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READ & DOWNLOAD Ï Mere Christianity Ô Em um dos períodos mais sombrios da humanidade a Segunda Guerra Mundial C S Lewis foi convidado pela BBC a fazer uma série de palestras pelo rádio com o intuito de explicar a fé cristã de forma simples e clara Mais tarde ajustado pelo próprio Lewis esse material daria origem a Cristianismo puro e simplOvocando reflexão e debate Nesta edição especial e com tradução de uma das maiores especialistas em Lewis do Brasil você vai encontrar as palavras ue encorajaram e fortaleceram milhares de ouvintes em tempos de guerra e ainda reverberam mais de 70 anos depoi. People either love this book or hate it Without passing judgment I don't see how people can actually hate it Seriously CS Lewis simply breaks down the fundamental truths of Christianity Personally I love how he goes beyond all the denominations beyond who's right beyond who's wrong and finds that common thread they all seem to follow From there it's a real eye openerHowever I do have to say the book is so rich with philosophy I found myself reading sentences several times over His examples also became somewhat tedious because he'd give one example then he'd give another one just incase you didn't get the first one then he'd give yet another one By the third one sometimes I found myself somewhat confused and had to read them all over again and again and againSome of my favorite chapters were Christian Marriage where he describes what true love really is and Is Christianity Hard or Easy where he puts laziness in a whole new perspective By the end of the book I caught myself viewing things from a completely different angle


Em um dos períodos mais sombrios da humanidade a Segunda Guerra Mundial C S Lewis foi convidado pela BBC a fazer uma série de palestras pelo rádio com o intuito de explicar a fé cristã de forma simples e clara Mais tarde ajustado pelo próprio Lewis esse mate. I had to stop reading this it was making me ill It may be that every single sentence in this book is either wrong or offensive or inane or all three Here's a passage from page 45 CS is talking about what he calls Dualism ie Manichaeism whereby the existence of evil is explained by there being two eual forces in the Universe which are in perpetual contention the Good one and the Bad one CS saysIf Dualism is true then the Bad Power must be a being who likes badness for its own sake But in reality we have no experience of anyone liking badness just because it is bad The nearest we can get to it is in cruelty But in real life people are cruel for one of two reasons either because they are sadists that is because they have a sexual perversion which makes cruelty a cause of sensual pleasure to them or else for the sake of something they are going to get out of it money or power or safety But pleasure money power and safety are all as far as they go good things The badness consists in pursuing them by the wrong method or in the wrong way or too much i do not mean of course that the people who do this are not desperately wicked I do mean that wickedness when you examine it turns out to be the pursuit of some good in the wrong way You can be good for the mere sake of goodness you cannot be bad for the mere sake of badnessI was never that well versed in the subtleties of philosophical debate and it is true that my brain has been progressively enfeebled by a constant dripfeed of Old Peculiar chicken tikka masala and Italian exploitation movies yet even I can see that this adds up to a pile of shit of Brobdingnagian proportions Dualism is wrong because it is impossible to “like” badness for its own sake huh Because when you do bad things you’re really trying to achieve ends which are really good but you’re going about it the wrong way huh Well now let’s take our old devilish no friend of mine Adolf Hitler He was uite convinced that he was doing a GOOD THING by ridding Germany of all Jews The idea was to eradicate every last one of them The ultimate idea though he recognised this was something for later generations and he would not live to see the glad day was to murder every single Jew throughout the world because in the very depths of his racist insanity he thought the Jews were Evil So getting rid of them was Doing the World a Favour As in – eventually they will thank me for this gruelling but essential task Okay C S Lewis – ANALYSE THAT How in whatever grotesue rhetorical contortion could that be construed as pursuing a GOOD thing in the wrong way There was a classic multiple murderer in 1972 in California called Herbert Mullin – he was a schizophrenic who was obsessed with the impending Big Earthuake and went around randomly beating 13 people to death because his brain told him THAT WAS THE WAY TO STOP THE EARTHUAKE I get it CS he was trying to do a GOOD thing in a BAD way So he’s your example But uh oh what about Josef Fritzl and the family in the basement He knew what he was doing was Very Bad and it gave him a big thrill He would go to friends' barbecues and fry steaks and chuckle to himself if only they knew about my incest family in the basement Or anyway take the case of any common or garden wife beater – what GOOD are they trying to achieve in the “wrong way” Oh wait – CS says that “power” is as far as it goes a good thing So it must be that the violent man’s partner is preventing him feeling adeuately powerful and so he wishes to restore his power over her – which CS thinks is good – but “in the wrong way” My brain is reeling from the Grand Canyon of wrongness of all of this I’m a little shocked This was written in 1952 and CS comes across as a wise old buffer in a cardigan speaking to an earnest younger man Both their wives are rustling up something to eat in the kitchen and talking about whatever mysterious things women find so interesting Meanwhile the men thrash out the deep uestions Here’s a pearl I think we all ought to cherish“there are situations in which it is the duty of a married man to encourage his sexual impulse” p25Here’s another“the reason we do not execute witches is that we do not believe there are such things If we did surely we would all agree that if anyone deserved the death penalty then these filthy uislings did” p24Surely we would us avuncular old shitbags in cardigans puffing on our pipes and living in the real world as we doI think a copy of Mere Christianity should be provided free to every impressionable schoolchild in the country It’d put them off for lifeWHY I THOUGHT OF READING THIS IN THE FIRST PLACEOriginally Pink Floyd was Syd Barrett's band he was the lead guitarist lead singer and only songwriter Then he drank 5000 gallons of LSD and fried his brains The other boys in the band were disturbed by his weird behaviour but he was still the golden goose for them They would go round his house and he would teach them his new songs One day just before they decided he was too crazy and chucked him out they went round and he taught them a new song with lots and lots of chords in it Syd told them it was called Have You Got It Yet He played it again and gleefully sang the chorus have you got it yet have you got it yet They were baffled he played it again They still couldn't figure it out Then they realised that every time he played it he was changing the chords around completely Have you got it yet good one Syd Very funny For me Christians are Syd barrett and I am one of the the duller Pink Floyd members Every time the Christians play me their song they change the chords So I still can't figure out what they mean when they speak these simple phrases with those little big words God saved life sin that kind of thing Are the Christians deliberately vague and terminally woolly or are they subtle and insightful Are they serious or do they just want to be in a big club So I thought I would go back to C S Lewis and try to figure it out again

