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Free eBook Ñ ePub Shamus Dust ¶ 9781838590437 ☆ Janet Roger ☆ Two candles flaring at a Christmas crib A nurse who steps inside a church to light them A gunshot emptied in a man’s head in the creaking stillness before dawn that the nurse says she didn’t hear It’s 1947 in the snowbound war scTo help spare his blushes Like the Buddha says everything is connected So it all can be explained But that’s a little cryptic when you happen to be the shamus and you’re standing over a corpse Shamus Dust is a novel that took me completely by surprise I went into this book completely blind and honestly I couldnt have been pleased with the results Shamus Dust is NOT your typical thriller So many current thrillers in 2020 seem to rehash over the same story lines While I love a book about murdering a cheating spouse as much as the next person it was refreshing to read something that wasnt so transparent That said this novel was still loaded with characters and events that keeps you flipping the pages needing This book has a everything you have come to love and expect from a thriller and Shamus Dust is LOADED with lies secrets shady businessmen corrupt police murder and yes even some fueding lovers Shamus Dust is a slow burn that really makes you work to solve the mystery It is a must read for all crime and mystery fans I was very impressed by this debut If Janet Roger wasnt on your radar before now she needs to be It has come to my attention that there will be a seuelwhat are you waiting for Go read Shamus Dust right nowI recieved a digital copy of this book from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review

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Two candles flaring at a Christmas crib A nurse who steps inside a church to light them A gunshot emptied in a man’s head in the creaking stillness before dawn that the nurse says she didn’t h It wasn’t complicated Not than an early morning call from a City grandee a nurse who came across her neighbor dead or dying before dawn on Christmas Day and the dead neighbor’s latchkeys in my hand That and the voice that always whispers in my ear soft as telling a rosary that for every reason I might think I have for mixing in a murder there are ten better reasons to walk away I crossed the angle of the court fitted one of the keys in its lock and gave it a uarter turn As for the voice that whispers I hear it every time I step uninvited into an unlit room The trick is not to let it start a conversation” April is not the cruelest month not by a long shot That would be October when I drown my annual sorrows with the hope that next year for sure my beloved Metropolitans will not only make the playoffs but go all the way It is salved by the orgasmic visual and tactile experience that is Autumn in Northeastern USA particularly after yet another too hot overlong summer But then it is spoiled in turn as retailers insist on pushing their Christmas season earlier and earlier into the year It used to be that they held off until Santa climbed off his Macy’s float and began renting lap space for cash But no they have pushed it back past Halloween past Columbus Day to the beginning of October and they may even have snuck past that to late September when I was otherwise engaged A blot on humanity this How long can it be before the Christmas advertising begins right after Independence Day Bad words are used in abundance if not at particularly high volume muttering really Greed filthy lucre and all that Not that I have anything against filthy lucre per se other than its insistent avoidance of my wallet and financial accounts But I may have to rethink all this It appears that Santa found his way to my chimney in OCTOBER Not that I spotted him scrambling down That would not have ended well for him as while we do have a chimney there is no actual outlet inside the house He might have missed subseuent deliveries and the aroma might have become noticeable but it was clear that he had me in mind this year and early It has been a while since I read a terrific Christmas book And this one wasn’t even wrapped in a bow with reflective or joyously seasonal paperJanet Roger image from Dorset Book DetectiveIt was friend reuest Not the first one I had received from an author In fact they are a bit of a problem in the dark business of book reviewing so much so that I had put a line in my profile intended to ward off author review reuests This one had the smarts to not bug me for an opinion We exchanged a few friendly messages You might like to check this website Oh yeah well You might want to check out This short story and on it went until a page from her book got around my virtual chain link guard dogs finding its way to my bloodshot eyes It was the sort of book you catch a glimpse of and your knees start to wobble The edges of your mouth start to head toward your eyes I knew there was no antidote to a virus like this I had been successfully dosed “Consider me seduced” I wrote “Can I get a review copy” She didn’t play coy but accommodated straight away I like that in an author Her people would be sending one my way faster