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Hiroshima doc Û Mass Market Paperback read ✓ On August 6 1945 Hiroshima was destroyed by the first atom bomb ever dropped on a city This book John Hersey's journalistic masterpiece tells what happened on that day Told through the memories of survivors this timeless powerful and compassionate document has become a classic that stirs thOn August 6 1945 Hiroshima was destroyed by the first atom bomb ever dropped on a city This book John Hersey's journalistic masterpiece tells what happened on that day Told through the memories of s It seems almost indecent to put a rating on this book I feel as if I am giving all these poor people's horrific suffering an excellent Yet this is a very powerful book told in a matter of fact reporting tone and it is an account that puts a human face to this devastation By following certain survivors we come to see and in my case to care greatly about these poor people How much suffering and horror this bomb caused on innocent people at the mercy of their emperor's decisions People like you and I just trying to live their lives feed their children take care of their families Not knowing what happened what type of new weapon caused this total devastation A young doctor one of the few available in the immediate aftermath who tries to take care of those he can with very few supplies and with only one hour of sleep in three days Another man who brings water to those who need it and tries to save as many as he can A young woman holding a dead baby for over four days waiting for her husband to be found so he can say goodbye So much anguish so much heartbreak My husband's uncle was the load master for the Enola Gay the bomber for this terrible act He suffered from depression for the rest of his life Why do these terrible things happen and why do they still continue today

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Urvivors this timeless powerful and compassionate document has become a classic that stirs the conscience of humanity The New York TimesAlmost four decades after the original publication of this cel I went old school with this one I printed out the original version of John Hersey's article from The New Yorker's Web site so I could read it in its original three columns per page format and surrounded by advertisements for Chesterfield cigarettes US Savings Bonds Old Overholt Straight Rye Whiskey Rosalind Russell in RKO's Sister Kenny Bell System Overseas Telephone Service and Knox the Hatter on Fifth Avenue at Fortieth StreetThis is the editorial note that ran with Hersey's story in the Aug 31 1946 issue of The New YorkerTO OUR READERSThe New Yorker this week devotes its entire editorial space to an article on the almost complete obliteration of a city by one atomic bomb and what happened to the people of that city It does so in the conviction that few of us have yet comprehended the all but incredible destructive power of this weapon and that everyone might well take time to consider the terrible implications of its use THE EDITORSHersey's book length article focuses primarily on six victims of the bombing Miss Toshiko Sasaki Dr Masakazu Fujii Mrs Hatsuyo Nakamara Father William Kleinsorge Dr Terufumi Sasaki and the Reverend Mr Kiyoshi Tanimoto tracking their lives from the morning of the bombing through the months of its aftermath It's a masterful piece of journalism and of a type little seen any The article has almost no attribution and few uotes Rather it uses a straightforward narrative style telling the story as it happened and the reader simply has to trust that Hersey did the footwork needed to compose his piece And it's obvious he didHersey gives almost no information about the US decision to bomb Hiroshima or the larger context of World War II but rather focuses solely on how the bombing and its aftermath affected the city's people The book is stronger as a result showing the full range of horrors caused by the dropping of an atomic bomb in particular on six people we come to know and care about deeplyIt speaks to Hersey's talents as a writer that despite the tragic subject matter and the physical and emotional turmoils he recounts we the readers don't want the book to end because that means leaving Miss Sasaki Dr Fujii Mrs Nakamura Father Kleinsorge Dr Sasaki no relation to Miss Sasaki and the Reverend Tanimoto behind We want to stay with them and make sure they're able to build new lives for themselvesThe book's last paragraph a school essay written by Toshio Nakamura who was 10 years old when the bomb was dropped is particularly heartbreaking and serves as a fitting coda for Hersey's piece It's short enough to uote here but really needs to be read in context It's the perfect ending to an important stirring work of journalism The entire book is highly recommended for all readers

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HiroshimaEbrated book John Hersey went back to Hiroshima in search of the people whose stories he had told His account of what he discovered about them is now the elouent and moving final chapter of Hiroshim “Do not work primarily for money; do your duty to patients first and let the money follow; our life is short we don't live twice; the whirlwind will pick up the leaves and spin them but then it will drop them and they will form a pile” Stunning Book report on Atomic Bomb explosion by US on Japan during WWIISpecial piece of writing and all data's near about the FactsIt expressed frantically by different perceptionsReveals by various person was remained alive and their efforts made in that drastic and vital situationIn end it describes hows such nuclear devastation could lead to atmospheric as well human deparature if ever would be come in used in anyway