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Around My French Table Es all the excitement of French home cooking sharing disarmingly simple dishes she has gathered over years of living in France Around My French Table includes many superb renditions of the great classics a glorious cheese domed onion soup a spoon tender beef daube and the “top secret” chocolate mousse recipe that every good Parisian cook knows but won’t reveal Hundreds of other r I've heard of Dorie Greenspan for a few years now but this was my first time reading one of her books thanks to a borrow through Prime Reading I now understand the buzz around her cooking She presents 300 French recipes in this book recipes that often look intimidating but does so with a gentle calming manner Her voice truly comes across on every page these recipes are not mere recitations of ingredients and do this and that I loved that most also featured little good ideas on modifications too The asides on French culture like how to handle oneself in a cheese shop were incredibly funShe also understands her audience The book is from the vantage point of someone who has lived grocery shopped and cooked in France but she knows her audience is American and suggests necessary recipe changes for ingredients that are accessible and affordableUsually when I read a cookbook I find maybe a couple recipes I want to try; that's a big reason why I buy few cookbooks these days Why waste the space? However I found a bunch of recipes of interest in Around My French Table and already tried one This is a book I would actually like to have in print plus I'm now keenly interested in finding of her cookbooks too

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Around My French Table reader Ù Hardcover read í dorie greenspan Ü When Julia Child told Dorie Greenspan “You write recipes just the way I do” she paid her the ultimate compliment Julia’s praise was echoed by the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times which referred to Dorie’s “wonderfullyEcipes are remarkably easy a cheese and olive uick bread a three star chef’s Basue potato tortilla made with a surprise ingredient potato chips and an utterly satisfying roast chicken for “lazy people” Packed with lively stories memories and insider tips on French culinary customs Around My French Table will make cooks fall in love with France all over again or for the first time One of Mardi’s friends and mentors is the legendary Dorie Greenspan who has built up a reputation for French cookery that follows the tradition of Julia ChildHer recipes are infallible and produce reliable results every time This is a wonderful book with tons of recipes that you will undoubtedly incorporate into your repertoireA classic

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When Julia Child told Dorie Greenspan “You write recipes just the way I do” she paid her the ultimate compliment Julia’s praise was echoed by the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times which referred to Dorie’s “wonderfully encouraging voice” and “the sense of a real person who is there to help should you stumble” Now in a big personal and personable book Dorie captur My beautiful copy of Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table arrived and after looking it over and marking out the recipes I just had to try I began reading from cover to cover This is an exuisite book in many ways First it’s a lovely hardcover volume oversized with good uality heavy paper and enough photographs to get the creative juices flowingThe volume contains than 300 recipes gleaned from Ms Greenspan’s own library from French friends and chefs who have generously shared These aren’t haute cuisine recipes but the type you’d be treated to if you dropped in for a meal at her own table They’re French and homey sometimes rustic with old and new techniues–some rich with butter cream and spices others lighter with broth There’s a hint of the Mediterranean in many dishes such as the Lamb and Apricot TagineAn introduction explains Ms Greenspan’s love of Paris and how she came to shed her doctoral thesis for a stint as a pastry chef later as a food writer and finally as a relocated Parisienne with homes in Paris and New YorkAll of the recipes in Greenspan’s wonderful book are made from ingredients readily available in the US; she states each recipe uses large eggs unsalted butter and whole milk but the results can vary since there are individual differences in oven temperatures and such She explains each cook needs to make her own judgment call on whether a dish is “done” based on many factorsThe sections are divided into Nibbles and Hors d’oeuvres my personal favorite is Gougères a delightful puffy pastry made with pâte à choux and grated cheese and served with white wine or Champagne think cheese puffs These are surprisingly easy to make and the result is spectacular; Soups of course the Cheese topped Onion is wonderful but there are over a dozen other fantastic soups; Salads Starters and Small Plates you have to try Hélène’s All white Salad with Yogurt Vinaigrette; Beef Veal Pork and Lamb again the LambApricot Tagine;Fish and Shellfish; Vegetables and Grains which include a few main dishes; and Desserts my personal favorite and easy to make is the Apple Cake Fundamentals and Flourishes rounds out the sections with delectable such as Bubble topped Brioches Everyday Vinaigrette Lemon Curd Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce Crème Fraîche Crème Anglais Tart and Sweet Tart Dough–in other words the basic recipes you need to add a French flair to your dishesThe beauty of this book–in addition to all the superlatives I’ve already mentioned–is that it works for most kitchens The ingredients are readily available if not there’s a Source Guide in the back the methods are simple enough that most cooks with a working knowledge of the kitchen can master and they are deliciousBrava to Ms Greenspan for this essential guide to cooking the French way