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review The Kiss A Memoir ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free õ We meet at airports We meet in cities where we've never been before We meet where no one will recognize us A man of God is how someone described my father to me I don 't remember who Not my mother I'm young enough that I take the words to mean he has magical properEr draws my face toward his own He touches his lips to mine I stiffen I am frightened by the kiss I know it wrong and its wrongness is what lets me know too that it is a secre. Kinda creepy to craft your own shame into MFA style writingLike the kiss is the first tongue kiss her dad gives her which becomes a neat poetic catalyst and central event brought throughout the narrative Rather than a thing that makes you go EWWWWWWWWW EWWWWWW EWWWW right I found an example uote ''In years to come I'll think of the kiss as a kind of transforming sting like that of a scorpion a narcotic that spreads from my mouth to my brain The kiss is the point at which I begin slowly inexorably to fall asleep to surrender volition to become paralyzed It's the drug my father administers in order that he might consume me That I might desire to be consumed''It's just not the time or place for well crafted aloof sentences of pontification Even creepier that it's some chosen turning point or denouement Like what did that shortlist look likeSimilarly she rambled a bit about touching baby kittens before they were ready to be touched and they get their eyes infected and she's milked this one moment because no lady's memoir is complete without a bit of random symbolic animal torture Isn't there a bit in Cheryl Strayed's memoir about shooting a horse I skipped it because I could feel how much it was trying to make me cry Is that what they teach them at the Iowa Writer's Workshop Hey Kath loved this first draft but did you ever hurt a small animal in your youth You could really make this chapter popSo as I say the creepiest thing about this book is how it's been constructed

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Ber who Not my mother I'm young enough that I take the words to mean he has magical properties and that he is good better than other people With his hand under my chin my fath. Kathryn Harrison was a pretty big deal in the 1990s At the time she’d written three literary novels Of these three one was about a sexual relationship between a father and his grown biological daughter Another was about a woman whose father a famous photographer had taken inappropriate photos of his daughter as a child and then put them on display for everyone to see With her fourth book The Kiss Kathryn Harrison finally wrote what she’d apparently been trying to write all along—a memoir about her own sexual relationship with her till then estranged biological father which occurred when she was 20 and he was around 40I had read Harrison’s second novel Exposure in the early 1990s and didn’t think much of it at the time although in retrospect I may just not have been sophisticated enough to appreciate it I bought The Kiss because of all the understandable attention it got when it was published but I left it on the shelf for years because honestly who wants to read about such thingsI don’t know what drew me to this now but frankly I started this book expecting to feel nothing but my own sense of superiority No matter how bad my life gets at least I will never do something this bad this crazy And of course that’s still true But this brief book with its beautiful appropriately overwrought prose made me understand why Kathryn Harrison’s life took this turn If you’ve always felt out of place in your own family and then someone suddenly turns up who finally makes you feel like you belong somewhere what might you be willing to do to hold on to that feeling Most of us wouldn’t give the same answer as the 20 year old Harrison but we can at least understand the uestion With The Kiss I felt that I was living this period in Harrison’s life along with her and I couldn’t help but admire her bravery at admitting to this one of the most difficult things a person could ever admit to in their lifetimeA few reviewers here on Goodreads seem to be invested in pointing out that Harrison consented to her relationship with her father and therefore is not really a victim I find this line of thinking beside the point It’s true she didn’t have to do what she did but that doesn’t mean she can’t regret it It doesn’t mean she can’t look back on one of the most confused desperate times in her life and try to figure out what happened and why Harrison’s own complicity is part of what gives the book its powerIn the end though this is as much a book about Harrison’s relationship with her mother as it is about her relationship with her father and the scenes with her mother provide some of the most moving and indelible passages Her father remains something of a shadow figure and that’s only appropriate given the darkness he left in his wake

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The Kiss A MemoirWe meet at airports We meet in cities where we've never been before We meet where no one will recognize us A man of God is how someone described my father to me I don 't remem. Update This book was brought to my attention this morning Have others read it This is a book I'd re read again today I always wondered why I never saw great novels from this author The way she wrote this book I was hanging onto every word This is an older book I still remember it clearly I still own it It's one of those books that you can't put down yet when you are finished you're not sure what the hell you should tell others Not the type of book I like to 'rate''It's very well written extremely engaging I also think it's a test to the reader to see if their own judgments of the content will get in the way of 'really' just 'hearing the story the author has to tell Thought Provoking to say the least