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read Blackberry Pie Murder mobi ë Hannah Swensen ☆ It's been a sleepy summer for the folks of Lake Eden Minnesota In fact it's been a whole four months since anyone in the Swensen family has come across a dead body And that means Hannah Swensen can finally focus on her bakeryor can she? Life is never really uiet for Hannah After Psy soon reveals the mystery man his shirt covered in stains from blackberry pie would have died even if Hannah hadn't hit him Now to clear her name Hannah will have to follow a trail of pie crumbs to track down the identity of the deceased find a baker who knows about murder than how to roll out a perfect pie crust and get herself to the church on time I agree with other reviewers of this book PLEASEHannahJoannefor the love of God pick a boyfriend JUST ONE My vote would be for Normanwho would be every woman's dreamand I can't comprehend just WHY Hannah is still interested in that schmuck MikeAnd the only time she shows any relationship fire is when she thought she might lose NormanMike to a past flame in previous books in the seriesReally what man in their right mind would be strung along like this other than in MsFluke's world? Hannah hits and kills a man while driving in a storm yesthe man would've died anyway due to previous head traumabut the fact remains Hannah hit him and kills him Seems that Hannah's friends and Hannahare concerned with her comfort in jail than necessary come on She needs a blankie? This is only because she has an in with the police department Throughout the rest of the bookHannah treats her hitting and killing this man as an inconvience to her And her mom is a royal pain in the butt in this book Even though mom promises to stop meddling in her daughters' wedding preparationsmom just HAS to keep changing her mind and driving everyone nuts Did this have to go on so long in this book?Really? It seems like this part was just filler to pad out the book And who didn't see coming the solution that Doc has? All in all I can't believe I paid for this book will NOT make that mistake with further books in this series This series used to be good seems MsFluke is getting tired of it Then have Hannah choose Normanmarry him and end the friggin' series

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It's been a sleepy summer for the folks of Lake Eden Minnesota In fact it's been a whole four months since anyone in the Swensen family has come across a dead body And that means Hannah Swensen can finally focus on her bakeryor can she? Life is never really uiet for Hannah After all her mother's wedding is a little over a month away and guess who Delore In this 17th book in the 'Hannah Swensen Mystery' series the bakeramateur sleuth is arrested for homicide The book can be read as a standalone but the main characters have an arc over the course of the seriesHannah Swensen and her bakery partner Lisa are riding in the bakery truck when hazardous weather leads to an accidentTurns out Hannah has struck and killed a man on the side of the road The dead man has no ID but his nice clothes and the diamond in his tooth indicate he's not an itinerant drifter An autopsy reveals the man was beat up before his death but Hannah's truck actually killed himBefore long Hannah is arrested for vehicular homicide by her brother in law the sheriff only doing his job This causes a ruckus among some of Hannah's family and friends who are angered by the arrest Not sure how to help herself amateur detective Hannah makes it her mission to find out who the man is Her investigation reveals the dead man had unsavory connections and a disreputable jobMeanwhile Hannah's mother Delores is preparing to marry her fiancé Doc the medical examiner Delores allows her three daughters to make most of the wedding plansbut not really Delores nixes everything the girls suggest changes her mind every five minutes can't decide on the dresses colors food flowers desserts etc It's a nightmareTo add to Hannah's troubles a local girl Jennifer who ran away from home many years ago has returned Jennifer's mother is thrilled but her sister suspects an imposter and confides this to HannahWhile Hannah's dealing with all this she hosts a couple of dinners at her home and bakes a lot of cookies recipes included In fact there are so many recipes that the book feels like half mystery half cookbook Hannah also starts using an exercise machine in her bedroom and in some of the cuter scenes in the book Hannah's cat Moishe takes to doing some exercise himselfHannah's complicated love life which has frustrated readers for years seems to be heading toward resolution in this book Hannah has apparently given up Mike the