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Download ePub î Defiance ñ â Bernadette O'Brien child prodigyprofessor of physics at Harvardsentenced to die in the electric chair for the shocking murder of two male students In her journal her death book as she calls it Bernadette takes a dark look back at the unfolding events that led to the extraordinary crime for which she stood trialDefF 12 and stayed to rise within its ranksIn the incandescent erotically charged prose for which she is known Maso probes the depths of a female psyche inextricably embedded in a uniuely American matrix of sexuality violence and the clash of class difference as no writer before her has done This novel is written as a stream of consciousness of a murderer The way this murderer's brain sends her endless loops of the same information memories mathematics arguments wishes the way anybody's brain does makes you see that she could be anybody But despite the universal form the particulars of the content of her looping thought let the reader realize that in fact she couldn't be just anyone She has to be someone who has suffered loss and humiliation at unflagging levels for most of her life It's a riveting book

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Bernadette O'Brien child prodigyprofessor of physics at Harvardsentenced to die in the electric chair for the shocking murder of two male students In her journal her death book as she calls it Bernadette takes a dark look back at the unfolding events that led to the extraordinary crime fo This notebook has been of a companion than I could have imagined How strange that I have come to know it at this late hour One thing to lose in this chronicle of loss And to those of you who will read this later with a kind of magnifying glass combing it for clues—What is its message blurred in a cloud bottle washed onto a strange shore I am broken tonight More than usual even Into your hands Liz The brunt of my bewilderment A clusterfuck in the most deliciously visceral sense of the word Change the hovering 'it was amazing' to 'it is important' and you'll be getting somewhereI have to wonder how many turned tail at the sight of 'Feminism' hanging out in the Genres section of the book page This is the same train of thought that bemuses itself over the word 'polemic' being bandied with witless ease as an excuse for plunging the rating downward Along with political subjective obscene Don't even get me started on the word hystericalTry anger on for size Fury virulent coursing of blood and bone seething in from unearned malice and spewing out in all forms and succulent fecundities Whether 'tis just or not unfortunately depends on the perpetrator and the 'Feminism' floating just above the 'Literary fiction' and sinking just below the 'Novels' should give you enough of an idea of just who fits the bill of 'righteous fury' Patriarchy anyoneSo this particular tract does not let us escape Suspension of disbelief is rampant yes what with the child prodigy and the Harvard professor and the murder and the sadomasochistic spurts and schizophrenia and the female Yes Female with boyfriends cooling in the fridge If they were male Too common been there done that got the t shirt and the slogan and the society wide acceptance for that particular strain of human discordia Boys will be boysGender class race intellect sexuality did I forget anything else Religion but in the barest sense of the phrase Funnel the poor into hospitals and institutions and execution chambers unless they are very very special Special enough to merit that special cocktail of disbelieving glee that dumbfounded savior complex that marvels at the genius that proved too much for all kinds of systematic oppression to contain A gate breaker for the realm within which she was supposed to stay has no place for her not if she insists on doing as best she can Yes she I'm afraid I must emphasize that till kingdom come and all the world's a stage for all players You can have your white boys in lace and silk and person of colorface if you like that sort of thing but it's no substitute what with its added tax of rape culture and involuntary female circumcision notice the involuntary and the lotIt's not me spinning my wheels here Defiance splays it dressed to the nines admittedly plunged in the swirling cacophony of thought seizing upon thought in the glory of intersection and mental blockages but all you out there gaping for your next fix of 'difficult' that listy list of Shandy inspired and its so few women come Here's one reddening to rot on the vine for your perusal and as an added bonus I will even namedrop Lessing Morrison Jelinek You have no excuse Leave your despised alone for once Your feared your wretched your uarantined Your homosexuals your African Americans all your others your women your children Your tired your poor Your refuse Leave us be You laugh You choose to miss the subtext You minimize everything Nothing but hate and fear and ignorance We hold these truths to be self evidentMy amoral moody aristocrats Your wars your drugs your thousand assaults on the poor War without end amenMy eagle scouts My heads of state My government Step right in The water's ripe

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DefianceR which she stood trialDefiance pulls us into the world of a lonely defiant brilliant woman a misfit child a girl genius who left the working class Irish Catholic world of Fall River Massachusetts a stone's throw away from Cambridge who entered the halls of academic privilege at the age o Is this a novel A poem perhaps An ode or an elegy An Elegy on Pain and Suffering A prelude to Buddhism The world of pain and suffering where the compassion has not entered A world where compassion is meaningless because it is not cannot be understood Indeed compassion in Defiance is not real This is a world where life lacks any possibility of sense Much like the one we live inThis is the Fall of humankind perhaps correctly of womankind because the suffering is tied to being a woman It is a response to the horror of male betrayal to male betrayal of the very possibility of compassion The only salvation lies in death death and revenge beyond exploitation by those who want to bring about a resurrection to continued sufferingAnd what pain and suffering it's all there if a human can feel it unwanted birth poverty Irish Catholic parents drunken father religious mother suffering sexual abuse in front of her young daughter our heroine Bernadette illiterate brother abused by Catholic priest and dies at war genius protagonist who cannot fit into this family this world Added to this is the betrayal of the one source of comfort The betrayal that the reader is aware of in the tree house from the first page but must wait until the end to confirm That betrayal however is there on every page And then comes abortion the sexual perversion the resentment the revenge the violence the murder and it goes on page after page And the death wish that the reader seizes upon with every hope that Bernadette will die I continued to read with a dread that she would survive that there would be a stay of execution The author Carole Mason keeps the reader suspended in the upper branches of the trees where the possibility of the fall into life suffering is always thereThis book is not for everyone but it is so well written There is so much pain that it would seem to be too much for one book for one life but it isn't too much It is so very real I don't know how Carole Maso wrote this how she continued to write someone's pain for page after page