themselves There is a wonderful nod to an actual lifeboat incident that happened near the Arran Isles that comes alive and obviously had a strong impact on the author The whole book melts into you with magic and love This is a wonderful story of family friendship and what Fionn will do to be true to himself Also about family members losing themselves to grief and to memory loss how to help them find their way back It was a such a magical story of the relationship we have with our grandparents the twinkle of mischief and adventure they get in their eyes when we visit and the memories we make with them are forever they will always be with us in our hearts Malachie Boyle will go down as one of the best grandfather characters I have ever read and I'm sure there is to find out about this family and their past

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Eep its magic safe from enemies The time has come for Fionn's grandfather a secretive and eccentric old man to step down Soon a new Keeper will riseBut deep underg The Stormkeeper's Island follows young Fionn as he travels to the island of Arran with his sister Tara to stay with their grandfather Little does Fionn know just how magical and full of secrets the island of Arran is and most of all the dangers stirring within it This is a stunning beautiful book and a great addition to the many MG titles already out there Catherine's writing really draws you in and transports you to the island of Arran I felt as if I were truly there smelling the salt on the sea feeling the spray thanks to the amazing craft and worldbuilding its so vivid and I'm sure this will be a hit with many readers young and old I loved Fionn and his grandfather the dynamic between himself and Tara the significance of the candles how beautifully each one was described The Stormkeeper's Island oozes magic and mystery and this breathtaking portrayal of Ireland is full of both courage and heart

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The Storm Keeper's IslandWhen Fionn Boyle sets foot on Arran Island it begins to stir beneath his feet Once in a generation Arran Island chooses a new Storm Keeper to wield its power and k I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review What a wonderful story The Storm Keeper’s Island follows Fionn sent to the island of Arran with his sister Tara when his mother becomes too ill to care for him into the care of his grandfather Fionn’s grandfather is the Storm Keeper of Arran The maker of storms and wielder of elemental magic that protects against the darkness of ancient sorcery With Fionn’s arrival this darkness starts to awaken leading Fionn to face his fears and protect the people he loves the most The characters are so full of life and vigour and really help to propel the story forward by making you care about them Fionn and Tara have a typical sibling relationship full of bickering and fighting that’s only heightened by Tara’s teenage love for Fionn’s island enemy Bartley It’s obvious they love each other however and the sibling bond comes into full effect as the story progresses I would have liked to have seen of Tara She’s uite the enigmatic teenager who spends most of her time either in her room or roaming the island with Bartley and I felt she had a lot of potential that wasn’t fully explored as she comes across as uite a resilient and tough character It was the relationship between Fionn and his grandfather that really stood out for me It’s a relationship full of joy and a love for each other that’s also tinged with sadness and sentimentality as it develops It’s a passing of knowledge and stories about the island and their family from a master to the apprentice told with a sprinkling of magic and mystery Add to this Fionn’s desperate longing to hear stories about his father a man who died a hero before he was born and you get a real sense of love between these characters Fionn’s desire to see his father Cormac is built upon to create a wonderful bittersweet moment that is both subtle and elegantly done to such an extent that it took me by surprise yet was also so obviously meant to happen The writing really is outstanding The secondary characters we meet throughout the story help support and encourage a feeling of community spirit amongst the islanders You get the feeling that everyone of the island has a strong familial connection to the area and will do anything to protect it and their ancient traditions Any outsider would have a hard time integrating into the island life without a host of eyes casting suspicious glances The island itself could also be said to be a character in its own right Descriptions are vivid and really big to mind a feral and wild environment that’s filled with hidden beauty It has a personality all of its own that welcomes and calls to Fionn and his desire to be free from his familial responsibilities The descriptions of the weather also add to this overall atmospheric feel and allow the reader to become deeply involved in the island I was desperate to smell the sea air and feel the gusty wind on my back as I stood at the port with Fionn It’s also so distinctly and passionately Irish and I love that The plot is full of mystery and magic It’s well paced and the world building is well explored and explained properly It’s simple to the point yet also compelling and believable while retaining a uniueness about it The writing carries you through the story as if told by an old friend or relative with a hint of folktale about it You could almost imagine it being told over a fire like tales of the past My only niggle was the ending There’s a certain degree of unfinished business that sets the story up for a follow up however I can forgive this given the wonderful story I’m excited for the next novel and would honestly encourage anyone who loves a story steeped in magic and familial love to read this