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Never an Amish Bride Honey Brook #1 Book ð 400 pages Download ë Welcome to charming Honey Brook Pennsylvania where bestselling author Ophelia London will bring you on a moving and unforgettable journey through faith forgiveness and ultimately loveEverything changed for Esther Miller with the death of her beloved fiancSician’s assistant must take precedence With sweet and beautiful Esther he finds a comfort he’s never known and he feels like anything is possibleeven forgiveness But she was Jacob’s bride to be first And if she knew the truth would she ever truly open her heart to him?USA Today bestselling author Ophelia London brings a sweet heartfelt and surprisingly funny take to the popular Amish romance canno Never an Amish Bride by Ophelia London is the first novel in the Honey Brook series Honey Brook Pennsylvania is a cozy town in Lancaster County Gossip spreads uickly in this small Amish town Esther Miller was to marry Jacob Brenneman two years ago but he died a few weeks before their wedding day After Jacob passed no one would talk about him or how he died Esther is struggling right now especially with her faith Esther’s younger sister Sarah is getting wed in November and she has roped Esther into planning the event as well as sewing the wedding dress It is the last thing that Esther wishes to do Lucas Brenneman left town when he was sixteen on a mission and he returned six months ago He wonders about his family and if he has made the right choices I thought Never an Amish Bride was well written with developed main characters The characters are realistic with their struggles involving family faith and tragedy The romance is sweet and progresses at a gentle pace I enjoyed the way they could talk to each other and their playful banter There is humor in the story and light moments that I enjoyed I love the three kids baby pygmy goats that were dressed in various costumes I could just imagine them in Christmas sweaters I loved the Anne of Green Gables references where Esther likens Lucas to Gilbert Blythe Esther made some wonderful soap I would not mind her clove soap myself I like how the soap played into Esther and Lucas’ romance I thought the author should have included a recipe at the end or tips for making soap Never an Amish Bride is a delightful Amish story and I wish that we did not have to wait for spring for The Amish Cowboy’s Homecoming I appreciated the epilogue at the end Never an Amish Bride is a charming Amish tale with soap bar battles a wayward wagon plush pygmy goats wedding woes soaring scents a dress dilemma

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Welcome to charming Honey Brook Pennsylvania where bestselling author Ophelia London will bring you on a moving and unforgettable journey through faith forgiveness and ultimately loveEverything changed for Esther Miller with the death of her beloved fiancé Jacob Even years later she still struggles with her faith and purpose in the small tight knit Amish village of Honey Brook especially now that her yo Rating 455I am so happy to discover this is the first book in a new series – I can’t wait to read about the folks who live in the delightful Amish community of Honey Brook a cozy town in Lancaster County Pennsylvania One of those residents is Esther Miller who is currently struggling with her faith and her place in the community after the untimely death of her fiancé just weeks before they were to be married When she sees Jacob’s older brother Lucas Brenneman she can’t resist trying to discover about what happened to Jacob whilst he was away with LucasLucas is a physician’s assistant and although he was brought up in the Amish community he has never been baptized and feels his family have rejected him as they never replied to his letters for years He is now living like the Englisch with cable television driving a car having a mobile phone etc However he doesn’t know just how much life has changed for the Amish community and he welcomes the opportunity to hear what has happened to his parents and siblings whilst he has been away whilst talking to EstherAs these two seem fated to keep meeting their attraction to each other grows It is fantastic to read how their interactions impact on each other’s faith dreams and lives It is a lovely heartwarming story of family dreams faith and love that I can’t recommend highly enough Beautifully written it is a moving easy read to escape into and I look forward to reading in this series and by this author in futureI reuested and was gifted a copy of this lovely book via NetGalley and this is my honest review after choosing to read it and thoroughly enjoying doing so

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Never an Amish Bride Honey Brook #1Unger sister is getting married All she wants is to trust in the Lord to help her find peacebut peace is the last thing she gets when Lucas Jacob’s wayward older brother returns to townLucas Brenneman has been harboring a secret for years the real reason he never returned from Rumspringa and the truth behind his brother Jacob’s death Honey Brook still calls to him but he knows his occupation as a phy First in the Honey Brook series Never an Amish Bride is written by Orphelia London a newcomer to the Amish genre is a delightful visit to Honey Brook Pennsylvania near the well known Lancaster Pennsylvania It is Gott’s will if Esther Miller hears that one time she’s going to lose it After the death of her fiancé Jacob Brenneman just a few short weeks of their wedding Esther struggles with grief even after the 7 years he’s been gone With no one to talk with it almost becomes than she can bear; especially with her purple wedding dress still hanging in her closet Lucas Brenneman left Honey Brook than a decade ago during his rumspringa and simply didn’t return until recently Working as a physician assistant in a local medical office Lucas has not seen any of the local Amish in the office or nor have they sought him out He wrote letters to his mother the whole time he was away and even sent her a letter when he arrived in Honey Brook Unable to hold her uestions any longer Esther bursts into the medical office one afternoon after spying Lucas through the window She doesn’t understand why Jacob died especially after spending a year with his brother; it just seems so strange to her Rather set aback by Esther’s sudden appearance and the rapid fire of uestions a stunned Lucas withholds the information Esther so earnestly seeks; he made a promise to his brother that he would never tell anyone but especially Esther I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and Just Read Tours via NetGalley and am not reuired to write a positive review review All thoughts and opinions therein are solely my own and freely shared