SUMMARY Mere Christianity

Mere ChristianityRial daria origem a Cristianismo puro e simples um grande clássico da literaturaNa obra mais popular e acessível de seu legado Lewis apresenta os principais elementos da cosmovisão cristã gradativamente conduzindo o leitor a temas mais profundos e complexos pr. It is no wonder that Christians should revere a miracle working carpenter I think one must be the son of a god to build an attic before the rest of the houseThere is no fundamental basis for Lewis' arguments I was hoping to find something thought provoking and convincing but it just felt like the same old ideas Auinas and Descartes bandied around These are no longer sufficient in a world of thermodynamics and evolutionLewis has some skill and intellect but the way he meanders about duality truth social darwinism pathetic fallacy comparative anthropology and scientific process tends towards self justification than any profundityLewis clearly wants to believe and wants to bolster and justify those beliefs but he never overcomes a reasonable burden of proof He puts together the best indications he can find but they don't add up to muchEvery time Lewis embarked on a thought it would grow and blossom in intriguing ways until he would simply bunch together the whole bundle tie it with a bow label it 'god's handiwork' with a reverent nod and move on never reaching an insight It made me think the allegory in Onan has been widely misreadThe righteousness of his belief contrasts hypocritically with the way he blithely writes off any other belief To portray everyone else as faulty but still think yourself infallible is not only insulting but a black mark on any otherwise reasonable mindI like Lewis both his tone and his mind I wanted to find something compelling in him I wanted to find something that tied his observations together I sense Lewis also wanted to find something he could attach himself to After being alone and afraid in a grand world ripped by World Wars who wouldn't feel a desperate need for meaning And he found one He found a meaning he could cling to but only with a tentative grasp Since it is not a meaning he can communicate it is not one I can share He does not find tenacity in reason but in romanticism in idealism in fear and in a blindness to his own faults even as he seeks out those of others