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DOWNLOAD ´ More Than Pancakes Maple Leaf #1 ↠ Lily Hinsdale spends her California days designing extravagant hotels for Utopia Resorts Her nights are filled with the glitz and glamour of upscale parties Until her grandmother dies and leaves Lily property in wretched Vermont The woods mean only one thing to Lily—nightmares When Utopia Ng When Lily marches her expensive boots onto Rick’s land and proposes turning it into a mega resort the serenity of the woods is shattered Lily always closes a deal Rick never intends to sell They’ll need to compromise or someone else will do it for them Someone who is not afraid of the woods or the city Or spilling a little blood. Liked1 Pancakes Pancakes Nom nom nom I admit the title suckered me in; it almost didn't matter what the blurb was I love pancakes and they're one of the few foods I actually make from scratch Rick and Lily both love pancakes I may have enjoyed you than pancakes he whispered into her hair Also pancake recipes would have been awesome I'm always on the lookout for 2 Maple syrup Real maple syrup not the imitation stuff but the good stuff I got a little hungry reading this bookD It was neat learning a little about the maple syrup business but I would have liked even detail not a lot but would have been nice2 There were some good sparks between Lily and Rick They made a good combination and worked well together At first they couldn't understand each other and thought the other was from another planet but they got to know each other and they began to click Each of them does sweet things for the other which made me smile 4 Sage and Hope Rick's cousins They were sassy smart mouthed funny and occasionally sweet They made me laugh at the hard time they gave Rick They were a nuisance but their actions derived from their love of Rick Their mother Rick's aunt Joy was a sweetie tooDisliked1 The main conflict was that Lily needed to buy Rick's land for the company she worked for That was okay but some of other conflicts seemed contrived and artificial Rick country boy Lily city girl never can the twain meet There are legitimate lifestyle differences but in the story it's all artificial2 Lily was amazingly naive for someone in her late 20s early 30s and with her work experience She's never encountered environmentalists before or had people present environmental concerns while designing hotels for her employer a resort company Seriously I find that highly unlikely and unbelievable It was also an artificial wedge between Lily and Rick one that could have been handled in a much realistic manner She'd always thought everyone was for progress and innovation but maybe that wasn't the case Maybe there were tree huggers than she'd realized Maybe there were people like RickMore naivete California was full of actors pretenders playing parts but Lily hadn't realized it was also full of liars3 We're also meant to believe that Lily likes wielding power and is capable of being ruthless; we're told this several times but we don't see it She makes a half assed attempt at best at securing the land she needs which Rick refuses to sell At no time do we see her being ruthless or even trying to wield her power In fact she caves uite uickly at Rick's refusal and is easily talked into considering other options4 Rick's sprained ankle Rick sprains his ankle early on and it's an ongoing part of the story It's allegedly severe and yet he's not undergoing any physical therapy there's not even a mention of it I've known several people with severe ankle sprains and they all needed PT one for almost a year Rick also gets around surprisingly well though the author does have Rick in pain and walking with some difficultySummary There were some big believability issues with the story and it lacked depth but it was cute and sweet I enjoyed it and I will probably read the next one which focuses on Rick's cousin Sage


O travel to a place she’d rather forget Rick Stannard makes maple syrup and builds barns in the peace and uiet of picturesue Vermont Noisy New York City nearly killed him a few years back and now he lives a calm simple life with his coyote Poe and his beloved book collection It’s the only way he’s guaranteed to wake up each morni. More Than Pancakes is a uick mostly light very sweet but not TOO sweet story Lily Rick come from two vastly different worlds Lily is the bright lights of Hollywood designer inns Rick is the uiet solitude of nature What we get when these two meet is instant attraction chemistry and a fairly uick friendship that was super fun to read We also get to meet Rick's family and get to know Sage Hope prior to their stories being told in the next two booksThere's also a very adorable pet coyote named Poe She may have stolen a few scenes I highly recommend this story if you're looking for a uick recovery read from some of the heavier stuff that's out there I like the heavy stuff too or just something fun

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More Than Pancakes Maple Leaf #1Lily Hinsdale spends her California days designing extravagant hotels for Utopia Resorts Her nights are filled with the glitz and glamour of upscale parties Until her grandmother dies and leaves Lily property in wretched Vermont The woods mean only one thing to Lily nightmares When Utopia wants the land for development Lily is forced t. I chose this one out of my long list of need to finish kindle books for an easy read because what's better for that then a romance mystery that surrounds maple syrup right Unfortunately I found myself unable to get into this storyAt first I thought it was just me and my reading stump but the I tried to push forward the I came realize it was something else Specifically with that something else being the writing The first page was a good example of two of the writing issues I encountered throughout the book Overuse of detail and awkward sentences Usually the use of detail is important but it got to the point where it made me stop and uestion on why exactly was this being detailed The books goes from describing what type of flooring Rick fell on hickory if you're wondering to saying what kind of table they were setting their coffee on coffee table chest if you were also wondering As for the awkward sentences here's one from page onehe’d been living with the eccentricities of having an animal meant for the wild living in his cabin He’d trained her Knew she wouldn’t attack him while he sleptAlso from page sixFor all her poking fun Sage took care of him just as Aunt Joy and Hope did They were his family all he had All he neededAnd page twelveGood thing too because he was freezing And maybe a little dizzy Definitely tired as all helland page eighteen An unfortunate putrid cream color—not at all sexy like the black amethyst pearl paint on her Lexus back home—the machine laughed in the face of the challenging drivewayand page twenty one She went to the sunken great room with its floor to vaulted ceiling fireplace and pressed a button on the end table by the huge leather sectionalOther writing issues I stumbled upon included1 Commas where there shouldn't of been and no commas where there should of been Also the use of too much commas flash back Commas commas everywhere2 Awkward wording the water had become a lukewarm tea She's talking about her bath water here3 Words used where they shouldn't of been “When nine o’clock rolled around and we didn’t see this face” she bent to pat his cheek “we knew something not good had happened” The words not good should of been left out4 Words missing from where they should of been She slammed into another deep rut in the road and missed California Found herself missing California flows allot better doesn't it Unless she actually missed hitting California while driving Oh and the overuse of commas follows after this5 It sometimes jumped around but I blame this mostly on the awkward sentencingIn short this book needed an editor or just a better oneAs for the charactersI found them all to be very one dimensional; they easily blended into the backgroundRick was just as described in the summary No nonsense and old fashion The kind that would live by the rule that if it's not broke don't fix it Oh and he owns a wild coyote that he's raised since birthLily apparently has some trauma related fears for the woods due to an incident that had happened when she was young and visiting the very same house she is desperately trying to get rid of And after the sneak peak of that said incident it's not hard to see why I never read past chapter three so I can't say much about her character except she seems like a typical city girl with some love problems There was the one line though that made me cringe and take a small disliking to herThe entire notion of having a Utopia Resort dedicated to the average family made Lily nauseous But if Utopia wanted something Utopia got it End of storyJust because the average family is unable to afford such luxurious on a daily basis doesn't mean they're unworthy of them all together Lily You wouldn't have these hotels if it wasn't for the average people who help builtrun them So think about thatBut considering the storyline focuses on them helping one another grow I expect there to be some major character development and thank goodness for that because Rick is one maple tree closer to becoming a hermit and Lily is in need of some deep soul searching and perhaps a trauma therapist while you're at itThe only positive things I can say about this book is that the cousins' banter between Rick was pretty funny and that I was so distracted by the writing that I forgot this was a mystery novel and would of been completely surprised when something did happened if only I could of gotten to it Other then that I'm glad this was a free kindle book