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Life she must decide if she will reveal the truth or keep Dylan’s secrets to herself But if she reveals the truth will anyone be left standing by her side​?. This story was about Charley trying to maintain a normal life as a teenager while trying to grow into an independent woman With the help of her childhood friend Cash Charley was able to survive and maintain some semblance of normalcy I'm struggling with this topic and the fact Charley so easily brushed it under the rug From the beginning I became intolerant of Charley's character She was selfish by taking advantage of her friendship with Cash She knew how Cash felt about her yet she continued to string him along Charley's character was self absorbed in her appearance The author did not miss an opportunity to name brands and styles of clothing Charley's character was a young girl in high school who made a few bad choices and was conflicted with herself by uestioning those choices Charley had only ever wanted to make her parents proud yet had no concerns with lying about her whereabouts at night and breaking curfew Charley's character was a tease and a flirt with guys I felt like the author treated the situation with Dylan like a person falling off a bike Charley dusted herself off and began living her normal life Back to partying and back to dating Always in the back of her mind she feared that bike yet tried to remain courageous even though she never healed from falling off She had support from her friend Cash and her sister but not enough to eliminate the fearAs Charley laid in bed with Joe she would send a text to Cash telling him she loved him I found this behavior despicable This story had no emotional words to help support Charley's claim of being a rape victim I'm not sure what the authors motives were for keeping rape a secret while making it appear as Dylan wanting control I'm baffled by how blasé this author chose to treat a rape victim The author spent too much time on the play by play actions of the characters The author tried to build a fear in Charley's character that was not even present She introduced characters without a proper transition Cash's character was called upon by Charley when he had not been developed into the story and yet he had been her best friend since childhood No mention of this childhood developmentCharley wanted the college experience and wanted to take things slow with Cash Yet she began dating Joe and began partying again The author took a sensitive topic and used it as a means to create a damaged character Then the author tried to forget the situation by trying to focus on normalcy While seeking a normal college experience the author thought it was a great idea to find herself without the love and support of her childhood friend The main character ignored what her ex did to her as if she could remove it from her thoughts by replacing it with normalcy Then she thought if she learned about herself she could rise above the poor choices she made Her first mistake was not reporting the rape Allowing Dylan to escape without conseuences for his actions caused unnecessary fear Ignoring his actions created a poor attempt at moving on

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Full Circle SeriesCharley Rice has the guy all the girls want but when swimming star Dylan Sloan shows his true self it’s Charley that pays the price Cash Montgomery comes to he. Holy HotnessNo Turning Back #1What the actual hell Did that just happen The lying cheating biggest piece of scum on the earth Sorry about my little rant there but I seriously DID NOT see that coming and the cheek of the little Bd Charley is a college student who thought she bagged a good un' Dylan yeah he was a player and a bit of an ass but he was kind to Charley and was willing to wait for her until she was ready to giv' up her V card Nah ahSorry the story doesn't happen like that things turn sour and Charley has some BIG decisions to makeDoes she stay in her HometownorDoes she leave and start afresh leaving her loved ones behindLeaving the Oh so gorgeous I could kidnap him Cash Money sigh I want Cash please can you wrap him up and have him delivered to the UK for Christmas for me pleasssssseeeee DTaking the big jump Charley starts to get her life back on track she has made some awesome new friends Georgia and Tori crack me up She's met the most handsome and gently guy whilst at college Jackelope Joe ;This guy is AH MAZING He's so protective of Charley and I LOVE the southernYankee banter between these twoI LOVE the fact the Joe and Cash are ok with being non permanent fixtures in Charlie's life yet as she's trying to figure herself and her feelings outI LOVE how Casey has made these characters feel real like their part of the real world and she's just picked them up and wrote them in a book Charlie's your genuine home grown country girl she loves hunting working on her family’s farm and she’s not afraid to get dirty NOW that's what I'm talking aboutThings again start to turn sour for Charley but that's not stopping getting on with her life and her studies she has the most important people in her life looking out for her1 Cash2 Joe3 Piper4 GeorgiaI was furious with the ending I don't want to spoil it but you will feel the same ifwhen you read this book Seriously total douche bag moment coming your wayFinding Charley #2Can I say this WOWCash at the endtotal swoonworthy momentWhen you read that scene you will totally know know what I'm talking aboutAfter finding out the hidden truth of betrayal by one of her most trusted and loving friends Charley has yet again hit rock bottomall because of some egotistical maniac that thinks he can get what he wants when he wants and clearly can't take no for an answerAaarrrggghhhhseriously douche Grow the fk upIn this book we see a change in Charley she seems to have gained courage and determination to finally rid herself of her past demons and the one who keeps bringing her downDylanWe see her love and affection for Cash grow further while breaking their hearts in the process of bringing Dylan downI like how Casey has written the last scene of NTB in the beginning of FC just to refresh our memories and she totally picks up the storyline from thereI thought that I couldn't possibly fall any harder for the hot cowboy Cash hell I was wrongI fell hard for Cash and I can't wait to see what happens to their relationship in Loving CharleyLoving Charley #3Oh my fricking lord Char coal Cash Forever I love Casey PeelerThis WHOLE series is just absolutely amazing she couldn't of done a better job I love that Peeler has a re cap chapter in the beginning from FC Finding Charley so we can re cap on the ending of book #2 and have us ready and raring to divulge into the third You listen to me motherfr Char coal's not yours She's mine Fuck