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FREE EPUB Ã MOBI The Actor and the Housewife î 9781596912885 ☆ SHANNON HALE ´ A very different kind of fantasy from New York Times bestselling author Shannon Hale What if you were to meet the number one person on your laminated list—you know that list you joke about with your signY Jack is seven months pregnant with her fourth child when she meets celebrity hearththrob Felix Callahan Twelve hours one elevator ride and one alcohol free dinner later something has happenedthough nothing has happened It isn’t sexual It isn’t even uite love But a month later Felix shows up in Salt Lake City to visit and before they know what’s hit them Felix and Becky are best I keep going back and forth as to what I should rate this book because although the premise of the book still makes me uncomfortable the parts about her husband are so powerful and hit me so hard that I felt it deserved than a 4I began this book with hesitancy angry at myself for reading the jacket knowing that a married woman would somehow get involved with an actor also married As I read I was sceptical as they became best friends worried as to where this may lead Any married woman knows that it is very dangerous ground to have a male friendconfidant I was a little upset that it was making it all seem okay but I kept readingI am so glad I kept reading because the story was a journey of love and friendship of which I was so happy to take a ride on Becky the main character a Mormon housewife living in Utah meets Felix a heartthrob actor and they find they feel like long lost siblings While their friendship throughout the story was a string that held it all together my favorite part of the book was Becky's relationship with her husband Mike and her four children Shannon Hale did such a wonderful job of portaying this regular woman and her life and love for her family I also felt like she did a fantastic job of portraying LDS culture and beliefs in a favorable way especially since it is a main stream fiction book and not an LDS novelI laughed I cried HARD and I left the book feeling better about myself as a motherwife and wanting to be better at the same time So glad I didn't stop reading

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A very different kind of fantasy from New York Times bestselling author Shannon Hale What if you were to meet the number one person on your laminated list you know that list you joke about with your significant other about which five celebrities you’d be allowed to run off with if ever given the chance And of course since it’ll never happen it doesn’t matter Mormon housewife Beck I'm going to warn you upfront that I had an extreme reaction to this book An extreme and unexpected reaction Just ask DH He had to listen to me rant ad nauseam until I'd exorcised the demons enough to move on The thing is I haven't reacted so strongly to a book for uite some time and it took me a bit by surprise Oh well who are we kidding It threw me for one hell of a loop and I had an extremely hard time shaking it off Despite all this I'm going to try to continue my tradition of spoiler free reviews and as a result won't be able to tell you the precise reasons why I reacted the way I did I won't be able to go into excruciating detail explaining exactly how and when my emotions bounced back and forth But let's be honest That's probably for the best SoBecky Jack is a Mormon housewife living in Layton Utah pregnant with her fourth child She has just sold a screenplay to a film agency in LA and is meeting them there to sign the contract when in walks Felix Callahan sexy British star of Becky's favorite romantic comedies The two of them clash right from the start and despite their visible disdain for one another and the fact that Felix has long been Becky's movie star crush they find themselves staying at the same hotel and eating dinner together that night Becky returns to Utah sure it was some fluke a fun story to tell the fam and that she'll never see Felix again Au contraire Becky Turns out Felix hasn't been able to get their abrasive encounter out of his head and the next time he has a layover in Salt Lake City he turns up to see her and figure out what the deal is From there these two unlikely characters become the very best of friends Talk on the phone daily stay up all night long talking drop everything to jet off to New York at a moment's notice kind of BFFs As you might expect a whole host of factors get in the way of their friendship including at times concernedjealous spouses their different faiths or rather Becky's strict one and Felix's utter lack of one their diametrically opposed lifestyles etc Self proclaimed platonic lovers these two weather the small and large storms of life as their friendship and story stretches out over a decade and I'll preface my comments by saying I have read all of Shannon Hale's YA books I love her Books of Bayern and thought her first adult novel Austenland was a fun light romp for Austen fans I expected to like this book just fine I knew it would be uirky and different and fun I certainly didn't go in expecting a happy ending because well given the subject matter who would I laughed my way through the first 