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Read & Download Ç Tesla: Inventor of the Modern Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Nikola Tesla invented radio robots and remote control His electric induction motors run our appliances and factories In the early 1900s he designed plans for cell phones the Internet death ray weapons and interstellar communiSe most famous inventions were the product of a mind fueled by both the humanities and sciences Tesla conceived the induction motor while walking through a park and reciting Goethe’s Faust Clear authoritative and highly readable Tesla takes into account all the phases of Tesla’s remarkable life and caree. I enjoyed this one Author Richard Munson is a Chicago based senior director for the Environmental Defense Fund He's been senior vice president of Recycled Energy Development executive director of the Northeast Midwest Institute director of Solar Lobby and Center for Renewable Resources co coordinator of Sun Day coordinator of Environmental Action Foundation and director of the University of Michigan's Pilot Program according to his page here Richard Munson Tesla Inventor of the Modern is no frills matter of fact telling of the life of Nikola Tesla The book covers Tesla's early life in Serbia then moves forward in a chronological fashionMany of the pivotal inventions and events of Tesla's life are covered here Among themThe war of the currents; Tesla and Thomas EdisonThe invention of the induction motorWardenclyffe TowerTesla's personal life The author hints that the famously celibate Tesla may have been homosexualA theorized Death Ray weaponThe many conspiracy theories that materialized after his death This was a decent telling of the life of this prodigious inventor The book is presented in a straightforwardly readable fashion and is not overly technical The book also has a really well written epilogue where Munson writes this of Tesla's life and legacy That theme of being a man ahead of his time appeared again and again in the tributes Tesla indeed had lived in flux He was born during a lightning storm at the stroke of midnight between today and tomorrow He was raised a Serb into an Orthodox family in a region dominated by Croats and Roman Catholics His father instilled religion while Tesla embraced science This inventor craved isolation but could be a master showman He enjoyed lavish living but walked away from lucrative contracts He won the “War of the Currents” but died almost penniless and feeding pigeons Tesla was one paradox after anotherMaybe we all are but Tesla’s personality seemed based on paradox One science writer concluded “He was so far ahead of his contemporaries that his patents often expired before they could be put to practical use”112Another calculated that Tesla made at least five outstanding scientific discoveries—cosmic rays artificial radioactivity disintegrating beam of electrified particles electron microscope and X rays—that others “rediscovered” up to forty years later and for which they then won Nobel Prizes113 Speaking of Tesla’s visionary work Major General J O Mauborgne former chief signal officer for the US Army stated “Those of us who grew up with the early wireless art and are familiar with his researches and contributions to science revere his memory as the greatest genius in the early wireless fieldHe was so far ahead of his day in the concept of the transmission of intelligence through space that the world never fully realized that Tesla was the real inventor of wireless transmission and reception as well as many other wonderful developments” Tesla Inventor of the Modern was a well researched written edited and delivered book that I would recommend to anyone interested45 stars

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Verlooked by history In Tesla Richard Munson presents a comprehensive portrait of this farsighted and underappreciated mastermind Drawing on letters technological notebooks and other primary sources Munson pieces together the magnificently bizarre personal life and mental habits of the enigmatic inventor who. This was a lot exciting than I thought it could beI have read and heard a lot about Tesla over the years some true some myth but I enjoyed this than two earlier biographies I read awhile ago It was a very entertaining biography and the pace was just right It turns Tesla back into a human being while still showing how important and interesting he was Recommended

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Tesla Inventor of the ModernNikola Tesla invented radio robots and remote control His electric induction motors run our appliances and factories In the early 1900s he designed plans for cell phones the Internet death ray weapons and interstellar communication His ideas have lived on to shape the modern economy yet he has been largely o. 45Nikola Tesla has become a Culture Icon known for his reputation as a kind of magician and rogue inventor thanks to the movie The Prestige and as a visionary his name recognized because of Tesla Motors And yet few of us understand that everything we take for granted today the electric grid cell phones satellite television the Internet the smartwatch and even the remote control of warfare first sprung from his imaginationI knew Tesla from bits and pieces I remember when my son and husband bantered about things looking like a 'Tesla coil' a reference to a weapon in Command and Conuer Red Alert The 2006 movie The Prestige showed Tesla's Colorado laboratory and work in remote transmission of electricityIn 2016 I read The Last Days of Night by Graham Moore an exciting historical novel about the rivalry between George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison with Tesla in the center In The Devil in the White City by Eric Larson and The Electrifying Fall of Rainbow City by Margaret Creighton I learned about the Chicago and Buffalo fairs lit by Tesla and George WestinghouseAnd then in my mailbox I found a gift from W W Norton a copy of Richard Munson's biography Tesla Inventor of the Modern I was pleased to have all these bits and pieces of knowledge integrated into an understanding and appreciation of Tesla's life and work and legacyThe I learned about the man the less I felt I 'knew' him He was brilliant and flawed and complicated and chimerical He worked out entire inventions in his mind before he built them He was impeccably dressed and amazingly fit and a charming germaphobe who could not be touched His obsessive compulsive disorder ruled his habits and he fought depression with self administered electroshock therapy He was a lousy businessman who signed away his rights to millions and later deep in debt lost his research facilities He could be vain and he could be magnanimous He was addicted to the pure science of discovery The War of the Currents refers to the rivalry between inventors vying for precedence Thomas Edison clung to direct current which could not be transmitted over long distances and relegated electric power to the rich few Tesla invented alternating current capable of powering whole regions With George Westinghouse using Tesla's inventions in 1893 they created the City of Lights at the Chicago Columbian Expedition The commission to harness the power of Niagara Falls attracted worldwide attention Westinghouse and Tesla won the contract and in 1896 the hydroelectric power plant at Niagara Falls was opened powering the Rainbow City at the 1901 Pan American Expedition in Buffalo NY Tesla saw the feat as signifying the subjugation of natural forces to the service of man that would relieve millions from want and sufferingTesla had reached superstar status but already he was envisioning the next big ideaAt the turn of the century gas lamps still reigned with only 8% of American homes wired for electricity The uestion remained to be answeredWas electricity for all or for the wealthy Would power become a necessity or remain a luxury Tesla was obsessed with the idea of using the earth for the transference of wireless electric powerHe went on to invent remote control and multichannel broadcasting systems Tesla had little interest in creating and marketing useful devices based on his discoveries He rejected an offer to develop wireless communication for the US Lighthouse Board and other projects which would have financed his researchNext up he built a research center in Colorado portrayed in the movie The Prestige in which David Bowie plays Tesla in Colorado puttering around with wireless energy His last facility on Long Island NY went far over budget Tesla was broke He lost backers who wanted practical applications something they could make money on and Tesla was only interested in pure research It was heartbreaking to read about Tesla's untethered last years his increasing eccentricities in behavior and poverty as he watched others make millions on his ideas and inventions Munson offers Tesla as a role model writing we have great need today of Tesla's example of selfless out of the box thinking if we are to tackle our twenty first century challengesparticularly in the electric power industry he helped create Munson continues he would lead a charge for sustainability and against the carbon pollution that is changing our climate He knew that coal was a limited supply and imagined harnessing energy from the sun and geothermal energyTesla was one of the most interesting and remarkable men I have read about I appreciate that Munson's explanations of Tesla's discoveries and inventions were written so the general reader could grasp them