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Free eBook Í ePub Raining Men and Corpses é å Anne R. Tan Ï Raining Men and CorpsesBook 1 of the Raina Sun Murder Mystery seriesA contemporary humorous mystery set in the fictitious small college town of Gold Springs California Raina Sun is a typical graduate student trying to keep her head above watA’s postage stamp sized apartment dragging a red suitcase and trouble The family secret Raina has been running away from is now staring at her across the dining room table every morningRaina must figure out how to extract herself before things get dicey There is no place for an amateur when it comes to murder The eclectic cast of characters in this amateur sleuth mystery will have you scratching your head and laughing until the end Because it was in the ‘read now’ section of NetGalley and I liked the cover and description I downloaded this bookFor me it was not altogether a very bad or very good read I do like the author’s writing style but as other people before me I was disappointed because of some important points First of all the editing Even for me being Dutch I could spot the mistakes and inconsistancies Second and I’m again not the only one to mention this is the fact that there was too much information about things that happened in the past without a further explanation Why not make Matthew just an ex boyfriend? Less trouble less explaining to do and clear for the readers My digital copy of the book is full of bookmarks because I really had trouble sometimes to find out why I was reading something for example the whole part about the second family of Raina’s grandfather or the story regarding the inheritance It would have been better had the author spaced out this information over two or maybe three books There is however no explanation at all why Raina is a grad student at a History college apparently working a job in the IT lab and complaining she left a job as an engineer? And by the way there is no such thing as an Chief in Editor apparently there was no ‘Editor in chief’ at hand when this book was editedOf course there were good points too I liked big parts of the book including Po Po’s character ; I admire Anne Tan because she wrote this book and is not afraid of criticism I hope that for the next books there is a better editor at hand to help the author to work on being a much better writer

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Sets into motion a streak of bad luck First she finds the dead body of an ex lover and becomes the prime suspect to his murder The only man she ever loved reappears as the lead detective to the case and wants to reignite their passion or at least he’s sending out smoke signals Her life careens out of control as her best friend does whatever it takes to get the inside scoop for the town’s newspaper And her grandma moves into Rain If you're in the mood for a fun murder mystery to take to the beach in summer or curl up on the couch with in winter then Raining Men and Corpses by Anne R Tan will fit the billRaina Sun is our sleuth She's a graduate student who is instantly likable for all the mistakes she's made in her life as much as for anything else Getting involved with her 'dashing college advisor' and lending him a substantial sum of money is one of many items on Raina's list of 'wish she hadn't dones' And things don't get any easier for Raina when a professor is murdered and an ex lover appears Not to mention the Grandmother Po Po who arrives on her doorstep and comes with her own set of troubles Although Po Po will no doubt become a favourite character for many readers Raina's grandmother is a bit loopy but instantly endearingWhat I liked about this story was the build up of than just the murder mystery There's a good dollop of mystery in other aspects of Raina's life too her romantic past and her family are both hiding a good share of skeletons And things get mysterious before it all unravels in a satisfying endI'd recommend this book to all lovers of fun light murder mysteries Romance fans looking for something different might also enjoy it

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Raining Men and CorpsesRaining Men and CorpsesBook 1 of the Raina Sun Murder Mystery seriesA contemporary humorous mystery set in the fictitious small college town of Gold Springs California Raina Sun is a typical graduate student trying to keep her head above water as the bills roll in from a lawsuit disputing an inheritance from her dysfunctional family Then her dashing college adviser cons her out of several months of rent Her uest to get her money back 25 starsI read this for the Terror in a Small Town suare for Halloween Bingo Someone was in the house Raina tiptoed around the car to the side door The rushing noise in her ears competed with her uneven breaths Her clammy hands gripped the doorknob She twisted and pulled The door scraped against the concrete floor ripping through the silence It opened an inch Gooseflesh peppered her arms This is first in a series that looks to follow along with Raina as she amateur sleuths her way through situations and her detective ex husband Matthew tries to get her to mind her own business Their relationship was completely mystifying as the most we get about Matthew is he has gold flecked eyes thinks he will snap one day because his dad was an alcoholic and wants Raina to stay out of murder cases Told from Raina's point of view we get statements here and there about how Matthew and her were childhood sweethearts married he left her cuffed and naked in a hotel room in Rome and their marriage was annulled in Vegas Again this first in series which all these little statements dropped here and there I kept checking to make sure I didn't miss a beginning novella or something; I felt so lost in regards to their relationship The murder mystery had great red herrings but it was a bit overshadowed by how I kept being baffled how so many were disregardingdisrespecting the police and investigation No one seems to be telling the police the truth and some officers seem to be ok messing up an investigation because of personal feelings This along with not getting a pov from Matthew and him using believable procedure for the investigation gave the story of a chik lit murder mystery farce Raina and the cast of characters including her grandmother and friend Eden were enjoyable to follow along with for the afternoon but I needed details to explained connections to really immerse myself in the story