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Romani Armada kindle ✓ Beloved Bloody Time ☆ What goes around comes around including loveJustin Edward Kelly vampire and Chronologic Touring Agency member hates time traveling and prefers to pretend he’s human Deonne Rinaldi is human and arm twisted the Agency into the deal of a life time They make her a vampire if she pulls off The letter Justin not used to time traveling figures he’s averted a personal disaster until Deonne meets a sexy Spaniard who introduces himself as AdánWARNING This book contains two hot sexy alpha heroes freuent explicit and frank sex scenes and sexual language It includes heart stopping sexual scenes between the aforementioned sexy heroes menage scenes and anal sexDo not proceed beyond this point if hot love scenes offend youNo vampires were harmed in the making of this nov ROMANI ARMADA is a stellar continuation of a series I adore but the menage romance was lackluster for me and failed to combine the emotional and sexual intimacy I expected from the previous booksThis series has such stellar world building that I await each release with baited breath I love the time travel agency run by vampires and the war with Gabriel a psy with killer powers out to destroy vampires I love all the characters in the agency and the new ones introduced here Series fans will be sniffling as I was with the outcome of a doomed romance between the agency's resident psy and her Russian vampire lover What I most adored however is the new character of a low cast vampire warrior I can't wait for his book and I suspect it may be soonSo while I adored the world building I didn't love the menage romance Deonne and Justin are already sleeping together when the novel begins so new readers will be a little lost This was fine for me as a series reader but my difficulty was I never felt like I saw their emotional connection with each other Then when Adan is introduced the romance lost any fizzle it had These three are drawn together but it never seemed than superficial The sex was fine but the emotional intimacy was nonexistent in my opinion I can't ruin who Adan is but his relationship with Justin seemed based on that instead of current feelings Deonne was lovely to look at but I never understood what drew the men to her or her to them Perhaps the series' romances before this were so strong that I compared them here and this book came up short for meEven though I didn't love the romance in ROMANI ARMADA the world building than made up for it and will have me eagerly awaiting the next book in this seriesOriginally reviewed for The Romance Reviews Review copy from NetGalley

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Ves how well the relationship worksWhile Deonne is tucked away in history to protect her from Gabriel’s psi file army ravages Justin gets a time delayed letter from her telling him their affair is over She is in love with Adán Xavier Santiago a Romani vampire from ancient Spain who will turn herDespite the massive dangers screwing with time this way can cause Justin travels back to China to confront Deonne but when he arrives there is no Adán and Deonne knows nothing about Romani Armada Book 3 of the Beloved Bloody Time series Tracey Cooper PoseyARC supplied via Netgalley I recognised the authors' name so searched my books to see what I’d read and if I’d liked it and found the book and recalled I had loved it I read 2 4 books daily so need to see the book to recall details often So put in my reuest for RA and was pleased to get it It's book three and not having read books one and two though this was so good I’d love to read them I skimmed the samples of them in to get some background info Its uite a mix vampires people with psi mental abilities and time travel but Tracey pulls it all off in a very successful and riveting story It did take me time to work out the various people and how they related to each other and what their jobsfunction were that if I’d read the first two books I’d have known Tracey gives enough info though that its possible to read and enjoy the story as it is The characters are uite complex each have their own talents whether mental or physical or a combo of both and add to that the nature of multiple concurrent times zones and the story has the potential to get bogged down in details Yet it didn't Tracey manges to explain how everything works without either giving so little we have to guess or so much that reader switches off I'm that sort of reader I want succinct info not pages and pages of battles character descriptions or explanations that go over my head I'm not dim but I like to get to the meat of the story uickly I was concerned about the time travel issue – I couldn't get it straight in my head at first and it took time to work out but Tracey gives tips along the way by conversations between characters and I found that I needed to let go of my reality and just let the story flow and then I went along with it and just accepted it as fact My tip – don't get too hung up on whether its possible theoretically just accept it as its written Justin great guy guilty about the things in his past as a human and as a vampire and won't let much of his real character be shared Deonne is human and in love with him but because of the way he is she treads carefully Its like they both know but neither want to come out and admit they actually love each other There's a strong mistrust of vampires by humans and so vampires carry a protective instinct to keep apart from them whenever possible – despite that these two have worked together learned to respect each other and fallen in love Its still an eggshell dance though until Deonne has to be taken back to the past for her protection Gabriel the leader of the psi file army has targeted her as she's so good at her media job and he doesn't want her convincing humans vampires are not a threat to them Deonne – she's a very confident lady – until it comes to Justin – and hates having to leave him He doesn't time travel – ever so when he turns up in the past where she is she knows something drastic has happened I loved the way Adan was brought it – he was a fabulous sexy charismatic person and it was incredible the way he just “read” Deonne and I loved his stories Most vampires are reticent about the past and Deonne and me loved hearing about his history Its a great tale you'd think with all its complexities it would be a difficult read and yet I found it was really smooth flowing and kept me totally engrossed The only problem I had was the way the chapters switched from one time zone to another and from one person to another I'd just get gripped into what was happening turn the page and we were onto another section Still I love the multiple viewpoints this allowed and I can't see any other way Tracey could have written this I guess it's tantamount to how good the writing is that I wanted to know and about each character as the story was told from their reality There was so much going on here parts that relate to past books scenes that set up for next ones love stories and war settings current capabilities and past complications it would be easy for any writer to lose the thread but Tracey keeps everything juggled in the right way to hold the reader “in” the story That’s important to me – I don't want to be an onlooker but actually there in the story along with the characters having my heart race when theirs do feeling happy and sad when they do and Romani Armada did just that There's sex here too – hot sensual scenes that take your breath and with multiple partners so do take note of the warning Its not offensive though or gratuitous and works perfectly within the story arc Priced at £332 for a massive 474 pages732kb hurrah – I love these longer books its a real steal for any fantasy romance lover Stars absolute cracker of a book – full five

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Romani Armada Beloved Bloody Time #3 What goes around comes around including loveJustin Edward Kelly vampire and Chronologic Touring Agency member hates time traveling and prefers to pretend he’s human Deonne Rinaldi is human and arm twisted the Agency into the deal of a life time They make her a vampire if she pulls off the PR campaign of her career and make humans like vampires Everyone was stunned when the mismatched pair became lovers including Deonne and Justin and neither of them will admit even to themsel Deonne gets a taste of time travel the vampires regroup and the fight against Gabriel continuesJuly 21 2018Format Kindle Edition|Verified PurchaseAuthor Tracy Cooper Posey definitely knows how to write an imaginative and complex time travel story with a host of uniue characters with special gifts and weaknessesMaybe it's because I am getting used to the repeated switches from one set of characters andor one place or time period to another but I found this book in the Beloved Bloody Time series easier to stick with and follow than the previous Still this is no easy read; it's long complex and keeps building from one book to the next It's not advisable to skip a volumeAlthough this installment focuses largely on human Deonne and vampires Justin and Adan almost all of the characters from the previous book Byzantine Heartbreak return and a few new key ones including a human doctor and Justin's maker are introduced There's lots of urgent suspense as villainous Gabriel continues his attempted power grab and a great deal of sadness as a key character faces her rapidly approaching death and yet supports and protects her friends to the bitter end Kidnapping mind control weapons of mass destruction and hand to hand battles plague the vampires and their associates and keep the excitement running high And there's lots of loving and passion but with low level steamMy only issues with the book were the number of characters you have to keep straight and the fact that many of them use numerous different names; everything Gabriel does; and the confusing concept of Deonne's letter to Justin and whenwhyhow it was written and eventually re surfaces