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A witch and a book of spells and Michael the ideal boyfriend conjured from pure magic Ashlyn must choose between two men the real thing or the dream come to terms with her own appearance and keep her mother in the dark long enough to decide her future All this while figuring out if the man who's stalking her is really her ex There's magic swirling through the Virginia hills and it might just save Ashlyn's lif. Ashlyn was born with a flawless face one she has grown to hate Being beautiful is not a blessing to her but a curse Girls at school hate her and bully her constantly Boys seem to care about her boobs that her brain More importantly her mom thinks that looks is all there is to Ashlyn Only Zeus seems to be immune to it allWhile this story does have some paranormal aspects to it it really doesn't focus on that It is a great read especially for young girls So much pressure is put on them to be perfect This book shows that things that look perfect can often be flawed than we ever realize I think my favorite character was Star Zeus's mom There is something to be said for being able to be a free spirit and able to walk your own path regardless of what society decides is right I don't know how this author did it but she seemed to blend a mix of current teen issues with a great teen mysterylove story The plot is amazing The characters are great and provoke emotion Some your love some you really hate by the end of the novel There are some great underlying messages here that will reach teens in a major way Editing is very well done I highly recommend this book especially to girls It is a fast paced great read that leaves several memorable messages I would love to read from this author in the future

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Chasing PrettyAshlyn is sick of the attention her beauty brings to the point she may do something rash like smack her face against a cement wall anything to alter her appearance As a senior at Mt Timmons High the boys date her for the bragging rights and the girls despise her out of jealousy Even her own mother doesn't try to hide her contempt Mt Timmons Virginia is known for historical battles and colonial witch trials Sin. Wow This book took me by surprise I honestly thought given the blurb that this was going to be about some vain bratty teen who was too pretty I've actually had the book for a month now and picked it up today I also finished this book today It was that good Ashlynn is a young woman with an overbearing over controlling self loving mother a father who only remembers her and her brother on Sunday who she thinks loves them and Trevor her wonderful 14 year old brother who she is essentially raising Essentially she hates being so beautiful because her mother makes her life miserable over her obsessive behavior of how she must act wear dress go out with be seen with etc She wants a pretty doll to do what she says and is trying to keep her youth and beauty by hanging on to Ashlynn The girls in school are jealous of her beauty and the guys think it makes her an easy lay One miserable day at school after having her ex Photoshop a picture of her and having it go viral her car breaks down after school Stranded with her young brother on the side of the road Zeus a guy from school comes to help them and changes everything I'm not going to give anything away but I'm going to say that these characters won a place in my heart I really liked this book Well written and kept me reading Highly recommendI received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review

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review Chasing Pretty 103 é Ashlyn is sick of the attention her beauty brings to the point she may do something rash like smack her face against a cement wall anything to alter her appearance As a senior at Mt Timmons High the boys date her for the bragging rights and the girls despise her out of jealousy Even her own mother doesn't try to hide her contempt Mt TimmCe childhood Ashlyn's been taught that this is the place where history is made But all she wants to do is fade into obscurity when a scantily clad picture of her that's been photoshopped by her ex is circulated at school As if life couldn't get any worse her car breaks down Zeus the one man immune to her charms offers her a ride home he just has to make one uick stop But that layover changes everything There's. This book was very different from what I expected From the blurb I thought it was going to be the story of the spoiled little rich girl who learns what is really important in life reminding me of Sia by Josh Grayson and The Seven Deadly series by Fisher Amelie Those are books that I loved so the blurb appealed to me But that is not at all what was going on here Ashlyn is rich and rather spoiled but she is also emotionally damaged thanks to neglectful parents Everything in her life is defined by how she looks yet somehow she remains conscious of the fact that there is to life even if she is powerless to change things for herself Boys see her as a ego boost and most of the girls are full of jealous hatred leaving Ashlyn rather isolated Love them or hate them the characters in this book are fabulous Ashlyn appears to have it all but all she really wants is family She finds it in a family that is very different from her own Trevor her little brother is as desperate for that as she is the two of them usually alone against the world Zeus is everything you want in a Book Boyfriend and his family is nuts but wonderful Michael is well interesting but entertaining in his own right And the ones that we love to hate The mean girls are just that mean The football jocks are the epitome of macho entitled jerks most especially her ex boyfriend Ashlyn's mother irritated me to the point that there were times that I wished I could jump through my Kindle and slap the boogers out of her Her father wasn't much better replacing parenting with cash How the situation ended with their family irritated me to no end no spoilers but it was as it should be in this storyThis book is a blend of romance and thriller with a touch of magic thrown in Underneath that there was a lot of real issues Bullying neglect self esteem self worth judgment priorities All of that combined with the suspense of the last half of the book created a read that I read in one sitting because I just had to know what was going to happen I was not expecting the story to go where it didThere were messages in this story For one there is the message that there is to life than beauty important things There is the message that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover On the surface Ashlyn had everything but in reality she had nothing Things to love about Chasing Pretty The characters They all reminded me of people I have known in my own life both positively and negatively Ashlyn's self awareness She was older than her years and had a self awareness that was beyond her age The messages I loved that there was something to be learned from this book a bit of a reminderThings I wanted or less of More Michael There were some odd occurrences at the end of the book that weren't fully explained so I kind of wonder about that More HEA I really wanted her parents to get a grip and realize and correct their ways but it didn't happen It was perfect for the story but I just wanted them to do the right thingSome uotastic goodness But my concentration shifted away from applying makeup to a knife slicing across my cheeks A gash deep enough to need stitches A scar would form a long awkward jagged looking thing Loc 140 141 My mouth opened to protest but before I could utter a single word he crushed his lips to mine I gagged The stagnant taste of stale beer and last night's pizza almost made me throw up in his mouth Loc 353 355 “Love is than just a feeling it's a verb If you do all those things I just said respect compromise work with your partner on his dreams then there'll be love More love than you can even comprehend Loc 522 524”My recommendation This is a great read that touches real issues without trying to gloss over them