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Damage author Josephine HaAtionship with his son’s fiancéeChilling and brilliant Damage is a masterpiece a daring look at the dangers of obsession and the depth of its shattering conseuence. 5 MESMERIZINGLY DAMAGED STARS There is an internal landscape a geography of the soul; we search for the outlines all of our lives This is the story of a man whom appears to have the dream lifewealth intelligence power successful marriage prestige So why does he spend countless hours wonderingWhy he is so unhappy How someone that appears to have it all can feel so empty When did he lose control of his life And most i mportantly why does he feel dead inside In my life I have travelled far acuiring loved and unfamiliar companions; a wife an son and a daughter I have lived with them an loving alien in surrounds of unsatisfying beauty An efficient dissembler I gently and silently smoothed the rough edges of my being I hid the awkwardness and pain which I inclined towards my chosen outline and tried to be what those loved expected me to be a good husband a good father and a good son Some readers may be put off by Damage as the storyline revolves around Dr Stephen Fleming's passionate and TABOO love affair with a damaged younger woman I normally don't read stories that deal with adultery as they tend to piss me off Josephine Hart poetic writing depicts a love affair that was so brilliantly flawed I was completely spellbound While the story centers around the twosomes erotic affair in my humble opinion it is not the focal point of the story Dr Fleming's thoughts emotions and acknowledgements of his actoins had me transfixed from page 1 to THE END “At least I am certain of the truth now’For those of you who doubt it — this is a love storyIt is overOthers may be luckierI wish them well” Friends I wish I could tell you but I do not wish to spoil the story for anyone Please do yourself a favor if you can tolerate adultery jump into this story blindly For reviews Free E books and Giveaways

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En and a prestigious political career in Parliament But his life lacks passion and his aching emptiness drives him to an all consuming and ultimately catastrophic rel. Oh good gravy Let's start with the facts Fact This book is VERY well writtenFact It is also VERY short which allowed for me to read it in its entirety in under 3 hours Fact Symbolism runs rampant which I love Fact Damage is an excellent title and describes perfectly what happens when obsession overrides sanity Or in the eyes of our MC what happens when one finally finds passion passion being a man whore pyschobut whatever Also this fact is turning into an opinionOpinion This book was waaaaaaay too heavy for moi I had a very difficult time stomaching the general premise which I don't think gives too much away dad has sorid ridiculous affair with son's fiancé Wow WOW wow The end of the book is completely shocking The middle of the book is completely shocking Heck the beginning of the book is shocking I remained shocked throughout the duration of this text The best way I can describe the process of reading this book is via analogy You climb up the ladder to a very tall slide at the playground You sit down at the top so excited by what all of your friends have said about the amazing ride down the slide Right as you begin to shift your weight to set your journey in motion you glimpse at this piece of euipment What you once thought was a harmless little ride is actually full of obstacles and danger The slide is greased It has sharp corners And it goes down infinitely farther than you thought possible or were ever willing to go But what's done is done you shifted your weight and now you've gotta ride it all the way to the bottom however thrilling and terrifying that ride may be I know that is long winded but that is how I felt truly as I read this story It is a piece of art but I had to rate it 3 stars due to the disturbance it caused me

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Damage author Josephine Hart review  103 ´ Damage is the gripping story of a man’s desperate obsession and scandalous love affair He is a man who appears to have everything wealth a beautiful wife and children and a prestigious political career in Parliament But his life lacks passion and his aching emptiness drives him to an all consumDamage is the gripping story of a man’s desperate obsession and scandalous love affair He is a man who appears to have everything wealth a beautiful wife and childr. “Damaged people are dangerous They know they can survive” Josephine Hart DamageDamage is a novella It is a short terse sizzling little gem of a book about betrayal passion and what happens when your one wrong choice causes your life to go out of control The main character in this book has always tried to do the right thing He is a serious straight laced man He's a A loving father and a devoted husband and he is happy in his somewhat sterile but pleasant marriageAll that ends when his son brings home a new girlfriend The narrators falls madly in love with her actually madly in obsession with her I should say a triggering a tragic turn of events for all concernedThis short little book packs so much intensity it is astonishing I first read it many years ago It stands in my top ten for best books everDamage is Shakespearean in nature and the drama that plays out in the pages is impossible to turn away from One knows instinctively from the start this is not going to turn out well and you may feel like shouting a warning through the pages But our main character's only chance is to follow the words of the uote from the book Damaged people are dangerous They know they can surviveDamage is best read in one sitting and is short enough so that if that is what you want to do it can easily be done The subject has been done before but not uite in this way it is here The author Josephine Hart is an amazing writer She was a poet as well which explains the amazing writing I have read one of her other books Sin dealing with the subject of Envy and while it is good but I think Damage is betterFor the recordthis book was made into a film but I'd skip itthe book is much much betterSo five intense unforgettable stars from me for a book you will be thinking about YEARS after you turn the final page