100 pages because any scene Becky and Felix share sparkles I even cried Once At a scene about 80 pages in or so that was just so real and a little close to home it struck me in the gut However I felt that the next 250 pages were an uneven roller coaster ride of conflicting emotions increasingly hard to swallow turns of event and very inconsistent characterizations Every aspect of the story felt so deliberate and pre planned that it got in the way of my reading experience It was strangely a prime example of too much telling and not enough showing The narrator and Becky herself told me over and over and over again how much she was in love with her solid as a brick wall husband how little Felix meant to her compared to Mike how she would never do anything to jeopardize her marriage etc Her actions spoke differently The actual depiction of her marriage was lukewarm at best The rock Mike was too vague an image to grasp onto Next to Felix he was a mere smudge Felix clearly meant an inexplicable amount to Becky And vice versa These two cannot function properly without each other They will always be returning to each other The crystal clear most evocative and resonant depictions were of Becky and Felix And it was simply too difficult for me to buy everything Becky was saying in the face of what she was showing me page after page THE ACTOR AND THE HOUSEWIFE is an exploration of whether or not married men and women can be friends and just friends The answer is of course yes But that is not what Becky and Felix are I know that's what they're supposed to be But they're not They are intimates They are soulmates That is the way every encounter ever glance every touch is characterized The intent seemed to be some sort of Humphrey Bogart Ingrid Bergman Paul Henreid triangle a la Casablanca The result was a Rock Hudson Doris Day Tony Randall anti triangle a la Pillow Talk And by the time the overwrought rushed ending arrived I felt so completely jerked around I was unable to deal with the melodrama a moment longerI'm really sorry it ended this way THE ACTOR AND THE HOUSEWIFE I know you've gotten a lot of positive reviews and it's uite possible it's me and not you Fortunately each reader can decide for herself And I hope they do As for you and me I think it's time we start seeing other people

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The Actor and the HousewifeFriends Really Becky’s husband is pretty cool about it Her children roll their eyes Her neighbors gossip endlessly But Felix and Becky have something specialsomething unusual something completely impossible to sustain Or is it A magical story The Actor and the Housewife explores what could happen when your not so secret celebrity crush walks right into real life and changes everythi 15 stars I didn't uite hate it but it made me uncomfortableLet me start with this disclaimer I have an aversion to romantic comedies You know that moment in a movie where it's so awkward and contrived you're embarrassed someone wrote it and you're embarrassed for the actors that have to say the lines and you're embarrassed to be sitting there watching it That's what this book was like I'm not sure if Hale was trying to make an authentic Mormon housewife endearing to the masses but she misses the mark Becky comes off as selfish and self absorbed and makes Mormons look strange not cute uirky but please don't touch me weird I guess these worlds were never meant to collideWhich brings me back to that awkward contrived storyline I never bought not for one second that a self absorbed actor with a fear of all things domestic would not run for his life when Becky excuses herself to pump because she's letting down or would find her ramblings about her two year old showing her a snot covered finger cute I was embarrassed for her and I wasn't wearing a tuxI didn't believe Becky the lady doeth protest too much about her platonic relationship Here's the actor that she swoons over because he's so hot but now that they're best friends she's unattracted to him No way The time you spend with someone even someone who you aren't attracted to the attractive they become to you There really is no plausible way to be that close to a man and your husband and not have the boundariesyour feelings cross And the ending doesn't justify it I skimmed because a she had no way of knowing how things would end from the beginning b as evident by his behavior she isn't faultless and yes that includes Celeste; I believe the relationship played a part in that and c when all her safety devices are down and she's vulnerable she may act differently than she would have otherwise I hope that makes sense to someone who's read the bookI really like you Shannon a lot but I didn't like this book There were moments I chuckled out loud and the title headings were fun but I didn't like the story which I should have known going into it And I have a bone to pick with you you type sh but then you go ahead and say Lord As a Mormon you should regard taking the name of the Lord in vain worse And here I'm revealing my real issue with the book I'm Mormon I live in Utah Maybe this hit a little too close to home except for that whole relationship with my favorite actor I don't have that going on