yeah Cash this guy right herewe need of him he's just too damn fg cuteand Dylan gets the beating that he's been missing out on in a looonnnggggg time Woop de Woop One thing I've realised is that I'm not takin' anything for granted Life is precious; you are precious and our forever is gonna be sooner rather than later Charley is an emotional wreck after publicly humiliating Dylan in front of everyone She's finally made them see him for what he really isan ugly monsterI've seen Charley progress as a character throughout this series and she continues to grow and proves her strength when if it would be meI'd fall at the first hurdleshe is a strong and independent woman when she wants to be Charley Anne Rice you have grown into a stubborn fierce and loving woman that I plan on making my wife one day You always say I'm your rock and that I saved you but you save me every day I'd just be another good ol' country boy but with youI'm the good ol' country boy with the strongest country girl on his side and I'll take that any day Cash Charley now face an emotional rollercoaster of event in the up and coming court hearing What will happen with DylanWill Cash pay for giving Dylan the beating that he truly deservedThe Kluft girls prove their loyalty and love for Charley time and again and Charley’s family is willing to do whatever it takes to help her get through one of the toughest times in her life I know what's going to happen in the future and I'm staring into her eyes right now I have no doubts about court our future or us You are it End of story The third instalment of this series answers all uestions that have led up to this point and incites the reader that there are good ol’ country boys like Cash who want a forever with the girl they loveIf you haven't had the chance to read this series you definitely should

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Full Circle Series Free read ↠ 106 Ô Charley Rice has the guy all the girls want but when swimming star Dylan Sloan shows his true self it’s Charley that pays the price Cash Montgomery comes to her rescue but Charley knows she needs to stand on her own and leave the small town of Grassy Pond to rediscover the girl she once wasWhen Dylan resurR rescue but Charley knows she needs to stand on her own and leave the small town of Grassy Pond to rediscover the girl she once wasWhen Dylan resurfaces in her. Losing Charley Full Circle Book 1First let me just say that this is the first book that read from this authorJust finish reading this book and I love it this book grab my attention from the first page to the very last one I couldn't put the book I did not wanted to finish it at all I cant wait to read the next one Let me just say that this book had me in a really good mood I just love itLove the characters and really love how this book turned out to be by just reading this book it gives you the filling that the book is so full of life and it just want to make you be a part of the storyThe story begging with Charlie Charlie goes through a bad experience with her ex boyfriend that's when she decide to move far away from her home to start college Charlie loves to swim she wants to experience collage the same way as everyone else once they are a fresh man she end up being part of the swimming team end up having some amazing friends that she knows they have her back when ever she need them their is also the love of her life and her best friend who is Cash Money Cash has always being their for her on the good times and the bad timesLove how their is no secrets between Cash and Charlie and how Cash knows everything about her he knows when she is not ok when she is happy and most Important he knows how she truly feel for him I just love Cash he is such a sweet heart with a temper and he understand that Charlie wants to experience everything about collage and that means Joe the one that she end up having a crush on but also turned out to be a friend that she get to trust and get to know him but oh I was loving him into he gave me a surprise and that just change my mind about himLove the girls from the swimming team and roommate from the second floor dorms I love how they all get alone like a big family I also love Charlie family and the relationship that she has with her parents and how they are always there for herI really enjoy this book and love it now I just don't think I could wait for the next bookFinding Charley Full Circle Book 2This story picks up right where NO TURNING BACK left ofThe night that Charlie find out how Jackpole Joe betrayed her her world turned upside down that was the night that she told the girls who Dylan really is after that night she acted ad nothing has happened when she got back home she told Cash and her sister Tessa and Piper the plan that she has to bring Dylan down they all agreed and her plan started to take actionLet me just say that I love it how this book got interesting love it how she put a good front and sometimes you just don't know if she acting or for real their where moment that broke my heart seen her suffering I really enjoy reading this book and I can't wait to read the rest of this seriesLoving Charley Full Circle #3WOW I just finish reading this book and I love it I have to say I am so in Love with this series I love the characters and love how the book turn out to be I have read the first two book in the series and I love them but this one I love it even I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away This book pick right up where FINDING CHARLEY left offThe story begging with Charley and Dylan at the party arguing Dylan admit to what he did so the plan that Charley and the Kluft girls came up with work But they did not think everything through cause when Dylan did not wanted to let her go Cash Money jump in and beat him up after they left the party Charley knew that it was time to report what happened to her to the police after feeling everything else that she needed too she knew that it was time to come clean with her parents after that talk the following morning everything when up side down Dylan got arrested Cash Money also got arrested but after they clear him out they spend one night together before Charley when back to school Now charley is focusing on school and swimming and waiting for the court date would she finally get the piece that she needs or will Dylan keep on hunting herI love the way that Charley and Cash Money are with each other I love it how you could feel the love that they have for one another I love it how her parents and the kluft girls are their for her and love it even when she is finally happyI really love and enjoy reading this book I wanted I did not wanted to finish this book at all I hope that their is another book on the way ; Author Casey Peeler THANK YOU again for this amazing characters and this awesome series LOVE IT