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Read or Die 1 ↠ ROD Read or Die Saison DOD DREAM OR DIE DOD DREAM OR DIE pisode de la Saison de ROD Read or Die une srie TV lance en Anita returns to her school where everyone's behavior just seems slightly off Hisa likes Tohru Chiho is shy and Natsumi is embarrased by her sisters' accomplishments Wendy Earhart approROD Read or Die Saison DOD DREAM OR DIE DOD DREAM OR DIE pisode de la Saison de ROD Read or Die une srie TV lance en Anita returns to her school where everyone's behavior just seems slightly off Hisa likes Tohru Chiho is shy and Natsumi is embarrased by her sisters' accomplishments Wendy Earhart approaches Anit Plante Jeunesse ROD Read Or Die En effet ROD Read Or Die est la base une srie de nouvelles publies de L’histoire a t crite par Hideyuki Kurata scnariste sur L'Autre Monde et Excel Saga et les illustrations sont de Taraku Uon ce design a t repris dans les OAV Il existe ROD Read or Die Box DVD Zone | Rakuten ROD Read or Die Box pas cher retrouvez tous les produits disponibles l'achat dans notre catgorie DVD Zone ROD Read or Die Saison Bonjour tristesse French Bonjour tristesse French Hello Sadness pisode de la Saison de ROD Read or Die une srie TV lance en Having defeated the Mirror Man and his followers Anita and Yomiko pursue Junior and Y This is my review of the whole Read or Die series I've been trying to get into reading manga and I really wanted to like Read or Die I really did I almost didn't want to think about it so I could enjoy it However if I enjoyed it the review wouldn't be nearly as heartfelt The manga wants to be a lot of things; a school story a spy story an X Men ish 'we have powers that no one understands' preachfest an action comedy and a dash of wanting to appreciate great literature without referencing any of it Sure I liked the Misery uip at the beginning and the story has a nice synopsis going for it but it's not consistently clever or cohesive enough to be considered great or even a full story at times The story has a promising premise without a doubt Yomiko is a bubbly teacher turned agent with an ability to control paper and but not her feelings about her troubled past From the get go it announces that Yomiko is in a world where greater organizations like the London library suits following her around are pulling the strings and reuesting that she helps them find rare books for some reason There's also old dirt on the bibliophiles like Yomiko; her former boyfriend Donnie and his best friend Ridley that is seemingly covered up by the organization as well Along the way Yomiko meets an author and tries to save a group of students and her interactions with all the characters stereotypical or otherwise were pretty sweet and geneuine I also liked the psychological effects Yumiko experienced from supposedly killing Donnie and there were some sad and sweet moments along the way even if the manga doesn't fully resolve them or make use of their full potentialWith me so far? Good because that's all I got too The rest of the story is so convoluted and all the character and story subplots and arcs introduced previously get lost in the shuffle very VERY uickly Fighting between two groups of students comes out of nowhere and gets resolved somehow A giant paper dragon worm flies out of the ground as part of an ancient library of books that the London library wants to find the book of truth again for some unexplained reason The library also weaves in and out of fight scenes for some reason and while they are seemingly pulling the strings they just end up being there to give the illusion of story amid all the fighting Ridley eventually shows up out of nowhere announcing that he's Yomiko's rival and the books then feel the need to take a big info dump and tell us all about his experience which when digging deeper doesn't even make sense Who are Donnie and Ridley and how did they get their powers? Why does the library want the book of truth? Why is it so important to begin with? Why does Yomiko fight for the students and why does she try so hard at all of this in general? The manga posed so many unanswered uestions and threw up so many red herrings that I started to get bogged down with uestions than the suspense that the story tries to build and they started to drag my enjoyment of the story down very very uickly On top of that so few of them get unanswered that I felt cheated with the ending I gotThe action and occasional panel furthers my confusion as well The art is drawn well for sure but during the action seuences a boom or bang along with a beam of light or a flying character will be so huge and dramatic that it almost took me out of the experience and came across as obnoxious than intense This when paired with the confusing story that ties itself in knots comes across as half baked Being a bibliophile myself I really wanted to enjoy Read or Die and I'm aware that the anime has uite a bit of praise but if you were to read the manga first I would recommend passing it up

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Res vidos HD p gratuites sur votre ordinateur de lesoavrrodreadordie La Liste Du Souvenir par LPDM Nom original ROD Read Or Die Origine Japon Anne de production Maison de production Studio Orphee Aniplex Nombre d'pisodes x min Auteur Hideyuki Kurata Producteur Masatoshi Fujimoto Keiichi Matsuda Directeur Koji Masunari Chara design original Taraku Uon Chara design Masashi Ishihama Mecha design Eiji Suganuma Dcors Noriyuki Zinguzi Direction artistiue Kazuo ROD Read or Dream Title MangaDex Michelle is a romantic daydreamer and hardcore book collector Maggie is a soft spoken bookworm who always gets mistaken for a boy Anita is an athletic tomboy who doesn't have time for reading Together they're the Paper Sisters three very different siblings united by a strange power the ability to control paper in any way they desire And from their Hong Kong detective agency they solve ROD read or die read or dream Sujet ROD read or die read or dream Sam Jan Sam Jan Dreadful First of all I don't agree with the YA rating I'd say it's for pervy middle aged men with a taste for underage girls It's a fun romp until an obsessed fan an adult man abducts and attempts to rape a high schooler The high schooler is an accomplished novelist and he says he will rape her on a bed of her own books Then there's the seuence where the heroine tries on several too small outfits including a school uniform There's also ueer baiting And finally the art is subpar and difficult to interpret at times I've been told that the second series Read Or Dream and the movie are much better but I have no intention of spending time to find out If you like manga for younger people my recommendation is read literally ANYTHING ELSE by legendary author Rumiko Takahashi rather than this

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R O D Read or Die 1Omiko shows Anita how to fly her paper plane Junior rides in a ROD Read Or Die Icotaku ROD Read Or Die ou ROD Read or Die ROD リード・オア・ダイ est une srie d'OAVs de anims par Studio DEEN Adaptation d'un light novel Disponible chez Dybex ROD Read Or Die | Krinein ROD Read Or Die Par Kei; Jul ; Lire ou mourir il faut choisir uand classiue rime avec originalit A Washington DC un trange individu dtruit la Maison Blanche coups d'clairs u'il produit avec ses mains en pensant u'il s'agissait de la bibliothue du Congrs Un peu plus tard une nue d'insectes mene par un homme sur une sauterelle gante s'abat sur vf ROD – Read Or Die – Streaming Vf Film ROD – Read or Die film streaming vf ROD – Read or Die streaming film complet regarder ROD – Read or Die streaming complet film vostfr Voir ROD – Read or Die Film Complet streaming Vf regarder des films avec sous titres franais gratuitement Regardez un film en ligne ou regardez les meilleu Great premise ruined by too much fanservicey bits Sigh Yomiko’s paper controlling powers and the whole saving books premise were great I did not need all of the not subtle at all fanservice Also likeif you have a really creepy perv villain dude portray him as such??? It was too much like he was included for someone to ah enjoy reading about rather than Oh gosh this guy is disgusting let’s defeat him The latter is fine the former NO Also justmake the two girl MCs like each other and be cute stop ueer baiting and using the idea for fanservice They don’t you know do anything on page but it is super obvious they’re meant to be liking each other and instead of being cute and innocent it is cringy and just ‘off’ to me Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus are cute Madoka and Homura are cute THIS WAS NOT CUTE harrumph Maybe later volumes aren’t so much like this because the initial premise really was good As is I’ll give 2 stars and that is for the premise only I do not like the execution one bit