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characters Stormbird ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ß The first book in #1  New York Timesbestselling author Conn Iggulden’s brilliant new historical series about two families who plunged England into a devastating decades long civil war In 1437 the Lancaster king Henry VI ascends the throne of England after years of semi peacefHe House of York sees the chaos brought on by Henry’s weakness and with it not only opportunity in the monarch but also their patriotic duty in ousting an ineffectual king As storm clouds gather over England King Henry and his supporters find themselves besieged abroad and at home Who or what can save the kingdom before it is too late. The book is readable and very easy to get into because of the fluid pace and style but lacks substance It's a light type of plotting that doesn't care much for accuracy nor invests much in characterisationIt had a curious and irritating authorial choice related to addressing lords in a way that wasn't the fashion back then like calling Richard Duke of York simply Lord York or Lord Suffolk for William Duke of Suffolk It'd be easy to overlook but Iggulden continues with the misnoming choices by continually referring to people with their full title as if it were their names often eliminating the of particle like Earl Warwick Earl Salisbury etc I'm sure many won't mind but for me it was jarring and I had to make a conscious effort to stay immersed every time this and similar choices popped upAs a positive point though I'd mention the side plot of the Maine settlers' rebellion when as a result of the Henry VIMargaret of Anjou marital alliance the territories of Anjou and Maine are handed back to France But the English settlers won't give up their hard won lands without a fight and fight they do It's a hopeless cause of course and it was interesting to see that little known part of the pre Wars of the Roses period in a novel It's not often that you see conflicts from the viewpoint of the commonfolk who pay for the political games of the powerful Thomas Woodchurch was definitely a good addition to the novelThere's not much I could say about this it's a first installment in a longish series and it does show because a lot is left underdeveloped or hanging out there by a cliff so you go pick the next book up Is it worth it Moderately so I'd not recommend this for your Priority Reading pile for one of those days when you feel like reading anything light and not too demanding

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And pious nature than his father’s famous battlefield exploits; already his dependence on his closest men has stirred whispers of weakness at court             A secret truce negotiated with France to trade British territories for a royal bride Margaret of Anjou sparks revolts across English territory The rival royal line t. This is the first novel in the “War of the Roses” series by Conn Iggulden The author skillfully weaves the bodacious actions of two main fictitious characters Derry Brewer the King’s spymaster and Thomas Woodchurch a commoner living in Maine France with some pivotal historical events that took place under the reign of Henry VI of EnglandPart One deals with Derry Brewer’s political machinations initiated on Henry’s behalf with the aim of bringing about a lasting truce with France He throws into the bargain England’s two French possessions Anjou and Maine and an offer for Henry to marry the French King’s Charles VII niece Margaret of AnjouPart Two tells the outrage felt by many English subjects who have lived all their lives in Maine and Anjou Their riotous reaction to the English Crown giving up those lands is seen through the eyes of an archer turned merchant Thomas Woodchurch who decides to lead a resistance movement in order to thwart the French army’s taking possession of the two towns His attempt fails in the end The English loses not only Maine and Anjou but also NormandyPart Three describes the infamous Jack Cade’s rebellion in London amidst widespread grievances in society over official corruption and the weakness of Henry VI in the face of an ever strengthening France It sets the stage for Duke of York's throne claiming ambitions to play outAll in all the plot is a gripping one and the writing flawless especially in the movie like description of the battle scenes However I personally find it a bit hard to relate to the two fictitious characters I’m giving this novel 35 stars out of 5

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StormbirdThe first book in #1  New York Timesbestselling author Conn Iggulden’s brilliant new historical series about two families who plunged England into a devastating decades long civil war In 1437 the Lancaster king Henry VI ascends the throne of England after years of semi peaceful regency Named The Lamb” Henry is famed for his gentle. While this novel is purported to be about the Wars of the Roses Mr Iggulden has set it in the time of the fall of the English Kingdom of France in the late 1440s and the civil unrest that followed That said he introduces many of the real life characters that rose to prominence during those wars They include Richard of York descended on both sides from Edward III and father of the later Yorkist Kings the reigning King Henry VI and his wife Margret of Anjou and the Neville family – including the man who would become known as the KingmakerIn telling his story the author has created a couple of fascinating fictional characters The first is Derry Brewer who is the King’s spymaster and all around fix it man His sole desire is to serve the king and accomplish the King’s desires no matter what it costs the Kingdom in general or him personally Another gripping character is Thomas Woodchurch an English settler in the county of Maine and an old companion of Derry Mr Iggulden uses these two characters to illustrate what the loss of England’s French possessions cost the common manIn telling the story of the Nobles – Richard of York is presented as very ambitious and slightly menacing his wife eually so Henry is a good but weak both physically and mentally His desire for peace at any cost is presented as playing into the French hands and directly leading to the loss of Normandy The Duke of Suffolk is the scape goat for the loss of Normandy and is presented as one who has no greater ambitions and is just trying to do his duty to his King and Country The Neville’s allies of York are also presented as ambitious and willing to do whatever it takes to make those ambitions come to pass All this ambition is presented as a desire to do the best for England who they feel needs a strong KingMr Iggulden uses Thomas Woodchurch and his family to tell the story of the disposition of the English settlers in France when their homes are given to France in the marriage treaty between Henry and Margret and the resulting truce To say they didn’t accept it willingly is to understate the events There rebellion is well told and as well as their frustration with the NobilityFinally the author tells us the story of Jack Cade’s rebellion A peasent uprising starting in Kent this was probably the most successful of the many rebellions that occurred at the time Cade is known to Thomas from his time in the army and Thomas is coopted into helping Cade turn his rabble into an actual fighting force I found their story compelling In this story Henry’s ueen is shown in a very heroic lightFrom the beginning of the book in Edward III’s death chamber thru to the end of the book where Richard of York accepts the regency of England I found this a very entertaining read – solid 4 stars for me