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FREE DOWNLOAD Ú NATURAL-TREATMENT.CO.UK ä Anne Rice And resolution and of the extraordinary power of the senses It is a novel only Anne Rice could wri. I admit that I couldn't get through the rest of The Vampire Chronicles but this one stays a favouriteWhy do you like it so oh vampire crazy Vessey Really I do like vampires Even though I'm not a Twilight fan I even have my own set of teeth A real goth girl inhabits my body and she hungers for dark adventures I'm a sinister person I know First I really like Anne Rice's prose It is so beautiful and enchanting The whole story comes along with a good measure of dark sensuality which I particularly like What is important to me though is that it presents in a very captivating way problems which have been haunting humanity since for ever How many people in reality live tortured by guilt and loneliness and feel different than everybody else the way Louis does Or how many people are tormented by the thought that their looks do not show their true self and that the others are unable to see past the surface Claudia Or how many people are forced to live and suffer with someone they can never uite connect to out of necessity loneliness because they love them despite all or all three at once I think many people can relate to the heroes I should say anti heroes really of this dark taleWhat is loneliness What is the world What is eternity What does it mean to be immortal What is the nature of existence Is there God What does it mean to be good What does it mean to be evil And which is the bigger evil to be the actual committer of a crime or to allow it What is life what is death It speaks not only of and the value of life and death of humans as individuals but of the life and death of beliefs values possibilitiesIt is told through the POV of one narrator but it has a really big scope Anne Rice shows an amazing skill in reflecting people's feelings and struggles What is fiction if not a mirror to reality Two opposite concepts which are not that opposite after all Every creation of art is a message born out of its creator's experience and inner worldRead count 4

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FREE DOWNLOAD Î Interview with the Vampire ☆ Here are the confessions of a vampire Hypnotic shocking and chillingly erotic this is a novel of mesmerizing beauty and astonishing force a story of danger and flight of love and loss of suspense and resolution and of the extraordinary power of the senses It is a novel only Anne Rice could wri Here are the confessions of a vampire Hypnotic shocking and chillingly erotic this is a novel of m. If you would kindly look at my shelves you might notice that I've read a good chunk of vampire novels written in the past two decades It seemed strange to me though that I still hadn't read one of the important ones Now I don't think it's because this book is particularly brilliant or a masterpiece Yet it does represent an important paradigm shift in the representation of vampires in modern literature Whilst Vampires are still unaccountably evil in this novel they are also relatable capable of sparking our empathy and intimate to us on a level not really seen previously to this novelPublished in 1976 it is the story of the world's most boring vampire Louis Okay I take that back ALMOST the world's most boring vampireimage error


Interview with the VampireEsmerizing beauty and astonishing force a story of danger and flight of love and loss of suspense. I really enjoyed this book Read it a while ago Thought the film was very good Not sure whether it was as good as the book or not It is very similar to The Picture Of Dorian Grey In both books the main character had a wealth of knowledge and experience They rub shoulders with the privileged peopleIs vampirism real I once watched a documentary video; fake news And in the film a lab scientist had a series of clear tanks containing mice Some pregnant mice some new born mice and another containing an old mouse The hairs on its chin were grey so I guess he was getting old I think mice only live for about two years so this one was probably at least two summers old Anyhow I digress this gets nasty now The video goes into a time lapse The lab assistant was taking baby mice from the mother and feeding them to the old mouse The video is filmed over a couple of weeks and condensed to a few minutes on the time lapse Now the old mouse is getting younger Wtf The old mouse eating the pure clean flesh of new born mice gets younger His greying chin hair is now a lovely golden brown and he is flitting about his environment like a teenager I don't know whether this video is real or fake Was the mouse swapped with a younger one Who knows If it is fake it is uiteelaborate So I ask again is vampirism realIf it is real then the Race of the Vampire would be far older than humanity That means they would Predate humanity So explains why Vampires predate as in hunt feed off suck the blood of humans So does Predate mean what is says before Or hunt stalk eat Or are the two meanings the same Was the Tiger here before the deer Was the wolf here before the sheep As humans with our intellect we as a race don't really