than a copy editor strikes out a repetitive “the” Wondering how easy this might turn out to be I pushed my luck Not everyone goes for extra stuff like this but she seemed game so I went ahead and asked “How about an e book too” And scored No sooner did I download the book than I had to just had to start reading Even though my usual preference is for ink on dead trees there was nothing for it The heart wants what the heart wants and boy did my heart want The streetlamp hung off a half timber gatehouse in the middle of a row of storefronts with offices over there to light the gatehouse arch and a path running through it to a churchyard beyond – image from A London InheritanceSome books you rush through even some good books But this one for me was a slow read Not in the sense of too dense to take in all at once More in the way of wanting the pleasure to last Wanting to sueeze the most out of the reading experience and enjoying the sensations I am sure most of us have had those experiences when there is sensate joy to be had and the best way is slow and steady not wham bam and I’m outta here There is enough juice enough fun in this one to let you linger a good long while sustaining a peak of interest a long plateau with frissons of thrill along the way Taking one’s time encourages close attention which is significant in keeping up with all that is going on Roger does not waste a lot of time on irrelevant side trips It helps also if you like noir if Raymond Chandler Dashiell Hammett and writers of the sort satisfy that particular need It helps if you like to smile We all got needs The church had a suare over a doorway framed in checkerboard stonework An iron studded door stood half open on the porch entrance a police officer hunched in its shadow – image from A London InheritanceNewman no Seinfeld fans Picture that guy and lose the mood entirely is our mononymous PI halfway I guess between the fully named Philip Marlowe and Hammett’s nameless Continental Op a Yank late of an insurance investigation gig long time resident and practitioner in The City of London The specificity is intentional Greater London these days is over 700 suare miles In 1947 it was half that give or take The City of London the Wall Street ian financial capital is one suare mile inside the original Roman walls Chandler had LA Hammett had San Francisco Newman has the CoL Definitely easier to jog in a day Although under the circumstances it would be tougher than one might assume 1947 London is enduring one of the coldest winters ever and all that snow a special and long lasting delivery from a Siberian weather system and right at the beginning of the Cold War Maybe a pre emptive attack An intentional counterpoint to the heat of the City of Angels It is a time of shortages food fuel soap and most things needed to live power outages rationing the fruits of victory no doubt without the consolation of heroism Somehow the well to do manage to find supplies denied the little people He gets a call at an odd hour on Christmas morning Seems a Councilor for whom he has never before worked needs him to check out a crime scene deliver some keys to a detective there then report back When the detective is not to be found Newman starts pulling on the thread that we will spend the next few hundred pages unravelling Like carefully opening a tightly wrapped Christmas gift Deader in the lobby called a porch here of an old church On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a dead fellow in a lobby Candle still burning in the usual place inside A nurse from nearby St Bart’s hospital had called it inThe post War CoL with a fluffy blanket image from Roger’s siteNewman tasked with delivering keys not seasonally wrapped to a detective at the site but said detective having departed the scene opts instead to use said keys to the vic’s apartment What he finds there gets the gears moving and the game is afoot No sooner have you dialed M for murder than the bodies start piling up like plowed snow and Newman has to wonder if his own client has culpability The uestions pile up even faster How long for example was the nurse inside the church before the pre dawn shot to the head outside and why didn’t she hear it Snowy London image from the author’s siteVice is front and center as people with tastes that were considered a major no no at the time are being blackmailed But there is so much going on Of course it may seem like very little to the locals who have just endured the devastation of much of their city by our friends in Germany Early Cold War London was rich with grift corruption ambition and rubble The City of London was considerably flattened And as has been made all too clear in the states real estate development attracts the worst of the worst in human nature Speaking of which there is plenty of human nature on display here indulging in all sorts of unpleasantness from garden variety assault to domestic violence marital infidelity a touch of human trafficking police corruption prostitution blackmail a dose of substance abuse and enough backstabbing to justify proposing it as an Olympic sport Raymond Chandler image from LA TacoSo what about