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Berlin A NovelSet in a devastated Berlin one month after the close of the Second World War Berlin has been acclaimed as “ambitious filled with brilliantly drawn characters mesmerizingly readable and disturbingly convincing” by the Sunday Telegraph An electrifying thriller in the tradition of Joseph Kanon and Alan Furst Berlin is a page turner and an intimate I am conflicted about this novel to be perfectly honest Frei's depiction of life and experience in the days immediately after the end of the war between the Allies and Germany has the serious weight of authenticity and lived history There's marvelous period detail a powerful evocative atmosphere of despair shame guilt uncertainty hunger deprivation and post traumatic stress on a national scale Unlike many serial killer stories the focus is on the murderer's victims and their lives used as a way to examine the Nazi years from a variety of perspectives drawn from all levels of society some working better than others it must be said with a tendency to cliché Tasked with solving the case of an accumulating series of murders of young blue eyed blonde women strangled and horribly abused their bodies all found in the American zone in the district around Onkel Toms Hütte housing estate U bahn station shopping area German Inspector Karl Dietrich is an engaging character He's a decorated war veteran who served with the elite Panzer division struggling with the harsh conditions of life under Allied occupation and adjusting to life as an amputee However that focus on the victims mentioned above leads to under development of the police procedural crime solving aspect of the case More problematic is the nasty lurid nature of descriptions of the serial killer's sexually motivated crimes and passages of very bad sex in parts of the book detailing the lives of victims leading up to their murders The identity of this serial killer isn't hard to guess and the ending didn't uite convince me but Frei's descriptions of the difficulties of life in postwar Berlin a divided city under military occupation held my attention throughout and kept me reading despite serious reservations about aspects of the book Some readers of a sensitive nature might be too disturbed however There is a lot of sexual violence including descriptions of rape as you would expect if you know anything about what happened to German women after Russian soldiers entered Berlin Woven rather clumsily into the book's narrative history of German experience during the 30s and through the summer of 1945 is a coming of age sub plot involving Karl Dietrich's son Ben who deals on the black market instead of going to school to buy a fancy outfit to making an impression on a girl he fancies Ben's aspirations go unnoticed by his parents who are too busy with the demands of work and the daily struggle to survive He is realistic than other supporting characters who exist as types rather than real people For further background I would recommend A Woman in Berlin an anonymously published account of a journalist's experience of the final days under heavy Allied bombing raids and vengeance taken by the Russians on German women of all ages Films such as Fritz Lang's M pre war and Der Verlorene 1951 with Peter Lorre and of course The Third Man portray the Noir atmosphere tense with fear and betrayal and for visual impact you cannot beat Roberto Rossellini's Germany Year Zero 1948 filmed in war devastated Berlin The book's strengths make up for its flaws as far as I am concerned and I would recommend it with reservations to any reader with an interest in the German perspective on the immediate post war experiences of ordinary Berliners I would like to know what happens to the Dietrich family so Frei must have done something right to make me care for his characters

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Is is no isolated act of violence and German and American investigators will have to cooperate if they are to stop the slaughter Author Pierre Frei has searched the wreckage of Berlin and emerged with a gripping whodunit in which the stories of the victims themselves provide an absorbing commentary There is a powerful pulse buried deep in the rubble I thought the book had a lot of very interesting parts about what it was like after the war in Berlin I especially enjoyed reading from a German point of view The author set the scene very well in terms of the rationing lack of basic necessities overcrowding and lack of housing and difficulty adjusting to life surrounded by Americans and Russians If this were written as a series of short stories it would have been successful Unfortunately it was meant to be a murder mystery without the mystery We knew who the killer was and his motives by chapter 2 Both of those were very weak There were a lot of little things that killed this book for me I should preface this by saying that I teach European history at a college and did my graduate work in Berlin so things that bother me may not bother others Either way you don't have to be a scholar to know that women in Nazi Germany were not as sexually loose as Frei wrote themI didn't mind the vignettes of the victims' lives as I found them infinitely interesting than the characters investigating the murders The American captain was colorless and the German detective made illusions to the horrors of the past without much payoff The subplot about his son Ben was pointless but for Frei seemed to serve several functions to insert himself into the story as the objective observer of post war Germany Ben is the same age Frei was in 1945 so I'm guessing there's some autobiographical stuff there He also used Ben to comment on the resilience of the Germans Ben is unaffected by the horrors of war and excited about the future Finally Ben is also there to insert still sex into the story which Frei seems to love to do Ben goes around ripping everyone off and conning the silly Americans because he's trying to make enough money to buy a suit so he can have sex with the tailor's daughter Ben enjoys watching other couples have sex and the author goes into great detail about what he sees Frei wrote at length about the appearance of the man's prick its length its girth its color And who can forget the mound of Venus and the color and consistency of all the pubic hair When an author uses the word vulva I'm ready to throw the book down I've never heard any woman use that word to describe their anatomy nor have I Oh and Frei loves to describe the burning