have a predator these days We create things to protect us So are we the top of the food chain Do we as in all nature have a predator For every right there is a left and every up there is a down Are we the most intelligent beings on this planet Are there many races Do they hide in the shadows What is folklore compared to mainstream Why is Romania called Rome Mania Legend of Dracuul Vlad the Impaler A madman Was ancient Romania Visigoths Gothic Named so because it became a Roman outpost Rome occupied Egypt Romany curses and casting spells The mystics of Egypt did too I am forever playing Devils Advocate too many uestions and not enough answers Let's take the Alfa Romeo car manufacturer I recently learned it is owned by the Vatican Maybe Who knows We all know that the Vatican is a state within a state Like the city of London where all the oligarchy live Or the District Of Colombia So the Vatican probably owns the Alfa Romeo car company secretly it would appear The esoteric world communicate via logos Sigils symbols icons etc A picture spells a thousand wordsonly to those who can decipher them Words are only for the masses They are swordsNow let's look at the Alfa Romeo badge I am not going to copy and paste one in for fear of copy right strike One will have to look for themselves however I can describe it Here goesA circle within a circle The outer circle enveloping around spells the words Alfa Romeo To the left of the inner circle is the Red Cross of St George To the right is a dragon On the dragon's head is a Crown A forked tongue protruding from the dragons mouth How absurdLet's break this down A circle within a circle A wheel within a wheel Hidden Esoteric OcculticThe outer circle contains the word Alfa top supreme dominance Also the word Rome It envelopes the inner circle So Rome is top dogTo left of the inner circle is the St George Flag A red cross England Did St George not slay the dragonTo the right of the flag is a DragonOn top of its head is a Crown Royalty What appears to be a forked tongue protruding from its maw If one turns the logo 180 degrees one can clearly see it is not a tongue at allit is a human So the Dragon has a Crown on its head and a human hanging out of its mouth How absurd It's only a company logo rightSo according to this badge Rome is top dog and there would be no Royalty if not for Holy Roman Empire The Royals are actually dragons Lol And they eat humans really David Icke must be cringing Lol It is so absurd it is crazy What is true is that some time ago Prince Charles visited Romania and whilst walking around some Gothic temples with the Romanian leader he turned and said With a chuckle You do realise ofcourse that I am a direct descendant of Vlad The Impaler Or words to that effect I remember watching it on a mainstream news channel Is Prince Charles the Prince Of Wales I think he is Does the Welsh flag have a Red Dragon on it I believe it does Is Prince Charles a direct descendant of Vlad The Impaler He thinks he is Saxe Coburg Gotha Interesting to know that Windsor is not the real name of the British Royals Romania Rome Egypt Britain Celtic Druids Mysticism The Vatican Royal Bloodlines The elites believe itIncidentally the Visigoths had a distinctive red shield and a Criss Sword I read some where that the name Rothschild means Red ShieldCoincidence I hope I am not hung drawn and uartered I used to watch Penny Dreadful on TV and really thought it was a great show Penny Dreadfuls were small comic book magazines from the Victorian era Basically like fantasy and folklore In the TV show the main plot was vampirism In the show the protagonists find an Alpha Vampire an original The creature has an autopsy The skin is scaly and covered in hieroglyphs Egyptian hieroglyphs Its fangs are akin to a serpent Hmm I thought it was a very interesting concept Dorian Grey also featured heavily in the show as did Spring Heeled Jack The show was subseuently scrapped I wonder why I wonder a lot When an alpha bites it infects A made vampire in folklore is actually infected not born a vampire so when it rises from the dead it could almost be considered a Zombie It is rumoured that archeologists have unearthed many plague pits across Europe and UK and in those mass graves the corpses were beheaded and had punctures to the chest area I once read an article about this very subject The piece outlined that indeed during the middle ages and before this was uite freuently practiced Was it merely superstition I certainty never learned this at school it was not in the curriculum I will research this subject 🐯👍Halloween it is nearFun dressing up people are ueerCelebrating and partying reverie in darkness enticeHollywood sins orgies and sacrificeMoloch possession and black eyes such follyMisery pain pleasure and melancholyPerversion casting couch a tug of the hairDemons persuasive cold crispy airMagicians black mirrors visions projectedChild actors extortion black mail not protectedA cabal a circle a ring a brotherhoodPreying on youth in every neighbourhoodMonsters bogey men moonlight and tearsVampirism blood thirst thousands of yearsDruidism skull and bones esoteric teachingTechnology 5G A net A web ever reachingBy Leo💓👍🐯#leo'sesotericprose#Adrenochrome