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Iuely brutal form of violence from which sprang many of Africa's cruellest contemporary icons This t. The premise of Tim Butcher's second book Chasing the Devil is following the route of Graham Greene and cousin Barbara Greene as described in the classic Journey Without MapsGreene's journey took place in 1935 Tim Butcher's in 2009 The setting is West Africa Sierra Leone Guinea and Liberia It was not Butchers first time in Sierra Leone or Liberia having spent time in both as a war correspondent journalist and the book is largely built on contrasts or lack of contrasts between the Greene's experience Butchers's previous experience and the current journey The journey undertaken with another young Englishman David Poraj Wilczynski who happily sits in the background for the most part and accompanied by two locals Johnson Boie guide and facilitator and Mr Omaru motorcycle transporter of the baggage These two played a huge part of the success of the travelThe books is rich is history outlining the complex and often confusing history of each country particularly Sierra Leone and Liberia In their most brief Sierra Leone was formed by the British as a place to repatriate the freed slaves of Britain Britain ruled as a colonial outpost until it achieved independence in 1960 Self rule was relatively successful until the 1990s where an ugly civil war in Liberia spilled over the border and overtook Sierra LeoneLiberia was formed under similar circumstances but by America Rather than an assisted transition like Sierra Leone in Liberia America simply transported the freed slaves off and periodically provided money to assist their establishment The government formed was primarily by the Americo Liberians who look whatever advantages over the other ethnic groups and at their worst enslaving them In 1980 a coup followed by executions of those ousted was followed by an election deemed fraudulent internationally By 1990 civil war was spilling into neighbouring Sierra Leone Chasing the Devil explains this history in a fluent way explaining some of Butchers experiences while reporting in the civil war and weaving it with the explanations given by the Greene's some seventy years earlier Despite there being roads available on the routes the Greene's had taken by foot Butcher and his companions take the forest trails by foot while Mr Omaru transports their packsThe title of the book comes from the native poro bush society which in its secretive way controls the traditions and culture of the villages The devils represent not evil as for a Christian expectation of the devil but as a being of power of both benevolence and cruelty The fantastically painted masks are the centrepiece of the devil costume and tradition dictates that the devil stays anonymous Sacrifices and other rituals still play their partThroughout the book we are also provided with background on Graham Greene and early on a in depth reasoning why he undertook his original journey Greene is a fascinating character and an author I have read a lot I read Journey Without Maps around 4 years ago which was just before I started reviewing which is a shame I should also have followed up with this book a little closer to that reading as it would have assisted in the linksOverall a well woven tale providing all that could be asked of Sierra Leone and Liberia by way of history and experience4 stars

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Chasing the DevilRavel book touches on one of the most fraught parts of the globe at a different moment in its histor. While Butcher is a gifted writer and I dig anyone who deepens my knowledge of Graham Greene one of my top 5 20th century authors I never could get past the feeling that he was using Greene as a flimsy hook to a rather contrived adventure narrative The exploration of Sierra Leone and Liberia might have been deeper absent the Greene connection I also found the pacing odd so much on Sierra Leone and the very beginning premises of the trip and then relatively little that lets us really get to know Liberia its culture or Liberians even Johnson Tim's faithful guide remains a cipher It also seemed very odd that the book's deepest insight into West African culture ie the supposedly development retarding civil war encouraging nature of the tribal secret societies came from a conversation over beer with a white North American missionary It's almost cliche enough to make me reduce my rating to two stars the man didn't get to know any Liberians but he got the real inside scoop at a bar But it was engrossing and engaging and a bold enough stunt so 3 stars

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Chasing the Devil free read Á PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¾ For many years Sierra Leone and Liberia have been too dangerous to travel through bedevilled by a uniuely brutal form of violence from which sprang many of Africa's cruellest contemporary icons This travel book touches on one of the most fraught parts of the globe at aFor many years Sierra Leone and Liberia have been too dangerous to travel through bedevilled by a un. This is the second book written by the author and least promoted among the three written by the authorBut no way it is inferiorThis book is a goldmine of knowledge as far as Liberia is concernedThe only problem is stressing on Greenes' travel and too much description about them which sometimes bores the readerThe travelogue keeps you interested and simultaneously underlines the problems of West Africa and urges the international community to actThe best part is that there is an expression of hope for betterment as the journey goes onThis book might not go down as a reference book on Liberia but still it is a must read for anyone interested in Liberia