pain in a woman's genitals I think he used that term several times Why can't male writers figure out how to describe sex or rape without getting creepy or ridiculous The book ends with a 15 year old virgin girl somehow knowing how to perform oral sex on a virgin boy who is having trouble sealing the deal There's so much oral sex in this book as to be ridiculous I think Pierre Frei doesn't get out enoughThe biggest issue in this book was the way Frei wrote women Every single woman in the book was sexually adventurous and extremely open Some of these women did things many women won't even do today Historically pre war Berlin was a decadent place with nude cabarets easily accessible birth control and single women living on their own However this was a relatively small niche of women Once Hitler took over women were relegated back to the home and sexuality reverted back behind closed doors Certainly there were exceptions but not to the extent Frei wrote All of the women are confident enough to seduce men even if they have never been intimate before The first woman who grew up on a farm meets a man and the first time they go out together she immediately takes a bath in his house and calls him into the bathroom where she services him and then watches in wonder as they have sex Frei had me laughing when he wrote that she didn't even feel the pain of deflowering because she was so amazed at watching it That's a totally male perspective on a woman's first time This woman goes around seducing and servicing men without any timidity Somehow she always knows exactly what to do sexually even though she had never done it before Uh huhAnother female victim has her son committed to an asylum and when she goes to uestion the doctor she's extremely upset but still worried about how she looks She somehow figures out that he likes SM so becomes a dominatrix without any self consciousness Women seduce Russian and American soldiers without any hesitation in this book We are expected to believe that it doesn't bother them because they need access to food and supplies so they gotta do what they gotta do A Woman in Berlin is a memoir written by a German woman who becomes the mistress of a Russian soldier in post war Berlin Her conflicting emotions and fear of being raped if she doesn't agree are described perfectly The author does a great job of showing how the woman is ostracized by her neighbors for sleeping with the enemy Frei's book has none of that which may say about his views on women than anything elseThere were times reading this book that I felt like I needed a shower How many times can we read about a woman servicing a man or about how she has 3 orgasms without the man doing much of anything Without exception every woman in the book enjoys sex and is an enthusiastic and dominant partner Very unrealistic for the period How many times can we read about women sitting on top of men or on their knees in front of men At a certain point it felt like Frei had only one hand on his keyboard Many of the sex scenes were pointless and added nothing to the story beyond possible titillation of the author He explains away female sexual dominance by saying that German women are very direct That may be but loose women were often jailed or worse during the Nazi period Home and hearth were still very real concepts to most women of the time Twelve years of brainwashing didn't disappear overnight The inspector's wife is either on her knees or standing in line for groceries That's her whole life There's no depth there What bugged me the most is that all the women in the book seemed to use their bodies every time they needed or wanted something It felt like Frei thought every man was looking for a uick tumble and every woman was willing to give it to them

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Berlin: A Novel Book Ý 425 pages Download º Pierre frei å Set in a devastated Berlin one month after the close of the Second World War Berlin has been acclaimed as “ambitious filled with brilliantly drawn characters mesmerizingly readable and disturbingly convincing” by the Sunday Telegraph An electrifying tPortrait of Germany before during and after the war It is 1945 in the American sector of occupied Berlin and a German boy has discovered the body of a beautiful young woman in a subway station Blonde and blue eyed she has been sexually assaulted and strangled with a chain When the bodies of other young women begin to pile up it becomes clear that th Although this was a 99p kindle deal and I'm always a bit wary of bargainscaveat emptor etc the fact that the Sunday Telegraph review said that it was filled with brilliantly drawn characters mesmerizingly readable and disturbingly convincing” sold it to me Sadly it was none of those three things and I suspect it was just trying too hard to be too many things At its heart it attempted to be a noir detective mystery with a serial killer stalking immediate post war West Berlin killing a series of blonde blue eyed women However this too often ended up on the periphery The investigation is led by a German detective Karl Deitrich who is sometimes assisted and often baulked in his efforts by the US military The trouble is that this central plot is disturbed by overly long interludes which go into great if unconvincing detail about the lives of the women who have been murdered This becomes the central theme really In these sections the author tries to draw out the politics and a sense of the horror of living under Nazi rule the devastation they left behind and the subseuent brutal cruelty of the Soviet invading soldiers particularly evidenced by the gang raping of women of all ages To be fair he does this very well at times despite the unconvincing characters The two murdered women who get the longest sections are respectively a good hearted aristocrat whose child has Downs an up market prostitute who becomes the wife of a concentration camp commandant yes they are that contrived The intended serious messages are then constantly interrupted by a large amount of badly written unnecessary and frankly pretty tawdry sex scenes I can't tell whether it is the phrase of the author or the translator but I got a bit tired of the incessant caressing of the mound of Venus lol and the use of language generally As such the crimes and the investigation took a back seat and I just got bored particularly as the identity of the killer was pretty obvious well before the end So in summary it was just about OK and worth my 99p but I'm glad I didn't invest any cash in it