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Microserfs Epub ✓ 371 pages ✓ Narrated in the form of a Powerbook entry by Dan Underwood a computer programmer for Microsoft this state of the art novel about life in the '90s follows the adventures of six code crunching computer whizzes Known as microserfs they spend upward of 16 hours a day coding writing software as they eat flat foods such aPassed underneath closed doors and fearfully scan the company email to see what the great Bill might be thinking and whether he is going to flame one of them Seizing the chance to be innovators instead of cogs in the Microsoft machine this intrepid bunch strike out on their own to form a high tech start up company named Oop in Silicon Valley Li This book is one of my all time favorites a bildungsroman of the techie world set between its two 1990s axes Microsoft and Silicon Valley My friends hear me make uips from this book far too often perhaps my favorite being Microsoft hired 3000 people last year and you know not all of them were gemsThe uick summary is boy goes to work for Microsoft boy leaves Microsoft for startup in Silicon Valley and lives and learns as he and his friends his coworkers struggle to ship product But it's not about the technology and it's not about the businessThe technical aspects of the plot such as it is were laughable then and even ridiculous now but the dreams and aspirations and the surreality of life in both places and ages as the characters grope through their 20's and growing up come through clearly The book is an odd mixture of straightforward events weird vignettes and stream of consciousness observation of the totems and symbols of this weird weird world and somehow it worksI can't tell you if this is really a good book though because I spent time at Microsoft in the early 1990's and I was a 20 something then and I moved to Silicon Valley in the late 1990's and this book just got it it understood what it meant to be in this weird culture and this weird place and this weird age where anything could happen if you just worked hard enough and you let your health go to hell and you got to be in on one point oh 10 It might be less a novel of growth for our times than a historical artifact capturing that experience that was the 90s or it might just be the novel that somehow captured my lifeAll I know is that I keep reading it again and again and I still think it's good

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Narrated in the form of a Powerbook entry by Dan Underwood a computer programmer for Microsoft this state of the art novel about life in the '90s follows the adventures of six code crunching computer whizzes Known as microserfs they spend upward of 16 hours a day coding writing software as they eat flat foods such as Kraft singles which can be Edited to include flat foods at the reuest of an obsessive nerdy friendHighly amusing little book of coders all aged 32 mentally if not in years being obsessed with programming and living their messy student type lives shaped by this consuming passionThe idea of flat foods that can be slipped under a door for their Asperger's type friend who cannot leave his room until all the code is written is funny Kraft cheese slicesFruit leatherMelted icecream does this countMelba toastSaltinesCucumber slicesPastrami slicesPizza trianglesPumpernickel breadOk bored now I'm sure there are a lot that would be uite sustaining for any obsessive AS coder

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MicroserfsVing together in a sort of digital flophouse Our House of Wayward Mobility they desperately try to cultivate well rounded lives and find love amid the dislocated subhuman whir and buzz of their computer driven worldFunny illuminating and ultimately touching Microserfs is the story of one generation's very strange and claustrophobic coming of ag Douglas Coupland’s Microserfs reads like a time capsule crossed with a nerds only Breakfast Club Focused on the California geek population who powered the late eightiesearly nineties technology boom the novel focuses so much on time and place that it could arguably be classified as historical The CD ROM and early internet references seem like an AOL disc or heavy monitor both uaint and annoying Coupland transcends the period piece nature of Microserfs about 60% of the time especially when he focuses less on era only details and on the way people interact with technology in concert with the way they interact with other human beingsDan the narrator works at Microsoft with a stock ragtag set of programmers that if the book were filmed would consist of actors you had seen before but you weren’t sure where When the smartest of the group hits on the idea of creating a CD ROM with on screen Lego like capabilities the group collectively leave the womb of Gates’ company and leap into the venture capital funded 10 world of internet um I’m sorry CD ROM start ups Coupland’s staccato delivery propelled by short blogesue paragraphs works well within the frenetic nature and outsider uality Dan and his colleagues embody The characters are significantly meta; they know they’re geeks they’re unsure of what they want and they talk a lot about the pros and cons of nerd dom They bond over Star Trek references and analyze the fact they all buy their clothes at The Gap The creative and financial risks and rewards of the classic “one big idea that could make us all rich” leads the friends especially Dan to address their strengths shortcomings and whatever it was that carried them for better or for worse to programmingCoupland has mined this territory before He’s comfortable as in The Gum Thief framing anonymous corporate settings as canvases that in their bland structure both impede identity development and provide the opportunity for one to step back and respond to the lack of stimuli Dan’s hobbledehoy disposition is laced with strength and insecurity He stitches his love of computers with the acuisition of his first real girlfriend and come to terms with the childhood death of an older brother Does that make for an exciting book No But Microserfs contains some compassionate passages especially when the nerds speak honestly Breakfast Club style both through email which was probably still novel then and face to face or when Dan’s mother uses technology don’t want to spoil it to communicate from a far away placeI don’t love Coupland but I count on him for breezy thoughtful novels when I’m in the mood for something between light and heavy Microserfs lives up to that expectation but doesn’t attempt to rise beyond the characters’ pursuit of uiet self acceptance in the anonymous Silicon Valley As I was reading I thought of getting lost near Seattle in what seemed like an endless landscape of strip malls and Olive Gardens The sterile clinical environment does not preclude a desire for identity Dan and his colleagues would understand that desire as they ventured from their innominate apartments into the suburban night probably stopping at a 7 11 grabbing something to eat and talking about where to go next