our leading man We can expect our PI to keep a supply of spirits close to hand and Newman does not disappoint We can expect that there will be times when he dives a bit too far into that bottle Newman does not disappoint We can expect that our PI is a tough guy able to deliver as well as take a punch or whatever sort of objects may come into contact with his carcass Newman does indeed uphold a knight errant code by approaching a deserving sort with an appropriate measure of violence foolishly hoping to preclude further criminality But he seems mostly on the receiving end which is par for the course We expect our knight errant PI to have his heart in the right place to do his best to look out for those who are least able to look out for themselves Newman does not disappoint We expect our PI to be dogged continuing his uest even after it has become clear that such pursuit puts him in mortal peril We expect that he can neither be bought off nor frightened away Newman does not disappoint We can expect that he is not really in it for the money but that should some filthy lucre find its way to him he will find a holy purpose for it Newman does not disappoint We expect our PI to be able to temper his moral urges with recognition of unfortunate realities Newman does not disappoint Rubble around St Paul’s image from Independent NewsRogers has a gift for crafting her supporting cast the nurse who reported finding the body the dodgy Councilor his lush ous daughter his maybe dodgier lawyer crooked cops and on and on Newman’s contacts are not exactly Burke’s Peerage social register to us Yanks sorts but are a delight a barber a sometime street walker a femme fatale of a doctor whose side job is pure fun the mysterious mustachioed man who keeps turning up and then disappearing abusive families a cleric of uestionable morality This is joy pure Christmas joy but like the best Christmas presents this one can be enjoyed at any time of year I do suggest however that you keep a digital or paper pad handy for tracking character names particularly if you are reading the print version There are than a couple and it would not do to be wondering who this is or trying to remember where you came across that one before It is definitely worth the effort Much easier of course in the e book where one can search at will And there is no mistaking that the women in this tale are crucial to the events that transpire with multiple facets and sharp edges to match their softer curvesA Central Line underground train entering Epping Station during heavy snowfall at the height of 1947’s freeze image from The Daily MailIn the summer of 2019 GR reduced the allowable review size by 25% from 20000 to 15000 characters In order to accommodate the text beyond that I have moved it to the comments section directly below with thanks to Mike Coyne for accommodating my reuest to supersede his comment

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Shamus DustEar It’s 1947 in the snowbound war scarred City of London where Pandora’s Box just got opened in the ruins City Police has a vice killing on its hands and a spooked councilor hires a shamus I have read a multitude of crime fiction debuts over the years and they rate anywhere from abysmal right through to astounding I am pleased to inform that this is another of those rare gems to add to the astonishing debuts shelf; in fact the most fitting terminology to describe this cracker of a book is a masterpiece It is one of those books I know I will re read something I almost never do purely because the detail Ms Roger's supplies throughout deserves than the one glance I also remember ruminating on whether I wanted to pick it up because it takes place at Christmas and I am not a fan of anything to do with the Christmas season; boy am I glad that I made the right decision as I would have seriously missed out otherwiseThe plot is a real complex beautifully wrought beast and grips from the get go without any problems at all The various interlinked plot threads are thought through so incredibly that I was flabbergasted by the intricacy and forethought illustrated here by a first time author However at no point does she stray into making it too complicated; this is uite the feat if you ask me I am not going to regurgitate the synopsis as I feel the one provided is sufficient and that many will appreciate the intentional vagueness as it allows you to discover everything as a single coherent experience It evokes the sights scents and sounds of the time and place it depicts the dreary post war chaos of London circa 1947 and although I loved many aspects this historical accuracy was one of my favourite partsThis is a book that not only has the thrills and spills to keep your heart rate rising but the tension creates a superb uneasy atmosphere and the substance and writing is present to back it all up This is a hard boiled historical crime novel with subtlety and sophistication lacing its every page A must read for all crime fans who enjoy compulsively readable crime and those with an appreciation of beautifully lyrical prose Unreservedly recommended Many thanks to Matador Janet Roger for an ARC