detectiveand settled on Norman the dentist But who knows if this is permanent Another uibble I have with this series is that Hannah's sister Michelle who's in college never seems to be at school She's 'visiting home' in every story ready to contribute cookie recipes and assistance with investigationsThe book ends in a cliffhanger as Hannah's trial for vehicular homicide is delayed until the next book as is Delores' marriageIn the end this book didn't really feel like a mystery as no 'culprit' was uncovered However readers who enjoy visiting with the characters and reading about the cookies will probably like the book okay Recipes in the book includeBlackberry PieGraham Cracker Cake Fettucini PorciniLime Bar CookiesBacon Egg and Cheddar Cheese Toast Cups Treasure Chest Cookies You can follow my reviews at

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Blackberry Pie Murder Hannah Swensen #17 S put in charge of the planning? Yet just when Hannah believes her biggest challenge will be whether to use buttercream or fondant for the wedding cake she accidentally hits a stranger with her truck while driving down a country road in a raging thunderstorm Hannah is wracked with guilt and things get even worse when she's arrestedfor murder But an auto This is the seventeenth book in Joanne Fluke’s mystery series about Hannah Swenson owner of Lake Eden Minnesota’s coffee shop and bakery called The Cookie Jar Hannah along with her mother and sisters has developed a reputation for uncovering dead bodies It’s been several months since the Swenson girls solved a mystery and Hannah is looking forward to focusing on her bakery and planning her mother’s wedding But Hannah’s peace of mind is short lived and in the midst of a terrible thunderstorm she accidentally hits and kills a stranger with her Cookie Jar delivery car As she awaits the date of her trial for vehicular homicide Hannah searches for the truth about the man she hit – what was he doing in Lake Eden and why was he waiting by the side of the road in the storm?I really enjoy mysteries and I liked the idea of a bakery owner who solves crimes in her free time While the mystery plot was fine and I enjoyed the recipes that Fluke scatters throughout for the cookies she mentions in her chapters this book left me cold Maybe it’s my own fault – maybe it was arrogant to think I could slide into a series with book seventeen and pick right up where all Fluke’s regular readers left off But something about Fluke’s style of writing rubbed me wrongFirst Fluke has a habit of creating a metaphor for a situation and torturing it out over multiple pages At one point she compares Hannah’s emotions to the feeling of riding a roller coaster Fluke treats the reader to five pages of “Hannah’s emotional roller coaster car climbed toward the top of the slope Hannah pictured the roller coaster car as it teetered on the very apex of the downslope Hannah’s roller coaster car was on its way up the track again the car on her emotional roller coaster was starting down the slope again” She does the same thing about a hundred pages later comparing her uestioning of a suspect to a pitcher trying to strike out a batter I appreciate the use of the metaphors in the story but once the comparison has been made trust your readers to understand and go with it – no need to reiterate it so muchSecond Fluke seems fond of the techniue of “telling” rather than “showing” in her writing She tends to be repetitive We are told time and time again that Hannah’s mother Delores loves chocolate Every time Hannah bakes something chocolate for Delores readers are reminded that Delores is a chocoholic or that Delores thinks chocolate makes everything better Also there are several places where the sentences themselves seem repetitive – for example “It seemed the ongoing feud was still going on” YikesI did think the actual mystery element was interesting Fluke did a good job of tying together some plot lines that I didn’t realize were connected She does create the atmosphere of the cozy small town where when accidents happen a community comes together to make things right Also I plan to try the recipes for some of the desserts that Fluke includes like Fresh Blackberry Cookies and Yummy Yam Cookies These look great at Fluke added “notes” from the characters with baking tips and tricks If you’ve read the other Hannah Swenson mysteries you’ll probably like this one I read reviews for some of the earlier novels and they are pretty positive overall Again maybe my issues with this book come from unfamiliarity with a set of well established characters If I’m in the market for this kind of mystery novel again any time soon I’ll probably stick with Donna Andrews