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The Bridge mobi ç Ã naturaltreatment ☆ A darkly brilliant novel of self discovery the cutting edge of experimental fiction It leads from nowhere to nowhere the mysterious world spanning structure on which everyone seems to live Rescued from the sea devoid of personality or memory all John Orr knows is the Bridge his persistent dreaOrr knows is the Bridge his persistent dreams of war and his desire for Chief Engineer Arrol's provocative daughter Abberlai Hypnagogic mesmerising hallucinatory the melding of the real with the vanished the imaginary the may never have been A bridge becomes the whole architectonic world of a mind and vice versa As experiment in stretching a formal conceit to an aesthetic project Bank's saran wrap of metal over narrative succeeds grandlyIn the Bridge the usual Banksian tropes plonk into Being the reuisite names which suggest familiarity but which maintain an air of oddity serve only to estrange to make the uasi real unreal; the preoccupation with war as fundus of the human heart at root of all Sappy love stories between people Modern day Scotland Amenesia as conventient vehicle to knit together and explain all the above Tightly written or should I say welded this is probably the Best non M Banks that Banks has done For all its head in the clouds freewheeling the book doesn't lose its feet the book is firmly undergirt by the monolithic structure of the bridge indeed dominated in fact by it and Bank's artistic enterprise succeeds because of it Compelling and fun

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A darkly brilliant novel of self discovery the cutting edge of experimental fiction It leads from nowhere to nowhere the myst This review contains a mild spoiler I don't know if you can call it a spoiler because the book description as well as the Publishers Weekly review both give it away I think that's a crying shame although it's not really a spoiler that would take a lot of brain cells to figure out on your own Anyway I wouldn't mention it in my review if it weren't a key reason why I disliked the novel Are you ready Here it isIt's all a dreamSigh This book was written 25 years ago but even then the it was all a dream scenario wasn't really all that fresh or interesting and it takes a heckuva a lot of talent to pull it off without getting readers to feel like they've wasted their time After all absolutely anything can happen in dreams and so it's never really a surprise when anything does Say goodbye to plot conflict tension drama or any of the other structural bits and pieces that authors use to guide their storytelling The most you can do with it was all a dream is connect it in some way to reality and hope that the bridge is meaningful or profound in some wayThe metaphor of the bridge is a pretty hefty one here Suffering from amnesia our narrator is fished from the waters around a bridge This is no ordinary bridge It's so large that it seems to have no beginning or ending and an entire civilization lives among its beams and girders This is in fact a really cool idea and worth exploring Meanwhile our narrator is asked by his therapist to provide him with examples of his nightly dreams Since he doesn't remember his dreams he makes them up At first This is also a pretty interesting concept and the narrator's dreams both real and fake are pretty fascinating stuffBut it's really all just a fictional gumbo The narrative voice slips and slides for no reason other than to increase the disorienting effect of the dreamscape Different stories including one about a warrior and his smart mouthed familiar gain and lose prominence as the book goes on The narrator inexplicably makes it off of the bridge and into a city that appears to be at war Then he comes back Then there's a desert Back and forth Up and down There's no consistency to any of it but that's because it's a dream you seeThe thing is no one likes to be told about your dreams It doesn't matter how cool your dream is to you or even what cool ideas there are in it if you start to explain your dream to someone and it lasts longer than a minute they'll start getting that glazed look in their eyes I felt the exact same way about this book Once it became apparent that this was all just some kind of coma dream it developed a hollow very aimless feeling and I ended up wishing it were over soonerBanks does include a description of the narrator's life when he was awake and it's actually kind of impressive how well he conveys an entire life with such economy of language You speed through his childhood and school years and well into his adulthood marking his successes and failures and even the size of his bald spot Much of his life centers around an unconventional relationship with a woman But even though it's nifty how slickly Banks condenses this man's personality and life into such a small space the guy and his history aren't especially compelling Even the kinda sorta open relationship that he has feels just as hollow and aimless as the dream world he spends most of the book inhabiting And no it's pretty clear that that isn't the point of the bookWhile it was probably a ton of fun to write and while there are elements here and there that are imaginative and stimulating the whole experience is ultimately as unsatisfying as trying to remember the details of your own dreams an hour after waking It's ultimately unsuccessful and you end up wondering why you're even bothering

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The BridgeErious world spanning structure on which everyone seems to live Rescued from the sea devoid of personality or memory all John What the hell this is so boring and aimless and just not very well crafted either I have to return to Murakami's rule from 184 if the reader hasn't seen something before you should take extra time to describe itAnd I knew it I knew if I even caught a sniff of criticism of this book they would call it 'Kafka esue' everyone's favourite shorthand for weird and depressing People praise Murakami for his true understanding of Kafka and I have to praise him too because I don't get Kafka but I have a strong inkling for what someone is going to call Kafka esue which often only tells me that the critic is reminded of Kafka and not necessarily that the writing has any ualities of Kafka Incidentally this also feels like the depths of Banks' understanding of Kafka KafkaOkay so this is a book about psychology and an in depth exploration of our relationships but first and foremost it may come as a surprise that it's actually about a fucking bridge And if you go 'I got in the lift I went to the building' where is the lift The building in relation to the bridge Alongside it Does it occlude the passage along the bridge Then your character goes beneath the bridge and starts cutting about I didn't even know what the top of the bridge looked like Now you're underneath it What's there I am given next to no tools to visualise this bridge the buildings etcIf you're going to build a weird world well build it If you have a message about relationships don't expect to wow me with psychoanalysis and literary uality before you have a plot characters and oh god a settingGo home literature you're drunkI forgot Beckett too Was it weird and depressing Yeah Didyageddit No BeckettScottish 'walking about'