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Rescued By A HighlanderYears ago Forced into a betrothal to a man she hates her only way out is to escape to a conventLaird Alexander Grant is honor bound to rescue Maddie after seeing the bruises on her face What he doesn't realize is that once he holds the beaten lass i. While I PERSONALLY loved this book I will admit first and foremost it is not a book that is going to appeal to everyone It's hard for me to describe exactly who this book is for but I will try Do you like heroes saving damsels in distress Do you like a romantic pair healing each others emotional scars Do you love watching a romance develop slowly over timeGOOD NEWS This IS a book for youx Do you NOT like your characters to be too perfectx Do you NOT like historical plots that focuses on the plot created then getting the time period 100% accuratex Do you NOT like to read about abuseMOVE ON This REALLY might NOT be the book for youThe biggest thing I have to warn against here is that yes there is description of abuse There is a lot of that but it's never between the main pairing The heroine has got a lot of emotional and physical scars that she carries from her past The book is very open about this Very VERY open It doesn't sugar coat anything But the thing that makes the book not only bearable but a downright enjoyable read to me even with so much ugliness is the healing process Never before have I seen a heroine with such baggage paired with a man that is so understand gentle loving and devoted to her and the obstacles she must overcome to be able to love him fully He is happy to take things slow because his focus if fully upon helping her to heal He never EVER pushes her and is always 100% supportive and protective of her That is super romantic to me I have seen books attempt to tackle the idea of abuse before but I've never seen it done to such an extreme level of abuse BUT at the same time with such care given to make the recovery process seem logical and genuine

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WARNING Mature content Contains references to abuse and a previous rape that may be disturbing for some readers Recently revised New EditorMadeline MacDonald has been a victim of her stepbrother's cruelty ever since her parents' death in a fire two. She enjoyed kissing Alex Maybe he would allow her to kiss him whenever she wanted after they were wedHell yeah KISSINGMaddie is under the protection of her evil stepbrother Kenneth He beats her freuently and tortures her He also gives her to the neighbor to be raped and promises him her hand in marriage She's permanently scarred and also branded Alex a good man sees this abuse while visiting and rescues Maddie by spiriting her away They fall in loveI honestly don't know what to think about this I'm going to have to break it into Good and BadWHAT I LOVED I am a sucker for abused woman find happiness in the arms of a kind man trope Love this trope So the book has already hooked me I adore these kinds of stories The way abuse is handled in the novel Maddie doesn't instantly unrealistically get over her fear of men and sex It takes a really really really long time for Alex to coax her into enjoying herself Most romance novels don't portray this as realistically as I think is done here The doubts she has the uestions she asks herself it's very well doneAlso highest marks for what's going on in Alex's mind Trying to be in a relationship with an abused person is very difficult I felt the book did a wonderful job showing Alex's fears and concerns What if Maddie never learns to trust him What if he can never have a sexual relationship with his wife What about the other side effects of abuse Will she ever abuse others Can he trust her with their children if and when they have some This is usually COMPLETELY ignored in romance novels this is honestly the first time I've seen this dealt with in a romance Extra points So emotionally gripping I felt like I had a fist around my heart the whole time I was reading this book like OMG OMG OMG Loved that The Christianity is so very subtle you'd hardly notice it's there Consent Not only is consent important to me as a feminist but as a woman I find it very erotic Especially when it's long drawn out and turned into a sexual game So fun Patient men Seriously the hottest thing ever It's always fun to traipse around the Scottish Highlands in historical romances with the ayes and nays and kilts and lairds and bairns and lasses and lads and stuff So funWHAT I DID NOT LIKE The villain in the end turns out view spoilerto be gay I was like oO This made me really uncomfortable If it weren't for the rather Christian aspect of the book I probably wouldn't have blinked but I felt really unsure if the author was making a statement or not If I knew for sure she was throwing this twist in because she's homophobic this would be an instant 1 star If she wasn't then all is forgiven I can't really tell hide spoiler

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review Rescued By A Highlander 103 ☆ WARNING Mature content Contains references to abuse and a previous rape that may be disturbing for some readers Recently revised New EditorMadeline MacDonald has been a victim of her stepbrother's cruelty ever since her parents' death in a fire two years ago Forced into a betrothal to a man she hates her only way out iN his arms his heart will never be the same He vows revenge for the abuse she was forced to endure and yearns to make the sweet woman with an iron will his but can he help her fight the demons in her mind left behind by her abusers' horrid treatment. If you have issues with rape scenes or women being brutishly beaten then this is not your book But if you are like me and realize this happened back then and was part of life then this is your book to get I loved this book I was so consumed the I read I felt like I was there feeling everything she felt This book still remains with me to this day I bought this book and read it last summer It happens to be one of my Favorite and I don't have many on my FAV list I am picky when I add them to my Fav list The HH were types you fell in love with and understood The way the Clan leader protects and the honors her I cannot say enough The understanding how she reacts to men and how he is confused with his feelings I want to write so much To help you understand how great this book is I would suggest this book to ANYONE Its a must read I am so happy to see the next book and have bought it I can't wait to start reading it