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FREE READER õ DOC The False Prince ´ 9780545284141 Û NATURALTREATMENT Ô In this first book in a remarkable trilogy an orphan is forced into a twisted game with deadly stakesChoose to lieor choose to dieIn a discontent kingdom civil war is brewing To unify the divided people Conner a noblemaPhanage to Conner's sumptuous palace layer upon layer of treachery and deceit unfold until finally a truth is revealed that in the end may very well prove dangerous than all of the lies taken togetherAn extraordinary adventure filled with danger and action lies and deadly truths that will have readers clinging to the edge of their sea 35 stars Fourteen year old Sage is involuntarily hauled out of a rough orphanage by Bevin Conner nobleman in their kingdom of Carthya as part of Conner's secret and treasonous plan though ostensibly and debatably he has the ultimate good of the kingdom at heart train a group of four very soon three orphans with the skills they would have as young nobleman and pick the best one to impersonate the king's younger son Jaron who was lost at sea four years earlier at the age of ten Once his choice is installed in the royal family Conner will be able to control the kingdom through this boy The group embarks on an intense two week period of tutoring and training with a constant life and death battle between the boys to win since they suspect with very good reason that the losers will be killed to protect the secrecy of the plan But Sage can't resist rebelling against Conner in both small and large ways The False Prince is generally well written for a YA book and kept my interest but I was irritated by several details Sage's constant mouthing off I get enough teenage lip IRL I don't need to read a book full of it insufficient world building It seemed like it was a general European ish 18th or 19th century ish kingdom There was no magic that I recall so I'm not sure why the author created make believe countries without bothering to flesh them out Two weeks is all that Conner takes to turn three rag tag orphans into literate knowledgeable sword wielding horse riding princes Not a chance You'd need six months maybe a year at least Shannon Hale's Princess Academy got this detail much better Very spoilerish reason here view spoilerWhat king supposedly a loving father would have his 10 year old son spend several years fending for himself in an inadeuate hostile orphanage with almost no supervision or protection He would send him to some trusted friend he MUST have had at least one trusted friend preferably outside of the country where he could grow up safe and cared for hide spoiler

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In this first book in a remarkable trilogy an orphan is forced into a twisted game with deadly stakesChoose to lieor choose to dieIn a discontent kingdom civil war is brewing To unify the divided people Conner a nobleman of the court devises a cunning plan to find an impersonator of the king's long lost son and install him as a puppet The False Prince is THAT book I stayed up way too late in order to finish itand I'm seriously considering throwing all notion of a sleep schedule out the window and rereading the whole book right now Originally posted at Small ReviewI call dibs on Sage seriously ladies—don't underestimate me 'cause I'm small I'll fight dirtyI knew this was going to be a Special Shelf book as soon as I heard Sage's voice narrating Really the story could have been downright awful it isn't and I still would have Special Shelved The False Prince on the strength of his voice alone Sage embodies the personality of my number one most coveted male character type ever yes even over alpha men The swoon is near uncontrollable Luckily I was saved from being a total creeper lusting after a fifteen year old because Sage's voice makes it very easy to imagine him as a completely adult 20 something Sage is one of those characters who has Sherlock Holmes Superpowers of Observation and Fantasticness Which is to say he's always about ten steps ahead of everyone can deduce master plans from a discarded gum wrapper and pulls it all off with the type of suave demeanor that never fails to make my knees wobble Plus he's an underdog with attitude and I have a massive weakness for hot underdogs with swaggering attitude Sage never seems to be able to resist needling those who lord over him even if it means he'll get a bruise for his uip He also lies like a pro so that combined with his stealth and sneakiness make him the type of character that makes a great thief or conman Basically think Han Solo plus Sherlock Holmes' brains plus extra hotness and a smidgen of vulnerability and you've pretty much got Sage Slow burn pacing As much as I love fast paced books my favorite kinds of books actually have a slow burn pace NOT to be confused with a sloooow pace which is chock full of a lot of boring filler In a slow burn pace plot details come together like a puzzle with intrigue building steadily and keeping me on my toes throughout the whole book Like a slow burn romance slow burn pacing strings me along with delicious little morsels and makes me beg for and The majority of The False Prince takes place in Conner's castle the noble with The Plan as he trains the boys and maliciously toys with their emotions because you see only the guy that's picked to impersonate the prince gets to live Backstabbing literally and shaky alliances abound amid secrets lies and a truth you may or may not see coming but is so astoundingly great that surprise level doesn't even matter I did guess the broad strokes early on but the details were a surprise that darn near broke my heart This is the first book in a series and it's very clear by the end of the book that there's a lot to come in this story Thankfully there isn't a dangling by your fingertips cliffhanger but it is very much like the end of The Fellowship of the Ring the movie where the first part of the uest is finished the whole fellowship is broken Frodo is poised to just walk into Mordor and Aragorn is as hot as ever So yeah I'm satisfied with everything I got and I can wait without suffering a heart attack because I know Sage is ok but BIG STUFF is coming and I cannot wait to be a part of it I can't NOT mention the romanceThe plot isn't the only thing set on slow burn Yes that's right Slow burn romance But really it's very slow burn because not much happens in this first book outside of lots of scenes with delicious tension There's even a touch of well it's not uite hate turned love but there's a little combativeness there and she isn't exactly falling all over herself to be with him and no she isn't insane or blind if you can believe it Really though I'm not complaining at all I'm firmly on the side that thinks it's much better to have the romance come together later on in the series Bottom lineI reallyI can'tI just I'm so unbelievably in love with The False Prince I don't even have the words to describe it I'm so busy right now with packing and trying to get everything together to move in a few weeks but I was very irresponsible because I pushed everything aside including sleep AND food just so I could devour this bookAnd then I went through serious mourning when I finished because of course there aren't any other books in the series yet and all of my other Special Shelf books are packed away So I went back and reread all of my favorite scenes in The False Prince And then all the other scenes And then I read my favorite scenes again And then I tried to read other books on my TBR but they're just not The False Prince and I think I'm going to cry I'm so desperate for Or to put it in food terms if I were given the choice between reading this book or attending an unlimited pastry banuet filled with every delectable treat imaginable I would choose The False Prince—HANDS DOWN I can think of no higher praise than that 5 Stars Special ShelfExplanation of rating system Star Rating Key Originally posted at Small ReviewWhat did I think of the seuel The Runaway King

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The False PrincePrince Four orphans are recruited to compete for the role including a defiant boy named Sage Sage knows that Conner's motives are than uestionable yet his life balances on a sword's point he must be chosen to play the prince or he will certainly be killed But Sage's rivals have their own agendas as wellAs Sage moves from a rundown or Now I remember why I gave this book 5 stars and it had me hooked just like the first time I love this series so much Listen this book is so good it got my brother who HATES to read to freaking readI was going into my room and my brother was sitting on the bed reading this book and I was screaming for ten minutes straight And my mom was standing there with her jaw dropped Listen this book is really good It got someone who hates to read into reading It made me want to reread this book And I rated it 5 stars So listenYou should read it